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Shana and Yuji were walking home from the fight earlier with Oblivion. They decided not to fly there or anything, just simple walking would do, since they did have stuff to talk about.

Yuji was glad to have Shana in his arms, to be with her again. He had to admit, he was being really ridiculous when he decided his punishment would be to not be with Shana, when he knew how it would end up, something like this. Shana would still manage to get him to be with her. That was how strong her willpower was, and he admired, no loved, her for that.

Then he remembered himself realizing this crucial mistake of his just a while back, when he got to thinking about him and Shana, and the whole deal with him and Oblivion. He realized that he was doing something incredibly stupid, and that moment he was willing to pour his heart out to Shana, to tell him he was wrong and if she could, if she would be willing to have him back.

But of course, he wasn't able to do that, since Shana did it for him. What an excellent stroke of serendipitous timing. He chuckled at the thought, gaining Shana's attention.

"What is it, Yuji?" she asked, looking up at him. "What's so funny?"

"Nothing, nothing, Shana." Yuji said.

But of course, Shana would NOT take no for an answer.

"What is it, Yuji? Tell me!" Shana said, poking Yuji on the side in an annoyed manner.

Yuji was laughing and was unsure whether he should tell Shana or not. She could get pissed, like she always did.

"I, well, you see Shana, you remember when you joined Oblivion just to get your feelings across to me in a battle?" Yuji began.

"Yeah…I joined him so I can get you to realize what you REALLY feel. Why?" Shana asked, eyebrow rising in wonder.

"Well, you see, I was about to tell you I loved you the minute I saved you from Oblivion. Turns out I didn't need to save you or anything." Yuji began, slightly frightened of what Shana's reaction would be.

"Huh." Shana said, as if it was taking her a while to digest things. "So, I teamed up with Oblivion for nothing?" Shana said, anger already rising in her voice.

"Well, I wouldn't say nothing." Yuji began. "If you weren't captured, or, I thought were captured, I might not have realized my feelings for you right then!" Yuji said.

He soon realized it was the worst thing to say to Shana.

"So, you're saying, if I didn't join Oblivion, you would still be stuck with trying to avoid me and continue your punishment?" Shana asked, a vein popping in anger.

"Y-yes?" Yuji asked, even more terrified now.

"Well, look at it this way, Shana." He said, trying to get her attention off the touchy subject.

"What?" Shana asked, already mad.

"I…you wouldn't have kissed me if you didn't fight, you know." Yuji said, and like before he realized a little too late that he said something really, REALLY stupid.

"So, let me get this straight, Yuji. I went through all that trouble trying to convince Oblivion that I was willing to kill you, and then you say you've already realized you want to be with me before that, and then you say now, that if I didn't do those things, we wouldn't be together now?" Shana said, already holding her Nietono no Shana tight.

From Shana's point of view, it was VERY confusing. Damn it. He had to get things straight or something.

"Alright then, Shana, let me explain, okay?" Yuji said, making an attempt in calming Shana down.

"You've got five minutes!" Shana yelled.

"Okay! Okay!" Yuji said. "Well, to get things straight, I realized how much I couldn't stand to be away from you when I found out from Wilhelmina that you were captured by Oblivion. And then you came out and battled with me, so I didn't have any chance to say how I felt. Then you did it for me." Yuji said.

"So, I went through all that trouble, but you already realized what you felt before I went onto battle against you?" Shana asked.


"So why didn't you tell me? You know how hard it is to fight someone you love!" Shana yelled.

"I…wait, you just said you loved me, didn't you?" Yuji said, trying to shift the conversation.

Shana blushed a bright shade of red. Sure, she accepted she loved Yuji and everything, but it was still pretty embarrassing for her to say it out loud.

"Urusai! Urusai! Urusai!" Shana said.

"What? It's true, Shana!" Yuji said.

"You have a good five seconds to run away!" Shana warned, already firing inferno balls from her katana towards Yuji.

"Wha— Hey, Shana!" Yuji yelled, running away from her.


"AAAAHHH!" Yuji said, running farther away.


"Shana – can we please talk about this?" Yuji said, already getting hit by some of her flame balls.



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