Chapter 22

The Toads and God's Number

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"You either do this or be left behind!" Jiraiya growled to Samehada. Unfortunately this threat caused the living sword to snarl and bristle back in response.

The preteens and I watched in half amusement, half bafflement, as Jiraiya steadily grew more and more irritated by the sword's stubbornness.

Jiraiya had returned back to our new room a few minutes after I had woken up looking rather annoyed and exasperated. When the white haired man noticed Samehada had escaped from the closet and was now laying contentedly at my feet, he had dragged a hand down his face with a small groan before mumbling that we were leaving. That's when the problem began.

Originally Samehada weighed at least three times as much as I did, and his bulk alone was probably large enough to swallow me whole if he/it so desired. We also discovered that consuming my blood seemed to have increased Samehada's growth exponentially and now each of his sharp scales were the size of my hand. (I decided on Samehada having a male pronoun for simplicity's sake). So in conclusion, I could not feasibly pick up, or even carry, the giant sentient sword.

In fact the only one among our little travelling group who could possibly hope to carry the sword was Jiraiya, but Samehada had just tried to impale the poor man when he had ventured to lift him up. My scolding the weapon didn't do any good. Samehada was one big stubborn tuna.

So now, we were at an impasse. Samehada didn't want to be touched by anyone other than me, but also he wasn't fast enough – not to mention extremely attention attracting – to travel with us at a crawl. We also couldn't leave the sword behind, at least according to Jiraiya. Apparently, Samehada was much too dangerous and valuable to just let Blue Man retrieve him, and Blue Man would return for Samehada, this, Jiraiya was certain of.

I didn't particularly want to meet Blue Man (Kisame, Jiraiya corrected me) or Itachi ever again. No doubt, Kisame was probably completely pissed off and would waste no time in killing me.

Sakura, like the boys, had also come to this conclusion, and hesitantly suggested that I at the very least return back to the safety of Konoha. Surprisingly, before Jiraiya could reply, it was Naruto who shot that idea down.


"I don't think Konoha's safe for Nee-chan right now…" Naruto said giving Jiraiya a sidelong look. "It's not safe for me either…is it? That's why we're with you, right Ero-sennin?"

Jiraiya scratched his cheek with a sheepish sigh. "Maybe…" he half confirmed. This reply was more than enough proof.

"That reminds me," Sakura started with a firm look at Naruto. "Why the heck were those missing-nin after you Naruto?"

Sasuke, who had momentarily fallen back into brooding isolation, turned his attention back to us with tension burning in his dark eyes.

Naruto squirmed and shot Jiraiya a helpless imploring look but the white haired man just raised one eyebrow as he said, "It's up to you brat."

For an agonizingly long time, Naruto was silent, shifting from foot to foot while keeping his gaze firmly fixed on the ground. "I don't know?" Naruto finally squeaked very unconvincingly.

"Bullshit," Sasuke deadpanned immediately with a glare as Sakura just pursed her lips tightly. Naruto moaned and ruffled his hair before slumping in defeat, "It…I…well…" he started with a stammer.

I patted his arm sympathetically with the advice, "Say fast, less scary."

Naruto eyed us for a long time, before taking a huge gulp of air and saying in a jumbled rush, "IhavetheKyuubisealedinsidemystomach." Immediately, he quailed and shrank into himself.

There were confused blinks all around at this. Sakura tilted her head slightly in confusion. "You have a what in your stomach?"

Sasuke's eyes were narrowed thoughtfully as he muttered, "Kyuubi."

Naruto flinched while Sakura's eyes widened as they heard this. I however was just confused. 'What the heck is a Cube-E?'

Sakura was blinking furiously, obviously trying to find something to say that wouldn't make the terrified blond burst into tears. Poor Naruto looked as if he was waiting for someone or something to stab him.

I had just about decided to break the unnerving stillness, when Sasuke spoke up. In a surprisingly calm manner bereft of its usually grumpy undertone he said, "That makes sense. Always thought you had to have something in your stomach to inhale all that ramen."

Shocked silence once again.

"S-Sasuke-kun? Was that a joke?"

Said boy scowled slightly, a faint tinge of pink on his face as he avoided everyone's gaze. A helpless giggle burst from the pink-haired girl's lips that sounded almost half hysterical, before she shook her head wildly, as if to dislodge any bad thoughts. Looking up, she smiled tentatively at Naruto and nodded her head in acceptance.

