Title: Didn't Know How Lost I Was

Author: ElleKnowsNot

Fandom: Avengers

Pairing: Loki/Steve Rogers(Captain America)

Rating: M for language, defloration, and overall for Loki being Loki

Summary: He enters warily making his way to the cage door, swiftly realizing he doesn't know what to say.

Author's note: I'm proud to say I wrote this while being an extra on a movie set. Sadly, it doesn't star any Avengers actors. :-P Enjoy!

Author's note 2: I have successfully converted my friend from loving straight fiction to love gay Avenger fiction. Love my life.

In the cage designed for The Hulk, Loki sits patiently. Captain America walks down the corridor leading to the cage, still wearing his spangled-suit except for the chest armor, now only wearing an azure thermal. He peeks in through the small window of the electronically-locked door and spies Loki staring at him, wicked grin encompassing his face. Steve looks away, his face, neck, and ears suddenly flaming hot. He swipes the keycard he swiped from Coulson's desk drawer.

He enters warily making his way to the cage door, swiftly realizing he doesn't know what to say. Instead he is staring at Loki, from head to toe, from the black as night hair on the top of his head to flawless creamy skin. From jewel-green eyes to perfectly formed nose to rose-colored lips on a small yet succulent mouth.

Before his gaze can escape lower, Loki breaks him out of his reverie.

"You know, Captain, if someone were to walk in to see you ogling me, it would look quite suspicious." Loki snarled, eyes unblinking.

"Sus-suspicious? Wh-why…?" Captain stuttered, shifting on his feet.

"If I am not mistaken, it looks like you are 'eye-fucking' me." Loki pauses to lick his lips. "But I have to be wrong. Not the great Captain America. Not a virgin who can look at me like that."

"Please, I've had plenty-" Steve begins to talk but it cut off by Loki.

"Spare me the stories of how you have lusted after numerous women and broken hearts, Steven." Loki stands and walks to the middle of the cage. "As the god of lies, I know a thing or two about how to tell when someone is telling me complete and utter bullshit. You're a virgin, and there is nothing wrong with that. I will say, however, with a body like that I am sure there was no shortage of offers to fuck."

"Stop." It is a command, not a request.

"I bet it doesn't matter anyway. I mean, the super-soldier serum or whatever it is probably didn't effect your sex skills anyway. I'm sure you wouldn't know what to do with it even if you were given a manual." Loki turns on his heel to walk away, grinning to himself.

Steve takes the bait. Loki hears Steve's footsteps walking on the metal catwalk, hearing where he stops, and an almost-Cheshire grin creeps over his lips.

Steven unlocks the override codes for the cage door, before setting his keycard into the slot and turning. He walks back to the cage as the door slides open and he enters, the door closing behind him but not locking.

Loki appears in front of Steve so fast, there is a rush of air as he plants his feet. Steve is startled but tries to hide it, though if Loki notices he doesn't falter. He stares at the blonde, blue-eyed Captain, who has adapted the look of a deer in headlights, a familiar fresh scent. Virginal.

"Steven, you have not yet had the pleasure of feeling flesh against flesh." Loki says it as a statement, not a question, as he already knows the answer. "No." It comes out as a breathy sigh. He hasn't felt this nervous since he met Peggy Carter all those years ago.

Loki reaches one hand up to gloss over Steve's cheek, he doesn't expect him to lean into his hand so quickly as thought he has never had someone touch him so lovingly before. Steve closed his eyes, leaning into Loki's chilled hand and moans softly, barely audible. Except to a god, of course.

Loki takes this as his cue. He releases his hand, Steve visibly falters, disappointed at the loss of touch, almost stumbling forward. Loki quickly moves in to fill the void between he and Steve.

Before he can realize what's happening, Loki's tongue is ice-cold against his jaw line. He licks and nips at the clean-shaven skin, drawing choked-off moans from the Captain's lips, his hands clutching at the black of Loki's head, fingers threading through black silky hair. Steve's hand guides Loki's head to his neck, he bites at Steve's adam's apple, making Steve completely lose his shit. Steve pushes Loki back towards the bench in the room, then proceeds to push Loki down onto it, still holding him by his dark silky tendrils. His hands go to unzip his pants before an icy cold hand stops him.

"You won't be in charge today, Captain," Loki says removing Steve's hand from his hair, "Strip for me, Steven."

Steve warily looks at Loki, then a wave of lust washes over him taking his fear. He then walks back a few paces from Loki, hands at the hem of his sweater. He gives Loki a nice toothy grin and languidly pulls the thin blue thermal over his head. A perfectly aimed toss has his shirt landing in Loki's face making him chuckle. He toes off his boots, throwing his socks to the sides of the cage. His fingers grabbed hold of his pants before Loki was on his knees in front of him pulling his arms behind his back and holding them there with one surprisingly large paw.

"Let me, Steven," Loki purrs, undoing Steve's pants with his free hand. His cobalt blue pants fall in a heap at his feet. His boxer-briefs are tight against his straining erection, a small wet spot marking the evidence of pre-cum. Loki's eyes smolder as he takes in the sight of his prize. He leans in to lick at the small spot of Steve's boxer-briefs, causing Steve to twist his hips, Loki's nose bumping into Steve's erection. He turns his head and kisses him through the thin fabric.

