Ok! Here's my new story "Broken Inside" Hope you like it! This came up to my mind recently at night and I thought it was good! Enjoy! (This is after Phantom Planet)

Sam's POV

It was a Friday morning and I just woke up. I want to just be happy today and spend the weekend with my boyfriend Danny, and my best friend Tucker. I got up, with a smile on my face, took a shower, got dressed, and got ready for school. I walked down to see my Mom and my Dad. Gloomy as ever.

"What's wrong?" I asked worried. They were NEVER gloomy.

"NOTHING!" My dad yelled. "J-just go to s-school! We will talk about it after you come home." Something's up. But I didn't protest. Just put on a happy face.

"Okay." I said and headed out the door. I reached the bus stop and I found Tucker in his PDA.

"Whatcha' doing?" I whispered in his ear. He jumped.

"AH!- oh really funny Sam," Tucker complained. "You almost gave me a heart attack!" I giggled.

"So where's Danny?" I asked.

"Getting chased by fan girls and paparazzi." Tucker replied.

"Oh." I said not really sure what else to say. Just then Tucker became intangible and so did I. We were then slipping through the sidewalk and now underground.

"Sorry I'm late guys," Danny apologized. "Fan girls and paparazzi."

"Its okay. Now can we go to school? It smells down here." Tucker complained and me and Danny chuckled and we flew to school still invisible. We reached the school and Danny put us down. I still had that smile on my face.

"Are you okay Sam? You look kind of…. Happy." Danny noted.

"Well it's the weekend. So that means You, me, and Tucker are going to finally hang out together. I just can't wait!" I said with excitement. Danny smiled. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and we opened the doors. I really just can't wait until the weekend.

Normal POV

It was lunch time and Danny, Sam, and Tucker sat at their usual table. And Sam then felt something was wrong. Danny noticed.

"Sam, you okay?" Danny asked a little worried and put his arm around Sam's waist.

"Huh? Oh yeah I'm okay. I guess." Sam replied.

"Are you sure? You were happy and cheerily all morning, now you're acting like something bad happened." Danny admitted.

"Really Danny, I'm fine. If I wasn't I would tell you." Sam said and turned to her salad and started eating it again.

"Okay." Danny said curiously as he turned back to his food. He knew something was wrong with Sam and he was going to find out.

When Sam got home she forgot about the incident at lunch. She was back like she was this morning. She closed the door behind her.

"Mom! Dad! Grandma! I'm home!" She yelled. Her Mom and dad came down the stairs with big, red, puffy eyes. They had dry tears on their faces. 'Something's wrong.' Sam thought.

"Mom? Dad? What's going on here? Where's Grandma?" Sam asked and they winced at the name 'Grandma.'

"Follow us sweetie. We need to talk about her." Pamela said and dared not to say Grandma Manson. Jeremy and Sam followed her into the dining room. They all sat down.

"Well? What's wrong?" Sam asked worried as ever. "WHERE'S GRANDMA?"

"Well honey, you see Grandma is not coming back. She won't wake up. Ever. Again." Jeremy explained as he burst into tears.

"W-what? Grandma is…." Sam trailed off. She said the word in a whisper "Dead?" Pamela and Jeremy nodded. Sam had tears in her eyes and ran to her room and slammed the door. Leaving two crying parents.

Sam's POV

I slammed the door behind me. 'Why me? Why did my only family member who understands me have to die? I don't deserve it! What did I do? I did nothing! Nothing at all! I just wanted to be happy today. And this is what I get? My grandma dying? Why? WHY MEEEE?' I thought. I was now on my bed, curled up in a ball, still sitting up, and crying into my knees. There was a knock on my door. 'Oh no!' I thought. 'I invited Danny and Tucker over for a movie! Oh crud!' I didn't think I would look like I was crying so I opened the door. It was Danny and Tucker.

"Hey guys!" I greeted and I sniffled a little.

"Hey Sa- what's wrong? Were you crying?" Danny asked a little worried and angry at the same time.

"Yeah were you?" Tucker asked.

"Uh…. Yeah… I was. Come in… a-and I'll e-explain." I chocked out. They looked worried and curious and they went in my room.

"Well you see, this morning, which I didn't know until an hour ago, m-my g-grandma d-died." I explained. Tucker and Danny went wide eyed and were almost in tears.

"W-which o-one?" Tucker chocked out.

"Grandma Manson. The grandma Manson. The one who understands me." I replied. Danny hugged me and I cried into his chest.

"It's okay, Sam. It's okay," Danny comforted me. "It's all going to be okay." Danny was holding back his tears, I can guess. Tucker was on the floor, crying like a baby. I wouldn't blame him. Grandma Manson did so much to us, she was like one of our best friends. Its just so hard not to cry when a family member dies. Even if the one was always by your side.

"Now, wanna watch a movie? To make you feel better?" Danny asked wiping one of my tears. I nodded and Me, Tucker, and Danny went to my basement and watched a movie. Somehow, I feel that I'm just broken inside.

Okay! Is it sad? Well it's not over yet! What is Sam going to be like now she knows the news? Is everything going to go back to normal? Or will Sam be more miserable? Find out in Chapter 2: The Funeral.