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The New Directions were rehearsing their numbers for regionals. They were halfway through the second number when suddenly Rachel stopped singing and stared at the door.

"What are you staring at dwarf?" Santana glared at Rachel wondering why the diva stopped their number, which in and of itself was a new thing. Rachel pointed at the door.

"Spy!" Everyone turned toward the door and looked at the punk girl standing in the door way. Blaine looked at the girl with wide eyes.

"That's not a spy, that's my sister." Now everyone was looking between Blaine and the girl, trying to find the similarities, but other than the hair color and eye color there really weren't any similarities.

"Hi, big brother." Blaine just glared at his sister, wondering what she was doing here.

"Aren't you supposed to be in England, Charlie?" Charlie just smirked at Blaine.

"France actually, I got kicked out of Madam Smiths in November." Blaine just rolled his eyes.

"What's that eleven schools you've been kicked out of now?" Charlie walked into the room, adding a bit of a sway to her hips. Blaine just rolled his eyes again.

"Twelve actually, LaPierre's Music Academy kicked me out a week ago." Blaine just shook his head. Meanwhile everyone else was looking at the two in complete confusing. Some of the New Directions looked at Kurt to see if he knew what was going on, but he just shrugged. All Kurt knew was that Blaine had a sister, but nothing else.

"So, you weren't sent to a new boarding school?" This confused Blaine, Charlie was always causing trouble so their parents kept her in boarding schools in Europe.

"Daddy got tired of spending his money on what he calls a lost cause. So, they brought me back state side and are sending me to public school. Gross." Charlie looked around the room in boredom and slight disgust. As she looked at the faces around her Charlie spotted one that looked familiar. Charlie walked up to Kurt a smirk on her face.

"You must be the boyfriend." Kurt just nodded not really knowing what else to do. Charlie grabbed Kurts tie and pulled him down to her level. Everyone just looked at the two and Blaine just groaned he knew what was going on. Charlie put her mouth right next to Kurts ear and whispered so low that no one else would hear.

"If you hurt my brother I will personally rip off your balls and feed them to you. Do you understand?" Kurts eyes widened and nodded. Charlie let him go and walked back to the doorway.

"Well, this was fun, see you all tomorrow." Charlie went to turn, but Blaine stopped her.

"What do you mean?"

"Oh, did I tell you? I go here now." Charlie smiled innocently at everyone, then turned and left. Blaine just stared after his sister in complete disbelief. Everyone else was looking at Blaine.

"Blaine, what happened?" Rachel asked completely confused.

"A hurricane just hit McKinley."