Aria Meloetta kept sucking on her delicious vanilla and cherry ice pop, going through the harsh desert in Route 4. Many a Pokemon were looking at Meloetta, from the common as dirt Sandile to the somewhat more elusive Sigilyph, all of them wanting a lick of Meloetta's delicious, cooling ice pop.

"Uh huh, yeah, this is so yummy in my tummy!" Meloetta giggled as she winked at the Pokemon staring at her. "It's so good that it makes you want some more!"

"I... I need it!" A female Scraggy exclaimed as she started jittering, not being able to hold herself. "I need that damn popsicle!"

Meloetta sucked in the ice pop slowly, in a suggestive manner. She moaned as she briefly took out the ice pop from her mouth, muttering in a sexual tone, "Are you getting enough oxygen, citizens?"

One of the Daramaku gasped as he fell on his back, not being able to handle the scene before him. Meloetta shrugged as she closed her eyes, resuming her sucking of the ice pop.