Five years is an awfully long time, my dears.

Firstly, I want to say I'm sorry. I always knew how this story would end, and I always intended to write it. Real life kept getting in the way, and honestly, I was ashamed that I left this unfinished for so long.

With Endgame coming up (and, no doubt, the imminent destruction of my heart), I'm more hell-bent than ever to finish this story. That said, my writing from seven years ago isn't exactly my best, and there are definitely sections of this draft that can be edited or refined.

So, starting tonight, I'm posting an updated version of this story to AO3 (same title, same author - FF. net keeps deleting the link) . The plot will make a little more sense, the characters will be a little more consistent, and hopefully the writing will be better, but the story will remain the same. My old draft will still live here on FF. net.

The new version will not take into account any of the MCU canon post-Avengers. There are a couple of inadvertent parallels (which, hey, that's neat!), but the story will remain what it always was, and will be what it was always going to become.

For those of you still out there, who still care about the fate of this Tony and this Loki, thank you. To those of you who sent me reviews and messages that were so lovely and supportive, and which I was too nervous to answer - thank you.

To those of you ready to continue this journey - onward!