Summary:Set after the avengers has to think of a punishment for Loki to cure his madness and comes uo with the idea to fight fire with fire.


Loki stood in the hallway before asgards throne room and stared at the floor. It was glass, reflection his face, the face of a Jotun, blue and cold as ice. He was told to wait in front of the mighty doors , whilst Thor, the new king of asgard thought of a appropriate punishment for him. He just left him standing there, in the hallway, since he knew that Loki had nowhere tu run. If he should try to escape to earth, S.H.I.E.L.D. would track him down in 1 hour or less and kill him. And thus it was that Loki decided to stay in Asgard since the only options for him were to flee and die or to stay and wait for... For what? Beeing tortured by his brother? Beeing expeld, send back to where he was born , to Jotunheim? He really didn't know, but for some reason he had the feeling, that Thor would neither kill nor torture him. But why? Was it because of their happy childhood, thousands of years ago, happy and unaware of their dark future? Or did Thor just plan to torture him not in a physical but in a psychological way? Loki was not sure wether he wanted to know the truth...

A sudden bang pushed him out of his stream of thought and he turned around scared, afraid of the punishment that might wait for him now. But it was only Thor, standing before him , proud and strong as he always was, but with a very intimidating yet happy. Loki was unable to read Thors mind or guess what he had in mind, so he desperately searched for a hint. Thor left his hammer, mjölnir, in his room so he probably wouldn't kill him just now. But he held something behind his back and Loki defenitely heard the clank of a chain. He decided to open his mouth to keep the rest of his composure and to appear confident. But before he could say the smallest syllable, Thor pressed the muzzle from earlier against his mouth. In the next second, he felt the warm breath of his non-brother against his neck. ''Hush, brother, from know on I will decide when thou art allowed to speak''. Loki started to breathe faster, cause that could mean no good. Thor observed that and chuckled. ''I am just as excited as you are...''. Then he attached chain to Lokis muzzle and dragged him into his room.