Chapter Ten

Warnings (for this and further chapters): Swearing, boyxboy (mild yaoi ... or perhaps not so mild), sexual this-and-that, drug use, cutting, and an asshole named Sai.

-| Kiba's POV |-

Naruto had come to the room crying steadily and clumsily. Kiba knew the drill. Quickly, he followed Naruto over to the private bathroom and listened carefully for a few seconds. Small sobs were unmistakably racking through the blonde's body as he cried. Kiba was instantly worried. He hadn't cried like this since Sai hurt him. What could have possible caused him to feel so helpless this time?

Giving the bathroom door a soft knock Kiba asked the stupidest question possible, "Naruto, you alright?" His voice shook a bit as he envisioned Naruto cutting himself again. All that blood seething through. Kiba wasn't sure if Naruto would make it out this time if he did it again. Last time had been so terrible. The cuts lasted longer than ever before.

Fearing for his friend's life, Kiba pressed his left ear against the door. Listening intently as he waited for a noise to erupt. Nothing came. Not a breath. Maybe he wasn't going to—

After hearing the heavy smack of Naruto crashing forward, Kiba quickly slammed the door open with his foot. The door crashed against the wall and cracked at the knob. Not giving a care, the triangle tattooed boy looked to the bathtub. There lay Naruto with his arm bloodied and draped over a crude drawing of two boys and a heart. He had drawn with his own blood. His own warmth had been spread over cold tiles into a hesitantly doodled love. On the tiled floor near him a glittering ruby cutter's blade laid, a pool of blood allowing it to swim. A trail of blood led up to it and supplied it with more red and there were splatter marks smeared along the porcelain.

Sighing, Kiba lifted Naruto from his state and took him to the nurse's room. This wasn't the first time that more professional assistance was needed. Many times in the past months, Naruto had had a fight or saw something he shouldn't have and tried so very hard to get the pain away. Leading him to cut and slash himself brutally with that blade. Whereas Kiba had a girlfriend to whom he loved very much, he felt no urge to cut or starve himself ever again. Hinata kept him alive, kept him breathing and healthy. Sai was hurting Naruto. Badly. Why was Naruto okay with that?

The nurse saw Kiba walk in with the unconscious and tortured boy and immediately knew what had happened. She fixed a bed for the blonde to lie on and once he was placed down, kicked Kiba out of the office. The sound of a curtain being pulled and disinfectant bottle splashing were the last noises Kiba heard as he walked on.

Kiba didn't mind, he had somewhere else to go anyway. He had to finally get that jackass out of here. Sai was always the cause of Naruto's destruction and pain. That imbecile of a druggie just couldn't leave well enough alone. Time and time again Kiba had warned that ass to fuck off and leave Naruto to heal. Every time Sai had come back with a faulty smile and flimsy apology. Kiba was sick of it. All of it. He needed to get that heartbreaker out of Naruto's life, for good. Kiba had seen the way Sai looked at Naruto with lust and greed; not actually caring about the boy whose body he craved. When the other raven had appeared, a sparkle ignited in Naruto's eyes again. The way Sasuke would sneak peeks at Naruto, not his body, showed affection and truth. This other boy honestly cared about Naruto. Deeply and would protect him from harm. Kiba could see that.

Pushing the door to Dr. Kakashi's office open, Kiba looked at the doctor in distaste. Seven slim books were piled on the metal desk and one was perched in the grips of a distracted man. His silver hair flipped lazily to the side and a plain gray scarf covered his features.

"Yeeees?" said the voice with a bit of annoyance in the edges.

"I'm fucking tired of it, Kakashi," Kiba stated in a firm voice, swearing without a care. Usually cuss words were not allowed to be spoken in Konoha. He had also dropped the title before the doctor's name as if the two were on the same level, not doctor and patient. Kiba was pissed and his voice radiated that.

-| Kakashi's POV |-

At the mention of 'fucking', Kakashi looked up. "Go on."

"Sai is an ass and you know it. You've seen what's been happening to Naruto, how he still cuts himself. Sai isn't getting better and with him around, neither is Naruto. Sai. Has. To. Go," giving emphasis on the last few words, Kiba continued. "Sai has raped Naruto, pressured him, and done a whole shit-load of other things to the other patients. You know as well as I do what he does. Plants drugs in drinks, steals money, has 'visitors'. He even blew up that one guy's car last month because he called Sai a fucker!" By now Kiba was yelling.

All Kakashi did was raise a brow. Of course he knew what happened here. Kakashi wasn't stupid. He knew how Sai pressured the others. Made them give in and give up. The way Sai frightened and controlled the patients, thinking that he was better than them. Of higher rank. Kakashi saw all this, just simply didn't wish to intervene.

A small fact that Kakashi knew that Sai didn't was that Sai was being placed in more advanced Home later that day. It had been planned many weeks before so that Konoha could bring in Sasuke, a lesser case. Sai was becoming too much to handle and a fresh start in a new Home was just what he needed. The Home was Akatsuki's Well House and was full of severe cases that smaller Homes like Konoha couldn't handle.

Instead of retaliating all of this information to the tattooed boy, Kakashi simply said, "He will be leaving later today."

A shocked expression passed quickly over Kiba's face.

"Now get out." Kakashi commanded, continuing where Akane was touching Kei there.

Author's Note:Well, my phone is being an ass. It'll send every text that swears but none that have normal people talk. It must die.