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Ch. 1 Jipcy's Magic Perfume

The day was hot and tempers were also rising.

"What is wrong with you?" Binka shouted at Mushra.

She had asked him to gather firewood, but he had yet to do it, so Binka was fuming. Yakumo had been trying to keep the peace but as the day went on it had become increasingly harder.

"Fine! I'll get it myself!" Binka stomped off, leaving the others confused or worried.

"What's her problem?" Mushra questioned.

"I wonder," Sago said sarcastically from his spot under a tree.

Binka was furiously picking up sticks for the fire. When she had finished, she bundled them up and strapped them on her back. As she headed off, she smelt something cooking. Kutal must have started dinner without her! Typical!

"You better not be eating without … me?" her last words stared to trail off as she realized this wasn't her camp.

"I assure you, dear, I am not eating anything," it was a fox enterran. "Something is troubling you, dear?"

It was more of an observation then an actual question and her eyes held that 'all knowing' feel about them.

"Binka, isn't it dear?" she seemed amused with Binka's confused look. "I'm Jipcy, the all-knowing gypsy, dear."

Binka tried not to laugh. "A gypsy named gypsy! I'm sorry," Binka said, no longer able to hold back.

"Don't apologize dear, I get that all the time," she smiled, indicating a house on wheels. "Come in dear, come in."

Against her better judgment, Binka set the wood aside and stepped inside.

"Where could she be?" Yakumo's motherly instincts were kicking in.

"She's fine," Mushra said. "She can fend for herself."

"Mushra!" Yakumo was shocked.

"What he means is," Sago started, putting his hand on Mushra's shoulder. "That she's probably on her way back right now and the most she'll come across is some woodland creatures."

Yakumo, reassured, started looking in the woods a little ways from camp, the kittens fallowing. "Mushra, you've got to be more careful about what you say," Sago whispered when he was sure Yakumo was out of earshot. "Unless you're trying to upset Yakumo."

"Of course not."

"Sit dear, sit," Jipcy said indicating a beanbag like chair near a table with a crystal ball in the center.

"Boys are your problem, are they not, dear?" Jipcy said once they were seated. "The problem, is it not, dear, is that they don't see things your way? That upsets you, doesn't it, dear?"

Binka could not believe her ears, those where her exact thoughts just moments before.

"I have just the thing, dear," Jipcy chimed as she started to shift around on a bottle filled shelf.

Binka took this opportunity to take in what she looked like. Jipcy wore a purple turban around her head. Her ears were pierced in many places with several dangling earrings. She wore a great many necklaces, from chokers to ones with heavy looking pendants. A purple shawl was carelessly draped about her shoulders, revealing a gold adorn black shirt and a deep blue wrap skirt, that almost touched the floor but couldn't conceal her lack of shoes.

"Ah, here it is, dear," Jipcy whispered, pulling Binka from her thoughts of her appearance, as she put down two very different bottles.

One was thin, tall and pale blue. The other was stout, round and bright pink.

"Now, dear, listen carefully, this blue one, spray only you, the other young woman, and the three younger ones with you," she had become very serious as she said this. "Then, after you've done that and only after that, spray this pink one over the campsite before bed. Then the boys who trouble you will see things just as you do, dear."

"Sorry, I can't afford that," Binka said, though she knew full well that she had sufficient funds.

"Oh, I don't charge, dear. You can't price happiness, can you, dear?" Jipcy chuckled.

So she sent Binka off with her wood and the two bottles. 'It can't hurt to try, can it?' Binka thought.

Through dinner she debated with herself about it, until the boys started one of their usual eating contests.

"Can't any of you act like civilized beings?" Binka shouted, having lost her temper. "Blowing off chores! Eating like pigs! Disrespect for others! I have had it!"

She stormed over to the far side of the clearing. The perfumes were in her pocket, she could … no! Binka felt gilt for where she had let her mind wonder to. Yakumo and the kittens came over in hopes of making her feel better.

"You know, they're not all bad," Yakumo said softly. "They're just different and don't always see things as we do, but they try, ok?"

Before she could stop it, she found herself saying, "Yakumo, you want to try this new perfume?"

She smiled, "Sure."

Binka sprayed herself, Yakumo and 'accidently' got the kittens in the process.

Later, after everyone else was fast asleep she drenched the campsite with the pink perfume, leaving no place unsprayed. As Binka lay back down she thought, 'things will start looking up tomorrow' and with a soft smile fell asleep. Little did she know what the perfume's true purpose was.

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