Roderich's POV-

"Ve, Ludwig, look at all the pretty cakes!" Feliciano said, pointing at the display cases filled with various pastries.

"We only came to see Gilbert, not go on a shopping spree."


"Don't worry; you can have some for free. I'll get Gilbert for you."


"Ja, danke." I served them a slice of chocolate cake and went to the kitchen to find Gilbert. After we left the estate, Gilbert and I pooled the money we had to rent a building in the market place and start a sweet shop together. Ludwig quit as well and began to work at the pasta shop that Feliciano's grandfather owned.

"Liebling, Ludwig is here!"

"Ja,ja, I'm coming." He placed a cake inside the oven, faced me and wiped his hands on his apron. "I wish we could have more time together, though." He came closer and nuzzled his face into my neck, giving it short, sweet kisses.

"Not now, Gilbert. Your brother is waiting." He stopped and led me closer to the door frame. I could see Feliciano feeding red-faced Ludwig bites of cake.

"I don't think he'll mind." He said, grinning. I sighed.

"Ah, ich liebe dich, Gilbert."

"I love you, too."

Author's Note: There's a lot more foreign words in here, so I'll list the translations.

Grazie: Thank you in Italian

Danke: Thank you in German

Liebling: German for Darling

Ich liebe dich: German for I love you.