The air cleared of all tension as Naruto blubbered a heartfelt thanks. He looked so relieved and grateful that I found myself tearing up slightly with him. However, more than anything else, I was curious.

Unable to wait any longer, I asked, "What isCube-E?" My eye was twitching slightly in impatience. It was obvious to me that something very profound had occurred, but I really had no idea what that something was.

The preteens and Jiraiya shared a look before Sakura shrugged and simply made a familiar hand seal for a transformation. When the small amount of smoke dissipated, a little pink nine-tailed fox was revealed.

My head tilted to one side in question. "Ninetales?" The name made a lot more sense now I realized. 'Kyuu equals nine...maybe bi equals tail?'

"Kyuubi," Naruto corrected me with a small grin. I couldn't help but to stare at Naruto's relatively flat stomach doubtfully, but shrugged with a, 'Meh, it doesn't concern me much,' sort of manner.

On another note, Sakura was…was adorable as a fox! With a little squeal of delight I stooped down and stroked Sakura's furry little head with coos of affection. Unfortunately, Sakura quickly transformed back. Her usually immaculate pink hair was ruffled and there was a pout on her face as she smoothed it down into some semblance of neatness.

"He-he, sorry…" I laughed lightly while giving Sakura my best fake apologetic look. Not surprisingly, she didn't buy it at all and huffed, but it was obvious she wasn't really angry with me.

"So…you guys are okay with me? With this?" he pointed awkwardly at his belly. "For sure?" I personally couldn't figure out at all what was so bad about having a fox sealed in his stomach. Though, I was sure that the PETA would have some disparaging comments to relay if they ever found out.

"Baka…of course we're good," Sakura huffed.

"Don't ask stupid questions," Sasuke grunted with a scowl, still avoiding everyone's eyes. I in the meantime was having a private moment of 'OMG they are so cute! There's so much friendship here!' It was crazy to think it, but I legitimately could see how Lee's and Gai's YOUTH could be appropriate in this situation.

"But…" Sakura started, causing a panicked look to resurface back on Naruto's face. "I AM annoyed by your reluctance to tell us this from the very beginning you idiot." Hands on her hips, she gave her boys a firm look. "No more big secrets from each other, got it?"

There was various forms of acknowledgement on this.

End Flashback

Like I said, we now had a problem in how we should deal with Samehada. It didn't look as if Jiraiya would be able to convince the sword anytime soon. We were at a loss.

"If only Nee-chan had more chakra…" Naruto sighed.

Jiraiya blinked, a sudden 'eureka' expression changing his scowling face. The white-haired man reached out and pulled me towards Samehada eagerly, ignoring the protests of the preteens. Too surprised by the sudden movement, I wasn't able to do much but stumble forward.

"Tuna, you heard the brat. Give up some of that chakra you leeched from her blood." With this, he gestured for me to grab Samehada's handle, something that I dearly did NOT want to do. One cut on my hand today was enough for me thank you very much.

However, Jiraiya insisted, so grudgingly I warily wrapped my left hand around Samehada's hilt. To my surprise, instead of bristling, I instead felt a very familiar chakra curl around my wrist before sinking into my arm.

A shudder ran through my body at the sudden influx of chakra, something that I hadn't felt since my accidental stealing of Ren's chakra all those weeks ago. Of course recently Ren had occasionally fed me his chakra when I'd been dangerously low, but this much chakra was a first since my inadvertent thieving.

The chakra was my own I realized, but there was a coolness to its quality that made it a smudge bit off. Nevertheless, I felt jubilant and wild with energy.

By now Samehada had shrunk back to nearly his original size, and was folding his scales in close as if going dormant. Jiraiya hastily wrapped bandages around the sword's length before giving my broken arm a thoughtful look. Scratching his head absently, he turned back to Samehada and quickly started making strange loops of bandages around the sword. Finally finishing, he stepped back and gestured for me to go ahead and try to lift the sword.

Enhancing muscles with chakra was something that I hadn't done since the time I'd drained myself doing sit ups. However, I had very little trouble in coating my arm, shoulder and back with the familiar warm energy.

Hoping desperately that I wouldn't lose focus and end up squishing myself with the fish sword, I reached down and lifted Samehada with one very shaky hand. Even with a lot chakra, the sword was heavy. Staggering, I quickly pulled one of the loops of bandages around my left shoulder and let Jiraiya do the rest.