"Loki, please…" Steve moaned, ready to burst into flames if Loki didn't touch him. Loki releases his hands and moves his own to Steve's waistband, pulling down his underwear, only to have Steve's cock bounce up into his face. He takes a minute to admire it. It's an impressive size, at least nine inches, with a great thickness to it and complete with engorged veins and a pink flushed head. Steve grows impatient and clears his throat, making his cock jump at the movement.

Loki leans forward to lap at the sticky liquid leaking from his cock, then licks around the bulbous head before taking it fully into his mouth. Steve puts a hand behind Loki's head, urging him forward. Loki takes the hint and starts to suck him in earnest now. Obscene slurping sounds and Steve's moaning fill the cage. Loki doesn't pause to wipe the copious amounts of drool that drip from his chin and Steve's cock. He tightens his lips around this beautiful cock and Steve pumps in and out of Loki's icy hot mouth with vigor until he feels his balls tighten and his orgasm is on the way. He pulls out of Loki's mouth and shoots rope after rope of thick cum onto Loki's lips, chin, and armor before tilting his head back and gasping for air before looking back to Loki who has taken to wiping his lips and chin with his fingers and licking them clean. He licks his own lips in response to this incredibly hot sight.

"You will have to repay me to soiling my armor, Steven. Lie down on your back." Loki snaps his fingers and he is suddenly nude and from his spot on the floor Steve can see that Loki has a beautiful body. He is thin while still maintaining a lean muscular frame, and a cock fit only on the body of a god. Loki notices his eyes on him and smiles. "You like what you see, I can tell. But let's hope you can handle this." Loki says while his large hand encircles his own cock, relishing at the feeling.

Steve's eyes widen at his words. "You're going to…to…" "Fuck you, yes, I am going to fuck you, Steven. And you are going to enjoy every second of it." Loki groaned leaning down to lift Steve's legs up and apart as he leaned down and got a better view at the virginal puckered opening that awaited him. He chanced licking lightly at the pink knot, eliciting a strangled moan from the Captain's lips. He licked around the hole before steeling his tongue and pushing it through once. Twice. Third time and then he follows with a finger. Then two. Scissoring him open, readying him for a godly fucking.

"Loki, please…" Steve was begging him, he'll regret it in the morning but fuck it. He wanted to be fucked. Hard and fast. Loki leans up on his knees, and moves up Steve's body. "I want you to lube up my cock, Steven. You can't expect me to force this dry dick up that beautiful little ass of yours, right? Spit on it, Steven."

Steve turns to face Loki's cock, gathering saliva in his mouth before depositing a big glob on the thick flushed head, before using his hand to coat the god's cock. He spits once more and is satisfied with his handiwork as Loki motions him to lay back down.

Loki moves back down between Steve's legs, lifting them over his shoulders. "I'm going to make you feel like a god, Steven." Loki says as he lines up his cock with the awaiting entrance and slides in smoothly and slowly to the hilt as Steve adjusts to the size. He looks to Steve-no longer a virgin-who has his eyes squeezed shut, teeth biting at his lower lip. He slowly pulls out and slams back in to get the Captain's reaction. Steve's eyes shoot open and his back arches as he moans Loki's name. He takes this as a good sign, pulling almost all of the way out before slamming back in, repeating this action several times just to drive Steve wild. But even he can't take it.

So he begins to fuck Steve intensely now. He thrusts into the Captain, breaking him apart, grunting as he does so. Loki pulls Steve's legs from his shoulders and drapes them around his waist as he grabs Steve by the hips and continues to fuck his young lover. He continues to thrust into him at an angle that hits Steve's prostate. He watches as Steve arches his back trying to take Loki in deeper, this beautiful sight before him. His orgasm washes over him before he can even think of it. Stars and stripes explode behind his eyelids and he grunts as his seed unloads into Steve, a load so large it starts to spill out past Loki's quickly deflating cock. He collapses on Steve's chest, as the Captain strokes his hair, completely satisfied with this intimate encounter.

Loki looks up at Steve as he pulls his cock out of his lover's swollen entrance. He bites his bottom lip before moving to kiss Steve slowly and sweetly. He leans his forehead against his lover and laughs a low chuckle.

"What's so funny?" Steve asked confused.

"Well, firstly I just thought of how awkward it is going to be for you to walk back to your quarters with my fresh cum leaking out of your ass." Loki said, Cheshire-grin back on his face.

"And what else has you grinning like a maniac?" Steve asked, finally fed up with Loki's smiling.

"Secondly, look to your right up at the ceiling." Loki said around giggles.

Steve looked to the ceiling in the right side corner, a blinking red light signaling the security camera that feeds into the S.H.I.E.L.D. 24-hour monitoring of Loki. Steve Rogers had just lost his virginity to a known S.H.I.E.L.D. enemy in front of what could have been all of S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives, including the Avengers.

Loki laid on the floor laughing, barely able to catch his breath as Steve got dressed leaving the cage, locking it before walking off the catwalk.