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Sam's POV

Wow, I am finally happy. I never felt this happy in my entire life. Since I got out of the hospital, I've been living with the Fentons. And nothing could get better than this.

I got off of my new bed, took a shower, got dressed, and went into Danny's room. He was still sleeping. So I walked over to him and screamed,

"GHOST!" I screamed in his ear. He instantly woke up, fell out of his bed and got into fighting mode.

"Where? Where is the ghost?" He asked looking everywhere around him. I then started to laugh.

"You should've seen your face!" I said laughing hard. Danny just sighed and rolled his eyes.

"You know, someday there will be a ghost and I won't believe you." Danny said.

"Oh really?" I asked playfully. "You would just ignore my screams for help?"

"Point taken." Danny replied.

"Well get dressed and come downstairs. We have to go to school." I said as I went to the door and shut it behind me to give him privacy. I then went downstairs to start my first happy day in weeks.

After me and Danny said our goodbyes to the family, Tucker was there waiting for us.

"So Sam, how is living with Danny?" Tucker asked as he wiggled his eyebrows. I just rolled my eyes.

"Knock it off, Tucker." Me and Danny said in unison. Danny then turned into his ghost self, grabbed Tucker and I, and we flew off to school.

When we got there, I got sad looks from everyone. Apparently they watched the news and heard that I was being abused by my drunk father. They also heard that he almost killed me to death and I went to the hospital for it. I ignored the looks and went to my locker. There were cards everywhere on my locker.

"Feel better Sam!" They said or "I'm sorry you went through this." But the one that really surprised me, was the one from Paulina.

"Sam, I'm really sorry. That I bullied you, said mean things to you and your friends, and taking it too far I said weeks ago. The only reason I was mean to you was because I was jealous of you. Sam, you are a beautiful girl and you deserve to have friends and a family that loves you. What I saw on the news the other night, I couldn't believe my ears or what I was seeing. You don't deserve this. I should be the one to deserve this kind of treatment from my father. You should've never been abused. I hope everything turns out great. Like a story with an happy ending. I'm really sorry. Feel better Sam!



I never expected that from her. Maybe she's not so bad after all.

During the day, people kept looking at me with those sad eyes. So at lunch, that's when Paulina appeared.

"Hey Sam, can I talk to you," Paulina asked. I nodded. "In private?" I then stood up and walked with Paulina in the cafeteria's back corner.

"Look Sam, I'm really sorry. I-" I then cut Paulina off.

"I know. I got your note. Its okay. I never knew you were jealous of me. But you could've told me. Like if I was so pretty, I wonder why you didn't just ditch the A-list and hung around with us. Because believe me, Danny and Tucker are the greatest friends you could ever have. The A-list only likes people if they're rich, cool, not a nerd, or not wimpy. You're only in the A-list because of your looks. The reason I'm friends with Danny and Tucker is because they accept me for who I am. Not for what I have. Wear, or look. They'll accept me no matter what." I explain as I smiled at the end.

"I guess you're right. But I really am sorry." Paulina apologized.

"Its cool." I replied and we went in different directions. I sat back down with Danny and Tucker and enjoyed the rest of the day.

So life is really good. I get to live with my boyfriend, Danny and his parents. No one bullies me in school anymore. I get to visit my mom in the summer. Life is good. So one night, me and Danny were sitting on Danny's roof watching the stars.

"it's a beautiful night." I said.

"Yeah. So Sam, wanna take that ride again? See where the future takes us?" Danny asked as he stood up and transformed into Danny Phantom.

I smirked. "Why not?" I replied as I stood up also. He then kissed me of the lips. Every kiss will ALWAYS feel like our first. He then picked me up in bridal style and we flew off. Flying to the bright moon, hoping our future would be a good one.


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