I...just. Toe-rotica crack fic. That's all I can say.

Disclaimer: Not mine and I'm sure Mellie Grant is thankful for this.

Technically, she was honest when she said she wasn't having an affair with Paul Mosley. They'd never fucked. Hell, he'd never even gone down on her like she was sure Fitz wanted to do to Olivia. They certainly were not in love. She couldn't help it if she liked getting her toes sucked, and she definitely couldn't help that Paul was an expert at sucking them.

She'd discovered her fetish by accident. Mike Nalle had been a one-night stand after a hard final exam at Harvard. He'd surprised her by dragging his tongue across her toes during foreplay. She'd ignored the euphoria of that feeling with other partners because she knew it was kinky, a fetish that would taint her good girl image. She didn't dare ask Fitz to do it. Fitz liked certain things, but feet were not one of them.

But when Paul took one look at her freshly manicured toes after a literacy meeting, she knew she met the man who could satisfy her.

Paul had a technique. He always washed her feet in a light lavender bath before patting them dry. He liked to start in on the pinky toe first; one strong lick followed by a softer touch. He took his time with each toe until he reached the big one, which he sucked in and popped out like a delicious lollipop. Just thinking about it made Mellie's toes wiggle in their Jimmy Choos.

No, she wasn't having an affair; she was having something so much better.