A/N: Warning dark themes a head…


The pain in my chest exploded and I almost purred with pleasure knowing the change was almost done.

I could feel my mate's lust and rage as he stood near the door; I knew what he was thinking as his emotions spun out of control.

With the last beat of my heart I flipped up off the floor, smirking as I saw the Major where I laid. He had attacked me, not to hurt me but to find out the answers he so much wanted to know.

"Wait." I purr to him, my head cocking to the side as I heard two sets of footprints coming from the south.

"You will tell me, my mate." He snarls causing me to shiver in pleasure.

"Soon but we must greet our guests." I chuckle, gesturing to the oncoming vampires.

HE snarls as he races outside, me following behind as he crouches.

But I knew who it was and they were no threat to me.

Smirking I smile as I see the pretty blonde fly from the trees.

"Well hello Major, I see you finally got ya' mate."