Hi :)

I just read the Uglies series and am OBSESSED. THEY ARE AMAZING.

This is this weird poem/drabble/free-verse thing that I wrote. It's about David and Tally, though mostly David. Which I'm confused about because I like Zane. ZANE ROCKS. But anyway, I guess I just kind of feel bad for David, even if Zane is really awesome.

Get your ugly face out of here.

7 words.

You can't think of any that could hurt more.

You knew that if she became Pretty everything would change.

She would change.

You gave her everything, and she betrayed you.


First, it was the Smoke.

Your home.

It was destroyed, burned.

Nothing left but ashes and smoke.

You lost your father because of her.

You try to tell yourself it wasn't her fault, but you know it really was.

You shared everything with her; your life, your memories.

Your love.

Then she left.

You know she had good intentions, wanting to prove herself, to find a safe cure.

But it went horribly wrong.

And there's the second.

You can't help but feel bitter towards her boyfriend, the oh-so-pretty Zane.

He may bee about as capable as a vegetable at the moment, but you know he's still capable of stealing her heart.

And he does.

The most painful phrase may be 7 words long, but you know a close second that's only 4 words.

Because I love him.

And you wonder, as you join the others, ignoring your mother's look that says I told you so.

You wonder about a lot of things, actually.

You think of new places to live, like a good little Smoky.

You think of escape routes and how to guide the others.

But mostly, you wonder how things got so messed up.

How you lost her so easily.

What you did to deserve it.