It was a tricky business getting Samehada to rest as evenly as possibly upon my back as my broken right arm made a strap around this shoulder impractical. Instead, Jiraiya managed to distribute some of the weight by partially wrapping the sword around my waist. Samehada lay horizontally across my back as its height, coupled with my own lack of stature, made it impossible to carry it the usual vertical or diagonal way.

I felt myself stooping slightly under Samehada's weight, shrunk or not, he was heavy. If I'd had to guess, I'd say Samehada felt about 30 to 40 pounds, a great improvement from what I suspected was his original weight being in the mid hundreds. Now, 30 to 40 pounds might not seem too much to most, but considering that I only weigh 95 pounds the last time I'd checked, carrying Samehada with enhanced muscles still made me feel as if I was carrying more than a third of my mass.

Huffing out a tired breath of air, I shifted my weight from leg to leg.

"Well," Jiraiya muttered, "It looks awkward, but it'll do."

Sakura looked as if she was about to protest this idea when Jiraiya pulled off the large scroll and backpack he carried and thrust it into her arms, startling the pink haired girl into silence.

Then, he crouched down and motioned to his back as he said with a lecherous grin, "On you go. Don't worry, I promise not to grope." His expression did nothing to inspire confidence in this assurance.

There was some outraged protest from the preteens, but Jiraiya ignored them, and instead looked at me with an expectant gaze. My mind flickered around for an alternative but couldn't come up with any, other than perhaps having Naruto make tons of clones to carry me. I wasn't particularly inclined towards that idea either, so with a grimace, I gingerly wrapped my good arm around the man's shoulder, and blushing, allowed Jiraiya to grab my legs and boost me up.

I was glad that the pants that Sakura had changed me in to were my pyjamas, which meant they were modest, baggy and comfortable. My original pair had been completely torn to shreds by Samehada, and thus was thrown out. I felt kind of bad about that since they'd been a gift…I mean 'donation' from Sasuke. Sasuke doesn't do gifts.

The preteens, especially Sakura, were still objecting passionately to this situation, but I wasn't really able to give them my attention because at the moment, I was focusing furiously on trying not to sneeze. Jiraiya's messy mane of hair was tickling my nose. Scrunching my face slightly, I blew some of the wandering strands out of my face.

It took some time, with Jiraiya purposefully ignoring the preteen's angry words, but he finally strode cheerfully out of the hotel and into the streets. By then the trio's protests had subsided into annoyed and murderous glares.

Now that I wasn't holding them back, the ninjas took to a swift run, and I soon had to close my eyes to keep the dust out of them. That made me realize that I wasn't wearing my glasses or contacts. I supposed they'd been left behind at the last hotel, as I hadn't seen them while rummaging through my bag for a spare shirt.

After a few hours of running, half of which were done by jumping recklessly from giant tree branch to tree branch, we finally stopped for a rest. All three of the preteens were panting slightly, even Naruto, and Sakura had a faint look on her face as she plopped down to the ground with a sigh of relief. Jiraiya however didn't even look winded. In fact he looked quite pleased with himself. Considering that I could have sworn I'd felt a pinch on my butt at one point, I wasn't surprised, just annoyed.

Disregarding their obvious fatigue, Jiraiya cheerfully ordered them to make camp as he crouched down to let me drop to the ground with a plop. With some assistance from Sakura, I managed to unstrap Samehada from my back, and with a small sigh of relief, I set him down onto the ground.

Careful not to snag any of the bandages on his scales, I unwrapped Samehada and half fondly patted him as he bristled and grinned manically.

"Good boy," I murmured with one last pat before looking around me to see what everyone was up to. Sakura was working with Naruto to clear the forest floor and set out the sleeping bags. Sasuke was trekking back to the camp with an armload of firewood and a couple of rabbits. Beats me how he managed to catch rabbits and gather firewood so quickly.

The image of Sasuke getting dinner ready made me wonder if Samehada was hungry too. I pretty much inferred by then that Samehada ate chakra, and since he'd returned a lot of my chakra back to me today, he was probably hungry. Sighing to myself, I held out my left hand invitingly.

It was a good thing that my blood was so dense with chakra because otherwise he would probably drain me dry before feeling full, but as it was, he was content with only a few licks. Before my astounded gaze he grew larger, even larger than ever before.

This of course drew the attention of the preteens.

