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01: Melting
Ice and snow melt quicker than they are formed.

"You're spending Christmas here?"

She didn't have to turn her head to know who it is.

"Yes, in a sense."

He joined her. "You could see the beauty of falling snow from up here," she stated conversationally.

"Yeah." He then snickers. "It's a wonder you didn't slip. It's quite high up here." She knew him well enough to know that was him worrying.

She beamed him a smile, vanishing all unsaid worries. So, he shrugs. She also knew very well what that shrug meant.

Without warning, she closed the gap between them and leaned on him. Surprised, yes, but nonetheless wrapped an arm around her figure and shared body heat. They stayed like that for moments, contented, admiring the grace of falling snow.

"Did you know? Cooling requires more energy than heating." Her eyes, still on the white stuff.

He scoffed. "So you're a physics master now?"

The remark introduced her elbow to his ribs. "Can't you have civil conversation even once in a while?"

He desperately disguised his laugh with scowl. "Then stop it with the stupid trivia. Doesn't mean that you are an ice shaman, you'll always be the expert about them."

He knew she was pouting, even without looking. He angled his head closer to her and whispered, "I, for one, know ice on a personal level."

His statement could have meant many things, and she would have thought it a rude remark if not for the somber tone when he said the words. She knitted her brows together.

He figured it was not the proper time for this thing, so with a thumb, he smoothed her frown. "Never mind, forget it."

She looked into his eyes, deep; like a silent conversation, then surrendered, her head tilting on one side. "If you say so." She snuggled closer, smiling at his thoughts.

He then relinquished all conflicting emotions and surrendered to the feeling she emanates within him. He let a small smile adorn his features.

You didn't thaw me, you melted me completely.

02: Reasons
Truth changes a lot of things.

"I hate you!"

The past half an hour has been quite troublesome. Of course, they never had a fight without screaming and destruction of things, along with the most colorful words you've ever imagined, for both sides.

However, this is rather different.

"Did you think I'm just a frickin' damn whore that wouldn't care less if you die at any moment?" Tears were gushing out freely from her bloodshot eyes. Her breathing was ragged and she was close to hyperventilating.

"Pirika, stop it."

It was more of a plea than of an order. Surprisingly, he had been quiet throughout the fight. He just stood there, fists clenched, and barely had any effort to dodge the things that were thrown at him.

"Six weeks! No calls, no messages, no notices, no nothing! No one even told me where you were. Only after a week did I know that you had a sudden flight back to China. You expect me to eat properly, sleep peacefully, and live on well after knowing that? Hell! Every second I waste here could have been the last seconds of your life there! I have every right to know what's happening with your clan. Newsflash! It's mine too since you placed this ring on my finger three months ago!"

He started walking to her as she backed to the wall. "I didn't want you to get involved." He held her chin as she tried to break away from his hold.

"But I-" He caged her in his arms and the wall and leaned his forehead to hers. Her hot tears and shallow breaths, breaking him to pieces. "The moment you said yes to me, you should've known how selfish I am. I don't want you to have these bruises, to feel this pain. These should be mine only. I'll give you anything, share everything. Everything but this," he guided her hands to the fresh bruises on his body. She just felt everything leave her and sobbed. Kissing the tip of her ears, he murmured, "Besides, I'll just miss you more if I'd be hearing your voice and anything that you'd be saying if I maintained contact here."

She dropped to her knees and settled in his arms. She managed to smirk bitterly through her tears before closing her eyes as she let all energy drain her.

"Selfish brat."

03: Mornings
Waking up isn't always turning anew.

Blink. Blink.

A pair of blue orbs carefully opened their way to a new day. The sun was still rising, she noted. Without moving a muscle, she surveyed her surroundings. Three more of her chamomile buds at the windowsill has bloomed. The little bird's eggs at the tree by the window have hatched, causing cute little chirping noises at the crack of dawn.

She sighed. New day, new changes, new problems, new occasions, new—occasions?

Today is her brother's wedding day!

Hurriedly, she stood up—er, wait, one more time.

She stood up—argh, fine.

She tried to stand up when she noticed the pair of strong arms preventing her action; one around her shoulders, the other around her waist. Not to mention their tangled legs underneath the blankets, making standing up impossible.

She twisted around, turning to face the arms' owner. She let her gaze linger for a moment, absorbing the sight of how angelic his husband's face seems while asleep, as the early rays of the morning sun adorned them. Having enough of that scene for the morning, she gave him a full, though swift kiss and proceeded to stand up.

Er, try to stand up. Again.

"Hey! You got your morning kiss already. Let me up!"

Pirika got a sleepy grunt as a response.

"Horo-nii's wedding is today! We have to get up."


She made another attempt in standing but to no avail. "If we're late, he'll never let me hear the end of it!"


She gave up her attempts but continued the obviously one-sided verbal battle. "And you! You're their Best Man! If you show up late, I'm pretty sure my brother would do all things unimaginable."

"Hm." He's still half-asleep, you know.

Pirika stopped. She looked gingerly at her seemingly angelic-while-asleep husband and savored his warmth.

"Ren, if we're late, I'm giving you all the blame." She then surrendered, snuggled deeper in his arms and closed her eyes. He smiled.

Forever like this isn't such a bad thing.

04: Laughter
What's worse than being ganged up?

"Did too." His spike was pulsing.

"Did not." His wife pleasantly sipped her tea.

"Did too!" This was definitely becoming a good scene. NOT.

"Did not!" Oh look, now her daughter chimed in. The twins are even laughing! Laughing. At him. The oh-so-mighty patriarch.

"Daddy, face it. You did not grow any taller than the past six months." Rei was supposed to be on his side! She's Daddy's girl, right?

"If I didn't grow any taller, then Aki wouldn't grow any taller too. You wouldn't grow taller than I am," he bitterly pointed out.

"Daddy, Rei-nee-chan is just turning 17. Aki-nii-san is just 15. I just turned 13. We're in the growing years. We have plenty of years to grow." Kari explained pathetically smug, biting in a laugh.

With a piercing eye, he surveyed the breakfast table. Her wife was just grinning, sipping tea, his traitorous daughter kept nodding her head while laughing and his silent son just swallowed, finishing his meal. Oh no, it's not yet over.

"I also beg to differ, Daddy. I'm actually the tallest in class and the nurse recording my health statistics in the clinic says I can grow five inches or more by the time I'm finish with school." He gave his father a shrug that says 'I'm sorry'.

Now, everybody's laughing. He was sulking in his chair when two sloppy kisses came in contact with his cheeks. His eight year-old twins had climbed to her lap and kissed him while giggling.

"Don't worry, Daddy," his son said, clinging to his neck, blue spikes sticking everywhere.

"We still love you!" his daughter finished her twin's sentence. Her purple locks bunched up to her Daddy's face, embrace getting tighter.

Ren laughed with his family. Rei stood up after a little while and whispered to her Daddy's ear, "Chill it, Daddy. Mommy's not growing any taller too."

"Hey! I heard that!" Pirika tried to fake a frown, but desperately failing.

Kari was choking with laughter but managed to say, "Don't worry, Mommy," and her Aki-nii-san finished it for her. "We still love you, too!"

And it was laughter that echoed all throughout the Tao estate that morning.

Laughter at your expense is priceless if your loved ones are the ones having it.

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