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this [text] means its a 'dream'

Ch. 3 Lost and Found

Yakumo was walking down a crowded market street. They decided to walk in order to keep a low profile since they did not want trouble right now, with no one around to protect them from all the entariens who hate humans. They had also concluded that they should split up in order to cover more ground faster, after all the boys could be anywhere.

She spotted a humanoid entarien girl who looked so very familiar to her. Curiosity getting the better of her she decided to try to fallow her. Having had a bad experience like this before, when Lord Ryuma had chosen to kidnapped her to try to make her be his unwilling bride, shivering at the memory, she decided she would not fallow her down any secluded and deserted streets or allies.

Yakumo was not able to get a good look at the girl, as she was keeping her distance and the young entarien was short as well as extremely fast, making her far easy to lose her in a crowd. The girl was struggling balance in her arms more bags then she should have even been able to carry in the first place, and on her back was a flat round metal object that Yakumo could almost recognized.

(Same time, on the other side of town)

Binka and the kittens where looking up and down the streets, around the shops and restaurants, having no luck in their search for the others. The kittens, getting restless, were hungry and bored, so they wanted a snack and a brake. They were taking that brake by sitting on some random bench until something caught their attention.

"I smell cookies!" they all exclaimed, running towards a small bakery, named La Petite Boulangerie, which the tempting aroma was coming from. The four slowed down to walk at the door and a small bell chimed as they entered.

The interior of the bakery was warm and inviting like a cozy little home. Along the right wall was a decent assortment of fresh breads, the far wall had a vast cake display, and to the left stood a display counter holding the other baked good the shop sold.

Behind the counter the baker, a tall blond female feline entarien, still had her back to them as if she had not heard them enter. Something about her and her pink outfit made Binka feel she had met her somewhere before as she and the kittens approached her.

"Um, excuse us, ma'am?" Binka asked nervously to get her attention.

"Cookies!" the kittens all cried out at once at the sight of a full plate of freshly baked assortment of hot cookies.

Turning around to face the voices behind her, the feline smiled kindly at all of them and cheerfully asked, "Who did you bring in here with you this time, huh?"

Binka gasped.

The girl started down a far less crowded street but by no means an empty one. She was still struggling with her various bags and Yakumo had now decided that she would help her out with them, but as she started to approach her, she noticed she was not the only one keeping a close watch over the girl.

There was a lanky green lizard entarian with a bright purple mohawk, holding a sharp kitchen knife against his leg. He had a gang look about him since he wore tight black leather pants and jacket over a deep purple t – shirt with the image of a skull on it. The gang member then posed, knife raised, to attack the girl who seemed to hold his entire attention.

In a panic, Yakumo yelled out to her, "watch out!" as she tackled the smaller girl, sending most of the groceries from her bags sprawling across the ground, to save her, the gangster's knife stabbing the air where the girl had been a mere moment ago.

Cursing the gang member ran off, but Yakumo didn't see this for she had hit her head hard when she tackled the girl and after that, to her, everything in the world went black …

[Yakumo woke in a field of beautiful, colorful wild flowers, but the entire sky, all the way beyond the horizon, was a starless pitch black. She was alone at first, causing her to start crying out of loneliness.

"Yakumo! Hay, is something wrong? You're not hurt, are you?" asked a worried and concerned, but all too familiar voice. "Why are you crying?"

Yakumo spun her head to the side to see Mushra putting his hand on her shoulder with a look of concern on his face. Seeing him there with her she, with tears still streaming down her face, through her arms around him and he caught her in his own arms, embracing her as she continued to weep on his shoulder.

"Where in the world have you been?! Why did you leave me?" Yakumo demanded, now sobbing hysterically. "Why didn't you tell me anything? Not a word, no explanation, you just up and left me all alone, why?"

"It's okay, and I'm glad you're not actually hurt," Mushra whispered, attempting sound soothing. "I would never leave you, and I never have. Well, except that time you slapped me and told me to leave, but that was only because you said so and it seems having time away from each other fixed the problem."

He laughed lightly trying to lift the mood and it worked, for Yakumo had finally stopped crying, to laughing too. They both started to blush at the memory of their argument and how much they had missed one another at the time.

"What's this? Mushra holding Yakumo and both blushing?" a voice teasingly asked. "What do you think we missed, huh?" It was Sago. He and Kutal where walking up to them trying not to laugh.

Mushra and Yakumo quickly pulled away from each other, embarrassed to have been seen like that by them. She had so much to ask and say, but before Yakumo could do anything to get her answers, the boys started to change to …]

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