"Onee-san! Please tell me you did not feed him your blood again!" Sakura's scowl had a remarkable resemblance to Ren's, it seemed that healing wasn't the only thing she learned from him. Stalking towards Samehada and me, she grabbed my hand and let the soothing green chakra heal my cut.

'If this is going to be a regular thing, I may need to learn how to mend myself,' I thought with a little frown as I stared at my now healed palm.

It was a few minutes after a bland, but filling meal of rabbit meat and nuts, that Jiraiya pulled out a large scroll and a few brushes from his pack.

"Okay Fei-chan, show me those seals of yours."

Blinking in surprise, I obediently grabbed a brush and paused.

'Ah crap, I suck at writing with my left hand,' I thought with a little moan of dismay. Ignoring the preteen's curious expressions and Jiraiya's raised eyebrow, I slowly, very very slowly, wrote out a water seal. (The unrefined one as I didn't want to flood our camp if possible).

It came out a bit more crookedly than I would have liked, but I didn't think it would make a huge difference. The amplifying seal, probably my most sloppy seal to date, had worked perfectly well after all.

Jiraiya stared at my water seal with a puzzled expression. He pointed to each word and asked what they meant, and when I replied as best as I could, if possible, he looked even more confused.

Suddenly, Jiraiya asked me to teach him how English worked. I was startled at this question, and kind of lost. I was no elementary teacher or parent. I wasn't even really sure where to start, but I thought that the alphabet was probably the logical first step.

With shaking hands, I wrote out in big block print, A, B, C, D, but before I managed to write E, there was a cry of shock.

"I know those! Those are the mission rankings!" Sakura exclaimed. Naruto, Sasuke and Jiraiya looked as equally surprised. I however was once again confused.

Seeing my puzzlement, Sakura hurriedly explained in simpler terms of how mission difficulty and rankings were labelled. D was easiest, A was hardest, and S was top-secret missions. When I heard their accented 'S' I immediately wrote out S on the scroll and heard their confirmation of their knowledge of its existence.

"Why? How?" I stammered, staring at the letters. A thought that I wasn't the first person to survive in this world suddenly crossed my mind.

Humming thoughtfully, Jiraiya muttered, "If I remember correctly, it was Konoha who started the tradition of ranked missions…but where they got it from, hell if I know. I wasn't alive then."

"I'm surprised Ero-sennin," Naruto said with a cheeky grin. "I thought with your face, you'd be at least 100 years old."

"Shut it brat!" Jiraiya snapped back with a comical scowl.

Scratching his head, Jiraiya said, "It would have to be someone old enough to remember the founding of Konoha though." He blinked once heavily, seeming to remember something. The white haired man hesitated for a second before shrugging.

Biting his thumb he ran through a series of hand seals before slamming his hand on the ground, "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"

Once the smoke cleared, two small, very wrinkly, cloaked toads were visible. I rubbed my eyes disbelievingly, but the image did not disappear.

"Kiddo, you better have a good reason for summoning me! I was in the middle of cooking dinner! Dinner, you hear me!" The little purple and green toad snapped in a distinctly feminine voice.

"Now Kaa-chan, we can let dinner wait for Jiraiya-chan," the green toad with tufts of white hair said.

"Don't decide what's more important to me Tou-chan! If I say cooking dinner is more important, then it is!"

"It's just dinner! It's not hard to just do that when we get back!"

"Oh, it might not be hard for you because you aren't doing the cooking! Don't take lightly the daily difficulties of a house toad Tou-chan!"

Letting out a sigh, Jiraiya interrupted the heated conversation by interjecting, "Okay, okay, I'm sorry for bothering you two. It's not a big deal, but I had a little question that I thought you two could answer." Under his breath, he muttered something that I couldn't hear. It must not have been a very nice comment because the female toad threw a fit and jumped up to smacked Jiraiya on the head.

After a few more minutes of angry squawking between the three, they finally settled down to our relief.

"Uh nice to meet you, I am Haruno Sakura."

"Uzumaki Naruto, future Hokage!"

"Uchiha Sasuke."

"Um…Jonzu Fei?"

Once Jiraiya had introduced us properly to the two, Fukasaku and Shima, or Tou-chan and Kaa-chan as they called each other, we all fell into silence as Jiraiya pointed to the scroll and explained his question.

The instant the two elderly toads saw the letters, their eyes immediately widened and they swivelled their gaze to stare at me intently.

"Kaa-chan, her chakra," the male toad murmured. "Yes, I see it Tou-chan. It's the same."

