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Chapter 3

Will was the first to land, and Anna was close behind. The crow that had carried them flew off, and they each nodded their thanks to the massive and terrifying, but helpful, creature.

They stood a moment, and took a look at their surroundings. The smaller thief was the first to notice the bonfire, and they took a brief respite there, restoring what wounds they had sustained.

Will was leaning back on his hands, just mentally gauging the feeling of the humanity he had gained, while Anna tried desperately to remember what use the souls they had gained would be of. Her memory of life before becoming trapped in the Asylum was fuzzy, but she knew that there was some great importance lent to souls among the undead.

Both soon grew bored, and decided to just get up and figure it out at their next convenience. "So, where to first?" asked the knight.

The location they were at appeared to be on the side of a massive slope, with stairs heading up on one side, stairs headed downwards behind them, and a large number of ancient ruins on the other side. "I'm… not entirely sure. Where exactly would a massive bell that could be the most important thing for all Undead be located?"

"I have absolutely no idea."

Thankfully for them, at that point, a voice spoke up from next to the Bonfire. "Did you say something about the Bells of Awakening?"

Somehow, they hadn't noticed the knight in blue armor sitting on a log not 20 feet from the Bonfire. They approached him, and Will asked, "Did you say "Bells?" I thought there was just one?"

"You two must be new arrivals here in Lordran. Let me guess, Fate of the Undead, right? Well, you're not the first, and probably not the last."

Anna spoke up, "Or maybe we will be the last. We can make it."

"I doubt it. There's no salvation here. You would've done better to rot in the Asylum. But, it's much too late for that now, isn't it? Since you're here, I'll lend a hand. There are, in fact, TWO bells that you must ring." The Crestfallen Warrior grinned slightly at this.

Both the arrivals groaned a little, knowing the coming task would be that much more difficult. Anna asked, "Where are they?"

"One is up above, in the Undead Church, while the other is far, far below, in the very base of Blighttown."

"Why do I get the feeling Blighttown isn't the nicest of places?" Will asked, slightly rhetorically.

"Oh, it certainly isn't." The Crestfallen Warrior shook his head. "I'd die again before I step foot into that cesspool! Heh, heh, heh."

The two new Undead gave each other a look, and decided to go back for Blighttown later. They then thanked him, and walked away, his loud, creepy laughter following them. "So, we'll try for the Church first, right?" Will asked.

"Not quite yet. Let's take a look around first, see what's around here that we can use, then head on."

Nodding his assent, the Knight hefted his broadsword, in case of dangers, and walked up into the ruins. They were able to find several corpses that had dropped humanity, souls, and various items, such as firebombs, as well as a few chests with a few weapons and items. Then, they walked to the end of the ruins, where there appeared to be a graveyard. Will hesitated. "This seems like a bad idea."

Anna shrugged, "Nah, it's a graveyard! Who's going to be loitering in a graveyard, waiting for the next unsuspecting undead to show up?" The thief strolled casually into the burial ground.

"Half of freaking Lordran, by the looks of it…" Will muttered under his breath as he followed.

She found a large collection of souls on a corpse within, and shouted to her companion, "See? Nothing to it. Easy pickings." Much too bad that she didn't hear the rustling of the skeletons her shouting had awakened.

"Why, exactly, do you think there's an unburied corpse in the middle of an area specifically meant for burying the dead? We should leave." Will refused to go all the way down the stairs.

"No, no, we'll be fi-" She was cut off by the sword slash to her back, by one of the skeletons behind her. She cursed as she stumbled forward, her light thief clothes barely offering any protection against the scimitar. "What the Abyss? Run!"

Will laughed a little as he watched her plight, the thief running even farther into the graveyard and picking up quite the following of living dead. "You've gotten really popular all of a sudden! I can't imagine it's for your personality or charm!" He shouted.

"Oh, shut up and help me out here!" By this point, she had gotten about 11 skeletons chasing her.

"Ask nicely!"

"I fucking hate you."

"That still wasn't very nice, but fine!" He got up off the step he had been sitting comfortably at, and pulled out one of the many firebombs he had picked up earlier. He pulled his arm back, aimed, and hurled the small ball, and it landed just behind Anna, slowing the pursuit of the skeletons and burning a few of them. This gave the quick thief time to reach the top of the stairwell with the knight, and they stood together as the horde of dead ran towards them.

Will used his larger sword and heavier armor to act as the tank, taking down a massive number of them with one swing, but not able to stop them from swinging at him, too. Anna ducked under his broadsword to leap directly into the fray, dodging blows and backstabbing all the skeletons she could. Sadly, the two started to take some hits, and they knew they couldn't win. Especially when they saw a ridiculously massive skeleton at the other end of the cemetery form. They glanced at each other, and said, "Run. Now." At the same moment.

And that they did. They sprinted away through the ruins. They couldn't lose the skeletons, however, and found themselves passing right by the Crestfallen Warrior. However, he made no move to help them, just laughing creepily at them as the pair ran down the stairs next to the Bonfire, the multitude of walking bones following behind. The skeletons simply never let up, and the pair finally reached a room at the bottom of the long stairwell. As they stepped onto the center, the lift went straight down, and the skeletons stopped at the edge, looking down and seemingly… laughing? How could they possibly be laughing?

**Five minutes later**

That explains why they were laughing. That being the ghosts, and the horrifying atmosphere, and the crazed Hollows everywhere. Thankfully, the ghosts didn't follow the pair up the lift back to normalcy, or whatever normalcy could possibly be offered by walking skeletons, reborn dead, and giant crows.