Meloetta's Ice Pop

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I have no idea why I was compelled to do this. Maybe because I have a fetish for Meloetta. Or maybe because Meloetta is so cute and innocent, I want to write naughty things about her. ...Gah, I blame Boogie for making Meloetta too cute. And I blame myself for starting this entire snowball that caused Meloetta to be where she is. Anyway, I'm gonna go get an ice pop.

Aria Meloetta was hot. After all, it was a pretty hot day. The skies were bright and blue, the clouds were white and puffy, but everything was so blasted hot. Meloetta needed something to cool her off. Something sweet and refreshing...

"Man, is this heat getting to me," Meloetta commented as she rubbed her forehead, panting as she felt the sweat dripping down her body. "I really could go for one nice treat..."

Suddenly, Meloetta stopped, squinting towards the western direction as she spotted an ice cream cart. She dashed towards it as fast as she could without collapsing in the dreaded sun, opening the cart and looking inside it, only to find a lone vanilla ice pop. The cold coming from the inside of the cart was so refreshing that Meloetta didn't mind that there was only a lone ice pop.

"This feels so good..." Meloetta stated as she let out a sigh of relief, opening her eyes and reaching in, grabbing the vanilla ice pop with her right paddle shaped hand. She looked at the vanilla ice pop, licking her lips together as she licked the ice pop once. Her eyes widened with glee as she began licking the ice pop more.

Much to Meloetta's surprise, Meloetta felt an odd taste. Underneath the vanilla was a coating of cherry. It turned out that the ice pop was a combination of vanilla and cherry.

Meloetta realized this as she squealed, lifting her right leg up with delight as she resumed sucking. "Yummy! Vanilla and cherry! What a combo!"

Meloetta kept sucking on the vanilla and cherry ice pop as she headed northward, every suck making her feel better and better. It's as if she was eating something sweet and innocent...