Hopping closer to me, the two toads looked me directly in the eyes as they asked, "Girl, where are you from?"

Tugging my hair, I answered in a hesitant voice, "America?"

The two toads frowned. "So you are not from Sokatsulandu?"

My eyes almost popped out at this question. "What? You know Scotland? You know I got here how? How I go home?" My desperation was clear to even myself. I felt myself turn hot and cold as my body reacted in frantic hope.

"So you are from Sokatsulandu?" Kaa-chan asked sharply, ignoring my questions.

I was impatient for an answer, but nodded in confirmation. "America is close to Scotland." This wasn't quite true of course, but if it was in the same universe, I considered it close enough.

The two toads huddled close together and went through what seemed to be a hushed and serious conversation. Tears threatened to burst from my eyes; the wait was simply agonizing.

After what seemed to me to be a lifetime, they finally seemed to come to some sort of agreement. Turning back to me, they gazed at me with half wary, half sympathetic looks as they simply said, "We cannot help you return home."

I almost burst into bitter tears there and then.

The two toads turned to address Jiraiya. "We need to talk later Jiraiya-chan." With this last statement, they disappeared with a poof leaving me shaking in disappointment and anger. They hadn't explained anything to me. I knew without a doubt that there was something they were hiding.


There was a tense atmosphere in camp that night. I was gloomy despite myself, and Sasuke seemed to have fed from my dark mood by falling into brooding silence of his own. Sakura was fruitlessly trying to inspire conversation while Naruto just kept glancing at Sasuke and me awkwardly.

Of course, Jiraiya couldn't feel the mood at all and was snickering to himself as he wrote what I believed to be porn.

"Um…Onee-san, you never really finished explaining your writing system," Sakura softly reminded me. I was half tempted to ignore the girl, but she was trying so hard to get me out of my bad mood that I couldn't be rude to her. After all, it wasn't her fault.

Jiraiya glanced up from his writing as I pulled a scroll open and finished writing the alphabet. It took a while, but I managed to explain the sounds each letter stood for as well as the purpose of capital and lowercase letters. I felt my black mood slowly dissipate as I started getting into sounding out words for them.

"Hmm…it's a little like Hiragana but in smaller fragments of sound," Jiraiya muttered to himself, thus startling all four of us. We'd been so absorbed in learning/teaching English letters that none of us had even noticed Jiraiya coming over to lean over our shoulders.

"So the characters have no separate meaning of their own. Hmm…that would help in diverting against contradicting energies, but what's keeping it stable?" Jiraiya muttered thoughtfully as he stroked his chin.

"What does that mean Ero-sennin?" Naruto asked curiously, his head cocked to one side in question.

Said Ero-sennin pulled the scroll to him and began to lecture as he wrote. It was extremely fascinating what he knew about seals, but also frustrating because I couldn't understand him half the time.

"Seals," he explained. "Like handseals, mold our chakra and mixes with natural chakra to bring forth a reaction. But rules of the world must be followed or nothing will happen, and in worst case scenarios…you'll end up blowing yourself up."

"What do you mean by rules?"

"The biggest rule is of course 1.618."

"A number?"

"Not just ANY number, it's the number of God!" Jiraiya announced dramatically. We all just stared at him blankly. The man exhaled and muttering, drew a series of rectangles. Next he drew a swirl, almost like a snail shell, through it.

I recognized the image immediately as the golden ratio, or Phi, as I'd learned it in school. Simply put, it was a ratio often seen in nature from the ratio of our faces, hands and bodies, to the simple spiral of a nautilus shell. I was amazed to see it here though, and in the conversation of seals no less.

Jiraiya continued talking rapidly to the interested preteens about what I suspected was the wonders of the ratio. I found myself smiling as they curiously peered down at their hands, obviously trying to see this mathematical miracle themselves.

Taking a moment to drink from his flask, Jiraiya continued, "Seals were first created by the priests. They believed it to be a way of communicating with the Gods, and in a way, I guess it is. You could say sealing is writing a contract with the Gods and borrowing their powers for a time." Shrugging, he gestured to Naruto.

"Pull up your shirt brat and concentrate some chakra."

Naruto hesitated for a second before shyly complying. To all of our surprise, a spiral seal appeared on his belly. "That spiral is an Uzumaki trademark," Jiraiya stated, startling Naruto into losing his concentration. The seal disappeared as quickly as it had appeared.

