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My Midnight

Chapter One

I walked along the well-beaten path that I normally traveled on while guarding my beloved forest home. The trees seemed to whisper to me, to comfort me in my solitude. The other archers were far away on their own trails and all was silent except the slight breeze that moved the leaves.

My forest home was dark, the green ceiling above me blocking out the sun almost entirely. It was about mid-afternoon, but in other parts of Arda it could have passed for midnight. I touched one tree's trunk as I passed by and could feel its life buzz beneath my palm. Amazingly, to the trees I was young. The trees had been in Eryn Lasgalen for much longer than I had been alive.

They were a comfort to me and at the same time they seemed to be telling me my future. I was a younger son of a king and had no great deeds to my name. No one yet knew who Legolas Thranduilon was. I was scared to be like the trees. To live in the same place for centuries and to never do anything and see the other Realms of Arda. I was desperate to try and escape that fate.

"Prince Legolas," someone said behind me. I had heard the other elf approach and was not shocked to see him standing there.

"Are you here to take over for me, Rimedur?" I asked. The other, younger elf normally took over for me and covered the watch at night. Sometimes we stayed with each during the other's shift and talked. He was the closest thing I had to a friend in my dark home.

"I am. Shall you be staying?" He asked.

"I do not think I will tonight," I responded. I put my hand to his shoulder and walked back toward my father's palatial caves. The trek from the outer rim of the forest to the palace was a long one, but one that I enjoyed. It was a few last moments before I was again among people, as there were always people moving throughout my father's palace.

I entered through the main doors and was enveloped by the indoors. After being outside in the forest for so long it sometimes felt suffocating to be inside the stone walls of the caves. As soon as I was inside and had wound my way through a few corridors I ran into my elder brother, Calanon.

"Father wishes to see you, Legolas," he informed me. He was nearly identical to me, but taller and broader. I had also heard some of the ladies of Eryn Lasgalen say he was the handsomer of the two brothers.

We looked alike and many would say acted alike. Both of Thranduil's sons were quiet and pensive, both at times could have a temper, and both were of the same dispositions on many things.

I nodded. "I shall head there now." And so I did, winding my way through more hallways and corridors. I tried to stay in the middle of the corridors as the most suffocating thing about the palace was its stone walls. After spending many hours in the forest the stone was too much to bear and I sometimes felt as though I couldn't breathe properly. I finally reached my father's study and knocked soundly on the door.

"Come in," my father's deep voice called.

I stepped inside the room and closed the heavy door behind me. My father sat tall in his chair. He was a proud man and he carried himself as such. It wasn't hard to tell where Calanon and I got our looks. Our father's hair was the same blond if not a bit duller from age and he had the same color of eyes.

"Calanon said you wished to speak with me," I said, my hands clasping behind my back.

"I do wish to speak with you," he responded.

I stood waiting. With my father, no amount of prodding could make him speak before he was ready and so I waited patiently. He was signing something or other and I could only wait.

Thranduil finally looked up at me. "I think we ought to travel to Imladris. Elrond is celebrating a birthday." He picked up a piece of parchment, an invitation to visit I assumed.

"Elrond has celebrated many birthdays," I responded with a smile.

My father laughed. "So he has, but a millennium has passed and he thinks that is worth celebrating, in his own solemn fashion of course."

I chuckled. It had been long since I had traveled to Imladris or seen the elves from there. I remembered Elrond to be quite serious, but that was course set off by his mischievous sons.

"Then I also think we should go to Imladris, Ada," I replied. I could voice my thoughts aloud, but I was in a desperate need for a change of scenery. The forest had begun to frighten me with what I thought was its prediction for my life.


Being an elf means you do nothing fast. When my father had said that we should go to Imladris for an elf that meant years later. And so a few years passed, though they seemed like mere months to the immortal race, and the three royal men of Eryn Lasgalen were on their way to another elvish realm.

As soon as we broke through the trees and into the open space a weight seemed to be lifted off of my chest. I took a deep breath of the air that wasn't scented like the trees or the dankness of the palace. I blinked in the blinding sun that was forever remiss in my own Realm. It was wonderful to be away. We mounted the horses as the trees had been too close together in the forest to ride them. I felt a surge of energy and spurred my horse forward exulting in the feeling of the speed and my hair flying behind me. I could hear my father and brother behind me doing the same thing and we ran our horses for quite some time before bringing them back to a walk for our journey to Imladris.

We arrived in a month's time, our travels being slow and leisurely. Before going into the last Homely House we stabled and tended to our horses, they being tired after being unused for so long. My father and brother left the stable before I did and I re-explored Imladris for a while. I walked along the paths and listened to the gurgling brooks and could hear the rush of the many waterfalls in the distance. The sounds were strange and unfamiliar to me, but at the same they brought a small smile to my face with their uniqueness. As I headed toward Elrond's house I saw two women walking down the steps that lead into a small garden.

I recognized Arwen Undomiel immediately as I had seen her many times in the past. The other woman though, I had no recollection of. I had never seen anything like her in all of my thousands of years on Arda. She was everything a night sky should be. She possessed hair that hung to her waist and looked like what the night sky did when the moon was eclipsed. It was a shade darker than black. Her hair could not have been eclipsed by the moon though, because her face was as pale as the moon. It was white and soft and looked as though it might glow when night took the day's place.

"You are so beautiful," I thought to myself.

The woman's eyes immediately sought mine out as though I had spoken to her out loud, which I was positive I had not. If her hair was the night sky and her face was the moon then her eyes were nothing less than stars. They twinkled and seemed to be no specific color, but they shone brightly in my direction and she looked at me in a puzzled manner for a good moment or two.

I could not look away from her and we merely stared at each other for a quite a while. Arwen had left the woman and was moving through the garden.

"Vanmoriel," she called when she realized that her friend was no longer with her. "What troubles you?" I could hear Arwen even though they were some distance away.

"Nothing." The woman, Vanmoriel, responded. Her voice was what I would imagine the night would sound like if it had a voice and it wrapped around me, cloaking me and warming me. She continued to look at me as she responded to Arwen. Finally, she broke the eye contact and I felt bereft of something that I did not yet understand.

As I watched the women walk around the garden for a few more moments I could not take my eyes from Arwen's companion. If Arwen was the evening than the other woman, this Vanmoriel was certainly midnight.

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