AN: The middle to end of this chapter is not M rated, but is a strong T. Don't read if offended.

"Tata read!"

"Tata not home, tata working at gym."

"No tata read me now." I must say my daughter is cute when she is upset. I had been trying to put her to bed for the last hour. Unfortunately she had inherited both Sasha and my own stubbornness. She was also talented, as she gave me a pouty lip I decided to call Sasha.

"Payson let me guess Hope wants her bedtime story read to her." Hope was now giggling in the background. She knew that once again she had gotten her way, although neither parent would admit that. "Here I'll let her talk to you." Payson placed the phone on speaker and her daughters eyes lit up when hearing her father's voice. "Hope are you being a good girl for mama?" Hope nodded her head in ascent, while a grin stretched across her face. "Tata she's nodding her head." I glanced at our daughter as I gave Sasha this information. "Hope sweetie tata has to work right now, but tomorrow I'll read you two stories if you go to bed for mama tonight." Hope looked like she was contemplating this for a minute, and then yawned. Her thumb went into her mouth, and she fell asleep. Taking the phone off of speaker I slowly made my way out of Hope's room. "She's asleep, I love you." "I love you too Payson."

It was a few hours later that Sasha got home. Usually when Sasha stayed late at the gym, Payson would wait up for him. This night was no different, except for what she had planned when he got home. She had put on a red strapless dress, and poured some wine for both of them. Between Sasha training girls for nationals, and all the attention he paid to Hope, Payson was feeling a bit neglected. She would never begrudge Sasha for all the time he spent with their daughter, or the time he spent coaching, but she had needs too and whether he liked it or not, those needs were going to be taken care of multiple times tonight by one Sasha Belov.

When Sasha arrived home he came into the kitchen to find me staring right back at him. In less than a second we were both in each other's arms lips locked in a passionate duel between our tongues. I could feel the heat flowing through my veins, the texture of his lips against mine. My hands immediately went to back of his jeans, and his were all over me. I couldn't get enough of him. Then he started sucking on my neck and collarbone, and I knew if we didn't move to the bedroom, I was going to take Sasha right on the kitchen table. Ever since that kiss years ago I was always the one to take charge.

Sasha apparently also realized how close I was, as he grabbed me around the waist and tossed me over his shoulder. Normally I would kick and scream for him to put me down, but I needed him so bad right now I didn't care. Plus this position gave me a great view of his ass. When we reached the bedroom I ripped off Sasha's shorts and jeans, as he was putting me down on the bed. I then slowly took off my shirt and shorts, all the while keeping eye contact with Sasha. I knew this would drive him wild, and I wasn't disappointed.

Both of us were lying in bed completely spent. Sasha had this huge grin on his face, and I know I had a similar grin on mine. He turned to me and said one word "Five?" I turned to him and nodded at his accomplishment. His grin grew even wider. A small whine was heard from the baby monitor, and before I could even turn Sasha was out of bed with his boxers on racing to Hope's room.

Sasha returned with Hope whispering a soothing melody to her, while rubbing her back. Hope had her finger in her mouth, and her Tweety Bird in her other hand. Hope never went anywhere without her Tweety Bird. While Sasha had gone to get Hope from her room, I had found a pair of panties and a t-shirt to wear. There would be no doubt that once Hope made any fuss, she would spend the rest of the night with us. Once she saw me she put her arms out towards me. Sasha laid her down next to me, and she instantly cuddled up to me. He climbed into bed, and before I knew it, we were all asleep.