"They more than anyone else, were masters of seals, a bit crude, but very effective seal users. They definitely knew the powers of God's number and employed it wherever they could, hence the spiral. The more your seal has God's number, the better. If we go into religious terms, you could say the God's were able to understand our requests more clearly."

"Now the second rule is the rule of opposites," he went on. "The kanji of fire can't be next to the kanji for water, but must be on opposite sides. It's the same with the moon and sun, death and life and so on. Not even conflicting characters within a kanji can be next to each other. For example, the kanji for time has the character for sun within it so it can't be next to the kanji for courage which has the character for moon in it. Fei-chan's writing system doesn't seem to have this problem as much…so that's one less thing to worry about."

"Wait…why can't we just use hiragana then?" Naruto asked.

"No idea," Jiraiya shrugged. "It just doesn't work. One of the mysteries of the world, or maybe the Gods are just being picky old farts."

"Jiraiya-san!" Sakura gasped out appalled.

Chuckling, said man just scratched his back before continuing on. "There are a crap load more rules, but I don't want to stay up all night so I'll just leave it at that. What I am curious about is what's keeping her seals stable. I don't see any ratios between the letters and their strokes or the spacing that could represent God's number. It must be her blood, something about it is taking the place of God's number…" He trailed off before letting out a jaw-popping yawn.

The fire had lowered to embers and it had grown pretty late. We took the hint from Jiraiya and everyone but Naruto, who had first watch, made our way to our bedrolls. Samehada, laid down next to me and curled around me possessively to my consternation.

I hadn't managed to get most of what Jiraiya had said, but the little I had understood ran through my head along with the revelation of Scotland of all places being recognized here. I would have thought Japan, or somewhere in Asia, but apparently not. Naruto too seemed to be deep in thought as he scratched out characters in the dirt with a stick, muttering to himself. Slowly, my mind settled, and I fell asleep.

Jiraiya's drawing of the Golden Ratio is on my profile page. Go check it out.

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Kotetsu's POV

"You were ordered to keep Jonzu, Fei in the village were you not?" Danzo asked in a dangerously calm voice.

Kotetsu shifted awkwardly and exchanged glances with Izumo before replying sheepishly, "I'm sorry Danzo-sama. We were on the lookout for a black haired, green-eyed girl. Who knew how much hair dye, contacts and glasses can change you! He-he-he…"

Izumo pinched Kotetsu to make his fake laughs stop. Clearing his throat, Izumo continued, "We are very sorry sir. It was an honest mistake, and we're more used to keeping people out, not in. Jiraiya-sama's awe-inspiring presence made us temporarily blind."

"Of course it did," Danzo sighed sarcastically.


When Kotetsu and Izumo were finally allowed to leave, the two smirked at each other. There was nothing better than plausible deniability.

Without any warning, Hatake Kakashi appeared from around the corner. "How'd it go?" Kakashi asked while casually leaning up against a wall.

"Exactly as planned."

Jiraiya's POV

Jiraiya watched as his clone snored away peacefully in the campsite clearing. Once he was sure that none of the brats or Fei, had realized his switch, he slipped away into the forest.


"But why?" Jiraiya asked, his brows furrowing with confusion. "What's the big secret, why can't she ever go to–?"

Cutting off Jiraiya's question, Shima snapped, "Because we told you to Kiddo! Just listen to your elders for once, why don't you?"

"Kaa-chan is right, this time, you have to trust us on this. We'll tell you in time, just not yet. The story is a long one and we don't want to take any chances of anyone overhearing."

Jiraiya threw his hands up in surrender. "Fine…"

Kisame's POV

"That damn sword," he chuckled, demolishing a tree with one angry punch. "She better taste like the God's Sake!"

Itachi, his usual cool self, ignored Kisame.

"I'm going to take a bite out of her head as apparently she tastes so F-ing good," Kisame snarled with a grin.

"Do not stoop to Zetsu's level," Itachi calmly stated before taking out another kunai to sharpen.

"Ohhhhhh!" said a familiar voice. "Samehada-chan broke up with Kisame-senpai? How mean! It's okay though Senpai, I still love you!"

Kisame stiffened at that voice, while Itachi just looked up to stare dispassionately at the orange-masked newcomer.

"Tobi…" Kisame greeted carefully.

"Do you want Tobi to go talk to Samehada for you, Senpai? Tobi is a good boy after all!"

End of Chapter

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