Harry Potter and the Immortal Man.

Chapter One: The Man-Who-Pulled-Tongues-At-Voldemort.

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Date: 11th September 1976

Location: Location Unknown

Time: 04:26am

"Merlin; this guy weighs a ton." He said as he hefted the man onto his back.

Three days previously, their master had ordered the locating of a specific man, with instructions that should they fail, not to return. Such an order from the dark lord meant that the task was usually suicidal – either with the completing of the mission, or returning empty handed – both were a sure death sentence.

After tracking the man to a house in London, a group of twenty seven men attacked the residence to retrieve the man of interest. The death eaters were unsure why so many men would be needed for the capture of one man…they soon received their answer. Of the twenty seven that attacked, thirteen were dead within minutes. The man was obviously a very powerful wizard; hence the suicidal nature of the mission was fulfilled. He cast spells in a continuous string, never saying the incantations, making it extremely difficult to counter his attacks. He was an unpredictable fighter – one of the best they had seen.

In the end, only two of the original group survived. There was no stunning, no disarming, like the fashion used by the Order of the Phoenix; just bone breakers, blood boilers and exploding hexes. The house was a mess, drenched in the blood of the attackers and blackened by spell fire.

One lucky death eater, the one now carrying the heavy man, caught their target in the back with a rogue stunner, bringing him down long enough to bind him with a magical suppressing bracelet. The second survivor cast the dark mark, signing their crime, before the pair portkey'd away with their prize. They re-appeared in a dark forest near a stately, but foreboding manor house.

"Bloody hell, are you a moron? Levitate the bastard if he's heavy, or did you not learn that in Hogwarts?"

The death eater carrying the unconscious man scowled at his comrade, before dropping his load to the ground, unceremoniously, eliciting a groan of pain from the man. With a flick of his wand the man was hit by a body binding curse and levitated off the ground. They continued walking toward the house, until they saw the guards by the door.

"Hey up, they're back! Did you get him or…holy shit, they actually got the bastard!" He stared agape, as they walked through the doors, at the unconscious man. One of the survivors from the attack snorted angrily – apparently, everyone had known how dangerous this man was but them.

The corridors of the manor house were dimly lit and were painted black, with many snake fixtures all over the rooms. There was a damp, musty smell which attacked the senses, making prolonged stay in the house extremely unpleasant. Finally, the pair approached a solid black oak door, which stank of pure evil and darkness. Even the death eaters hesitated before touching it. One of the survivors raised his hand to knock, but before he could, was interrupted by a snake like hiss from inside the room.

"Enter." The two men shivered before opening the door and walking inside, averting their gaze to the ground. While they dare not look at their master, they could feel his red, unforgiving eyes burning into their heads as he stared. "So, you return. I hope you succeeded, otherwise I am unsure why you returned." The men began to shake in fear and sweat dripped down their faces.

"M-my lord," one of the men began, "we succeeded in retrieving the man you asked for." The dark lord sat back in his seat and smiled coldly, twirling his wand in his fingers.

"Indeed? I assume this is him?" The death eaters nodded, one grabbing his hair and pulling it back so their master could see his face. "Excellent work – you have impressed me greatly." He paused and leaned forward in his throne. "Where are your comrades? Did I not send over twenty men to retrieve this prize?" One of the survivors shook much harder, drawing his master's attention. "Well?"

"My lord, w-we are all that is left. The rest were cut down by the target. He fought us ruthlessly, never once using a stunner or disarming spell." The dark lord's smile grew as he stared at the unconscious man.

"Indeed? This wizard cut down twenty five of my minions?" He tapped his chin with his wand. "Wake him." One of the death eaters nodded and drew his wand.

"Ennervate." The man awoke with a groan and looked around his location. Realising he had gotten himself caught, he swore silently, chastising himself for allowing them to get the better of him.

Voldemort studied the man, noticing he shared the same red eyes as he, but had a mane of coal black hair. Apart from that, he looked a lot like he did before he left Hogwarts. Bringing down his wand, he lifted his chin to meet his gaze, scarlet meeting scarlet. He was surprised to note his eyes held no fear, nor anger. They were remarkably emotionless.

"Ah, so at last we meet. I must say, it is a pleasure to meet a man as accomplished as you; one who has achieved greater things than Dumbledore and I combined." The prisoner smirked and bowed his head slightly, as a gesture of respect.

"Then I shall return the greeting and gesture of respect." The man amused the dark lord. Not many would willingly meet his gaze, let along speak so informally with him. "Might I ask why I have brought before your presence?" He asked politely. Voldemort settled back into his throne, his wand still in his hand.

"I have brought you here because I have heard rumours…rumours of a man, who like I, has cheated death and found the key to immortality." The prisoner's eyes widened and for a moment, he looked shocked, before slipping back into his emotionless state. The dark lord smiled internally. He had the right man.

"I'm afraid I know nothing of those rumours, therefore am unlikely to be of any use." The dark lord let out a chilling laugh, which made the two death eaters shiver violently. Voldemort's red eyes met the prisoners once more and he smirked slightly.

"You cannot lie to me, Antony Middleway." The prisoner paled at the mention of his name. "You see, I know a lot about you, and about your many lives." The man steeled himself.

"Why am I here, Riddle?" He asked emphasising the name. The dark lord's eyes flashed in anger, and in a swift movement, he rose to his feet and brought his wand down upon the prisoner.

"CRUCIO!" He bellowed. The prisoner twitched slightly, but his eyes never left that of the dark lord's. Inwardly, Voldemort was impressed; there were none among his inner circle, not even Bellatrix, who could remain still while under a full strength torture curse. The prisoner began to laugh, infuriating the dark lord, who cast the spell several more times, with the same result.

"You know, you should really work on your anger Tom." The prisoner delighted in watching the snake like man's face turn red with rage as he tried to cause him pain. "It can't be healthy turning that colour on a regular basis." Voldemort snarled and sat back down in his throne, glaring at the prisoner.

"Take him to the dungeons and chain him up." He said calmly, although you could see the anger simmering below the surface. "Oh, and he doesn't need to arrive there intact." The death eaters grinned evilly – they would get to have some fun torturing him after all. Before they could leave the dark lord swept down and grabbed the prisoner by the throat, holding him up. "Mark my words, Middleway, I may not be able to kill you, but I can make your life hell. You will help me, before I'm through." The prisoner grinned, and quite immaturely, he pulled a tongue at the most feared wizard in the magical world.

As the death eaters dragged him away, laughing all the time, one man watched the display, his eyes widened in shock and respect for the man. He turned around and made his way outside – he needed to inform Albus of this individual.

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