Jessie pov(Warning my "p" button is acting up)

"hello i'm back" i yelled but expected no answer but the strangest thing was i hearing crying and slaps and it was coming from zuri's room.I ran towards where the commution and i saw the crazy thing. Zuri was bare bottom over Emma's lap. The second emma saw me she pushes zuri off her lap and the two girls quickly stand up

"Whats going on here?" i angrily asks

"Emma spanking me for going in her room without permission and using her nail polish" zuri explained rubbing her behind as i thought for a moment

Zuri's pov

Jessie was real quiet then after a couple of seconds she finally spoke

"Emma go to your room i'll deal with your later" Jessie said as Emma walked out my room

"Zuri come here" I then walked towards jessie as she pulls me over her knee

"Jessie what are you doing?" I asked

"even though it was wrong for emma to spank you it was still wrong to go into her room and mess with her nail polish so i'm gonna finish this" Jessie said as she pulls down my undies and moves my skirt. The first swat jessie landed was way harder than emma and beyond. Jessie never led up as the lands swat after swat.

Emma's pov

After Jessie told me to go to my room i was halfway there but for some reason i felt discomfort i turned back around and to my suprise i saw Jessie spanking zuri. I started to get nervous i was worried that i might be next. Soon i saw jessie letting zuri up so i bolted to my room.

Zuri's pov

My butt was in serious pain and the pain just wouldn't stop then i look jessie in the eyes then i said i'm sorry as jessie pulled me into a hug and started to rub my back after a while she left my room

Has any else notices that emma doesn't appear in episodes that much any more anyway Next time Jessie spanks Emma