Chapter 1

She woke up suddenly, with a start. What the Hell? Where am I? She shook her head as answers slowly came to her.

Her name was Anna, an undead from … Somewhere in Lordran. She couldn't quite remember that. For a short while she struggled, then gave it up. Being undead had its disadvantages, like the mental degredation one had when Hollow. Sometimes, it was easier just to let the mind rest. She moved on.

She had been brought to the Asylum when she was discovered to be an undead, and locked in this godsforsaken cell. Slowly, she had turned Hollow, and she was getting fairly far gone by now. She knew that soon, her mind would go completely, but that seemed immaterial in the face of her current problem: She was locked in a freaking cell in the middle of one of the most inescapable prisons in all of godsdamned Lordran.

Anna settled back and closed her eyes, not waiting for anything, just… being. Then, she heard a rustle, and looked up.

There stood a knight, staring down at her, examining her to see if she were fully Hollow. Apparently making a decision, he threw a body down, and walked away. Anna sat there for a second, unsure of what the Abyss was going on, then stepped forward and searched the body. As a thief, she was quite talented at this, and found a key. She found nothing else, and then looked more closely at the key. It appeared to be a cell key… One matching hers exactly.

She tried it in the lock and it worked, thank Gwyn. Finally, free!

Or, at least, kind of free. She still had to get out of the Asylum. She pulled out a broken blade, which was all she had left in terms of weaponry, and started forward. As she walked down the long hallway, she heard frenzied shouting from one of the cells. It was another prisoner, a knight by the looks of him. He was nearly Hollow as well, but still had his wits about him, as he was asking for release.

"Please, stop, let me out! Wait!" He reached out from his cell, nearly able to reach her. "For the gods' sake, free me!"

Anna, momentarily startled, got her cool again and asked, "Why should I? How do I know you won't just kill me the moment I let you out?"

"On my honor as a knight, I will do you no harm. Please, let me out!" He was practically begging now, and Anna knew she had to let him out.

As she opened his door as well, she asked, "What is your name?"

"William," He replied. He fell to one knee. "I am eternally in your debt."

"Yeah, yeah, thank me later. First we have to get out of here." She pulled him up and set off towards the stairwell down the hall, breezing past the Hollows with the ease of a person who makes their living in the shadows, unseen. Will, however, clanked noisily behind her in his heavy armor. There were also other footsteps, though, the floor shaking with each step.

Just to their right, in a massive cell of his own, was a gigantic demon with a huge hammer. It stomped moodily across its cell, it's every step causing a huge crunch.

"I do not wanna mess with that thing," Anna whispered, and somehow, the Stray Demon, as she was beginning to call it, seemed to hear. It turned its head, unleashing the most baleful, hate-filled glare she had ever seen, and raised its hammer as it lumbered towards the wall she was looking from. She and Will exchanged a glance, then scampered up the steps away from the cell. As they ran, she saw a Hollowed body on one of the pikes in the wall, and decided to do her best to avoid that same fate.

Reaching the top of the stairwell, she slowed to a walk, and waited for Will to catch up. She was far faster than he, she in her light, nearly silent clothes and he in his heavy, slow, loud armor. She shook her head and grinned, grateful that she wasn't so overburdened.

Will have her a look. "What? What's so funny?"

"Nothing, absolutely nothing." As she turned away to go up the ladder they had reached, she noticed a tiny, broken blade in his hands, much like her own. I guess we were brought here in much the same way. "How did you come to arrive at such a horrid place as this?"

Looking sheepish and mildly confused, he answered, "I honestly don't remember. Most everything is a blur before this. And yourself?"

She shook her said, responding, "I don't remember, either. It must be this cursed darksign."

They had reached a courtyard, with two huge doors at the other end of it, and found themselves looking at a small sword stabbed into the ground. Instinctively, the pair walked towards it, and stuck their hands out above it. Suddenly, a small flame lit, and they felt great, comforting warmth emanating from the fire. They glanced at each other, and sat down. "Let's rest a bit."

Over the next few minutes, they talked about what may lie behind the massive doors, and soon enough, worked up the courage to find out. Each went to one door, and pushed hard. They creaked slowly open, to reveal a large, fairly open room filled with pillars. Another set of even larger doors sat across from them. The pair walked cautiously forward, glancing around at every side.

Suddenly, ominously, the doors quietly shut behind them, locking Anna and Will in, as far as they could see. They tensed as a unit, and examined their environment desperately.

Naturally, it came from the only direction they weren't looking: up. The guardian of the Undead Asylum leaped from above, and landed with a massive thud. There was a brief moment shared by the two undead, a moment described only by, "Aw, crap."

Then, quite unfortunately for them, the Asylum Demon leapt into action, and went to slam his hammer on the newly freed undead. They both were able to roll out of the way, but barely. The shockwave knocked Anna off her feet, and Will took the opportunity to get behind the abomination. He started hacking away at it with the broken blade, but it barely even flinched. With an angry, but almost casual, motion, the demon turned and whacked Will with the hammer. He got absolutely pulverized, and knew for certain that he would not survive. He slowly collapsed, and his Darksign flared briefly before he died. Sadly for Anna, he still did die.

When Will had passed, the Demon turned towards the Thief. She backed away slowly, trying to patronize the gargantuan brute, saying, "Nice Asylum Demon. Very good, good boy. That's a nice hammer. Please don't kill me, please don't kill me." Too bad that failed as well. As she was backing up, she eventually felt something solid behind her, and realized she had, quite literally, hit a wall. That was her last thought before the hammer hit, and all faded to black.