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Chapter 6: Pale

"O)( I'm so sorry! I wasn't looking w)(ere I was going!"

Feferi hopped up and helped Eridan up to her feet. Picking up Eridan's hat that had fallen off, she handed it to her. Murmuring a slight thank you, Eridan kept her face low so Feferi couldn't see it.

"I really should be goin' no-"

"O)( carp! My p)(one!"

Eridan lifted her head to look at the slightly shorter girl that was staring at the groud. Following her eyes, she saw the ruins of Feferi's smart phone all over the floor. Feferi bent down and picked up the shattered pieces and sighed. Collecting them in her palm, she walked over to a trashcan and dumped the remains.

"Cod, I'm really sorry about that. I- I can buy you a neww one if you wwant?"

"O)( it's fine, my matesprite was actually planning on taking me to go buy a new one. He's reely good with electronics!" Feferi extended a hand in Eridan's direction, "I'm Feferi by the way!"

Eridan stood there for a moment then quickly placed her hat back on her head. Taking the other sea dweller's hand into her own, she smiled.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Eri..."

Feferi beamed then began to walk and talk with the other girl. Their measly walk had turned into a full on girls day out. Walking in and out of stores that they passed, trying on clothes that they'll probably never even buy, and Feferi willing to pay for snacks and treats while Eridan argued that she would pay back. It was after they had gotten another cup of frozen yogurt was when things started to get more complicated.

Feferi and Eridan sat outside the small yogurt shop at one of the benches, eating their respective mixed flavors (occasionally though, one would reach over and take a piece of the other's yogurt). They sat in silence with smiles on their faces, until Feferi began talking again.

"Um, -Eri? Just a question t)(at you don't )(ave to answer, but I'm reely curious to w)(y you were crying w)(en we bumped into each other. Did somet)(ing )(appen?"

Eridan bit down on her spoon then slowly propped it on one of the yogurt lumps in her cup.

"I- it wwas nothin'... Just a little bullyin' is all. I don't really care anymore."

"Someone... Someone was being mean to you? I will not accept t)(at my new moirail was being )(urt! As -Empress it is my sworn duty to do all I can to protect every fis)( on t)(is planet! Especially the ones close to me!"

Feferi immediately stood, flushing pink with anger.

"Wwhoa Fef! It's okay! Like I said, I don't really care anymore! And it wwasn't really bullyin' actually. It wwas more of a brutal wway of tellin' me the truth..."

Feferi's anger slowly diminished when she saw how the incident had affected her new moirail. Eridan's fins were low, and so was her head.

"Would it mackerel feel betta if you glubbed about it to me?" Sitting back down next to the other sea troll, Feferi placed a comforting hand on Eridan's shoulder.

"Yeah, that wwould be nice. But, please don't be mad at me..."

"W)(y would I be mad at you?"

Sipping a breath through her teeth, Eridan began to tell Feferi the story, from the beginning to the part where she had run into Feferi.

"O)( -Eri! Of course I'm not mad at you. I already knew it was you I was glubbing to t)(is w)(ole time!"

"Wwhait... Wwhat? You kneww?!"

"Of course I did! I'm not stupid -Eridan, but I am reely surprised that Sollux would even do such a fin! I know you can be annoying sometimes, and a little bit of a strong come on, and I do admit that me turning you down like I did back t)(en would have been pretty painful, but it gives )(im no right to carp about t)(ose manatees even if it was for my sake! I'm pretty flipping upset wit)( him right now."

"... Thank you Fef."

Feferi turned her head to glance at Eridan and smiled. For the first time, they actually felt like moirails.

"So... are we good t)(en? No more awkward feelings? Just pale from now on?"

Smiling, Eridan nodded.

"Yeah. I wwould lovve that."

They got up and threw away their cups. Feferi began to drag Eridan back to the repair shop so she could get a chance to scold Sollux, and of course say a well deserved hello to everyone. She hadn't been able to visit most of her old friends being as busy as she was. Being Empress was hard work when you have a mixed human and troll government to worry about you know!

When they arrived at the shop it was already sundown. As expected, everyone had gone home. Nepeta and Equius were still there cleaning up though.

Tapping the garage door frame, Feferi walked in, Eridan still in tow. Nepeta looked up from her broom and smiled.

"Fefurri! I haven't seen you in furrever!"

She dropped the broom and came charging at the Empress. Feferi did the same. Giving each other back-breaking hugs, they laughed and walked back over to Eridan.

"Ampurra! We were looking for you all over the place! Pawllux ran after you but when we went after him, we couldn't find him either!"

"So Sollux didn't come back?"

"Yeah! Even Karkitty couldn't get a hold of him. Appurrently he turned off his phone or something. Oh, and Ampurra, you left your phone here!"

Nepeta handed Eridan a purple smart phone. Several calls and texts had filled up her inbox, all from concerned friends. Even Karkat had spammed her with various questions and rants. As she was scrolling through the messages, her phone vibrated. Opening the text up, she bit down on her bottom lip.

look ed ii didn't mean two make you cry back there. ii hope 2omehow you could... forgiive me. thii2 really ii2n't the be2t way two 2ay thii2 two you, but for 2ome rea2on, ii can't talk two you liike how you are riight now. you're diiferent then how you where before. phii2iically and mentally. ii don't know why but, the way you are riight now 2care2 me. iit 2care2 me a lot two thiink that ii miight actually

Sollux stared down at his phone in horror.

Oh my god. II 2ent iit. Iit wa2n't even fiinii2hed and my 2tupiid hand ju2t had two 2wiipe the enter key! Why?! Why would you do that phone!

"2on of a-"

Sollux sent one of the trash cans in front of him flying. Leaning back into the park bench, he covered his eyes and screamed. A few of the strange colored bugs in trees flew away.

He fell asleep watching the petal like bugs scatter.

Okay, the AU seems to be getting a little complicated now so let me explain better this time.

The planet is huge! It became a landing zone for all deceased humans and trolls who had died in the meteor crashes at the beginning of the game or during the game. It also became the landing zone for most of the survivors who were able to win the game. Because of some timey wimey shizz that happened though, there can only be one timeline that lands there, so no extra Daves and such. The planet has grown profoundly in government and building construction. Plenty of towns have been developed and Feferi and Meenah rule all of it. The government is scattered into branches that link troll society as well as human society, but Meenah keeps the government steady with an iron fist, while Feferi keeps it safe and logical. The animals are pretty self explanatory as the story progresses. Also, the reason none of them can drive was because Feferi and Meenah wanted to keep everything as pollution free as possible. The technology is pretty advance though, so long distant traveling is actually easier.

Thank you for reading!

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