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Sam sat down next to his brother and placed the plate on the floor between them.

"Here you go, kiddo." Sam adjusted himself so that he was sitting with his legs crossed. "Eat those and maybe we can go to the park if Uncle Bobby doesn't need help cooking dinner.

"Otay." Dean smiled up at Sam. He picked up one of the seven apple wedges and dipped the corner in the peanut butter before nibbling on the slice as he continued to play with his cars. He handed one to Sam, silently asking him to play with him.

Sam took the car from his brother and smiled.

"Want me to play?" Dean nodded. "What do you say?"

Dean put his car down and signed to Sam.


Sam smiled.

"Okay." Dean smiled back at his brother and started to play with his cars again. Sam smiled and started pushing the little car behind his brother's.

Two fits of giggles and four apple slices later Dean was lying on his back, looking up at the devils trap on Bobby's ceiling, head resting in Sam's lap.


Sam stopped carding his finger s through Dean's hair and looked down at the little boy.

"What's up?"

"Where Cas?"

"He's running late." Dean frowned. "He'll be here soon."

"Okay…" he slowly sat up. "Can we go to the park?"

Sam glanced in the kitchen.

"You need any help, Bobby?"

"I'm all set here." Bobby poked his head around the corner. "I'm waiting on an important phone call. You boys go on ahead. Just be home in time for supper."

"Alright." Sam looked at the last two apple slices on the plate. "Finish your apple and we can go."

Dean shook his head.

"I done."

"You're done?" Dean nodded. "You can't finish two pieces of apple Dean?" the blond shook his head. "You gotta eat, Dean. It's not that much."

Dean pouted.

"I not hungry."

Sam sighed. He knew he wasn't going to win this battle. Solely based on the fact that he knew that if he made Dean eat when he said he wasn't hungry it would end up coming up later. The doctors had said that he was small for his age, but very far developed in other fields. A small stomach was a small price to pay when he could be dealing with a child that ate him out of house and home.

"Alright." Sam picked up the plate. "Go get your shoes and jacket on."

Dean smiled and ran to get ready.

Sam walked into the kitchen and put the plate into the sink.

"Couldn't get him to finish it?" Bobby asked.

Sam shook his head.

"Kid barely eats." he shook his head again. "I'm surprised he has the energy he does."

"I'd think you would be more surprised at how he doesn't look like he's starving and have social services up your ass."

Sam laughed humorlessly.

"Yeah. That too."

"Sammy!" Dean called. "Can we go now?"

"Go take yer idjit brother to the park." Bobby ushered the elder Winchester out of the kitchen. "I'll try to get in touch with Cas."

Sam smiled, grabbing a juice box out of the fridge, and left with his little brother.

Bobby watched from the window as Dean grabbed Sam's hand and began to skip happily along beside his big brother. He watched as Sam smiled and said something to Dean. The little boy beamed and set off running. Sam waited a few seconds before running after the little one, bending down and scooping him up when he caught up with him.

Even from a distance, Bobby could hear the younger Winchester's laugh pierce the air. A sound he rarely heard when he had first met the boy.

Whoever is calling me at three in the morning better have a damn good reason. Bobby thought as he dragged himself out of bed. There wasn't anyone who needed any help on a case that he was aware of and he had just nodded off into some much-needed sleep when the sharp ring of the phone woke him. He walked into the kitchen and picked up the phone.

"What." he asked, the annoyance clear in his tone.

"Bobby? Its Sam."

"What do you want?"


"What have you and yer idjit of a brother done now?" he all but yelled. There was a small, faint whimper on the other end of the line. Followed by someone's soothing voice. "What's goin' on Sam?"

"Can we stop by? I can't really explain over the phone."

Bobby let out a sigh and rubbed a hand over his face.


"Be there in an hour." and he hung up.

An hour later there was a knock on the door.

Bobby got up off the couch and opened the door to reveal a panicked and disheveled Sam Winchester.

"Where's yer brother?"

Sam looked down and behind him.

"Its okay. Bobby's okay. You remember Uncle Bobby right?"

"Sam?" Bobby questioned.

Sam bent down and picked up a little boy, no more than two, maybe three, with long blond hair and freckles scattered across his face.

"What the hell happened?" Bobby demanded.

The little boy shrunk away from the other hunter and farther into Sam's arms, whimpering slightly.

"Shh, its okay." Sam soothed the little one. "He's just cranky cause I woke him up from his beauty sleep."

"The hell I'm cranky." Bobby all but yelled. "What the hell happened? Why the hell is Dean a toddler? What the hell did you boys do this time?"

The horrified and pissed off look that appeared on Sam's face was all it took to let Bobby know he had crossed some sort of line.

The soft cries and tears that followed just added insult to injury.

"Shh, baby boy, its okay." Sam soothed. He pulled his no little brother closer. "He didn't mean to yell." Sam glared at Bobby. "You gonna let us in or are you gonna let us freeze out here?"

Bobby wordlessly stepped back and held the door open for the boys.

Sam walked in, still whispering comforting things into Dean's ear, and shot the older hunter an "I'll explain later" look. Bobby just nodded and went to start a pot of coffee.

It was going to be a long night.