"No! No you've got to believe me!", Doofenshmritz cried as he was being shoved through the prison. "I'm telling you! You've got the wrong guy!"

The two secret agents shoved him into a cell and Doof looked back as the door was slammed shut. He was soon up at it, grasping at the bars and pleading for Monogram to listen as he only glared down solemnly.

"I'm framed! You've got to believe me! It's not me you're after!", Doof tried to explain.

"Tell it to the judge.", Monogram simply stated before walking away.

Doof looked down at his nemesis. Perry only hung his head as not to look and Heinz slid down to his height, holding an arm out through the bars for some support.

"Perry the Platypus... You've got to believe me. I didn't do it..", he said, praying the platypus would believe him.

Perry only glared at him angrily. Tears in his eyes and streaming down his face as he was hurt. Very deeply. He had trusted the doctor. Tried to keep things loose. But he was very mistaken. He should've just stopped him before any of this ever began. The platypus turned away and walked off as Doofenshmirtz began to panic and rattle the bars some more.

"No! No! What about Phineas? Perry! Phineas is in trouble! I didn't steal him!", Doof cried out some more as he struggled for someone to listen to him. "PERRY THE PLATYPUS!"