Black Rock Shooter: Steel Claw

Summary: The Other Realm is a home to beings that represent our inner turmoil. When a being known as Black Steel Saw begins his journey to find inner peace, he is confronted with enemies that nightmares are made of. As he travels, he will meet legendary Others such as Strength, Dead Master and the greatest warrior of the realm Black Rock Shooter.

A Journey to discover peace, turns into a journey to save a world with no joy.

Chapter 1: Black Steel Saw

The Junkyard of Memories is what he called home. Sitting in a old storage container and warming his hands over the small fire was closest thing to luxury he could get.

Black Steel Saw hummed as he felt his fingers return to life. Even though they were made of metal, he could still feel the blood flow.

Saw had always wondered why his metallic limbs were so life-like. He had lost his hands in a fierce encounter with a being he dubbed NIMMIC. A beast that ate old memories and the occasional Other.

Saw was lucky to escape the encounter alive and even more so when he found two old automaton hands.

The Other yawned and thought of turning in for the night.

Saw looked at the map on his knee and wondered how long this planned quest would take.

He was not like any other of his kind.

He dreams of a time were he can let his Halberd rest and enjoy something he had never seen before.

A sunrise.

While his kind remained secluded and alone, he had taken a habit wandering close to their territories to see if they would talk to him or just appear to see what he was up to. It was as if he had a need to know he was not alone in the world.

The map was crudely drawn on a rag but it was detailed enough for Saw to see where he had to go.

What concerned him was he had to pass through very dangerous territory. He had to pass first through a unknown Others territory and then take a mountain road to a place very few dared to go.

Death Metropolis.

Dead Master's domain.

Saw frowned. He and Dead Master had faced each other before and it was a conflict he wanted to avoid at all costs as last time she almost cut him in half, before tossing him into a nearby river as if he were a broken toy.

He traced the thin scar, that travelled from his shoulder to the centre of his chest, where her scythe had torn through his flesh.

His brown eyes closed briefly as he could almost feel the cold steel biting into him and hear her mocking laughter. He folded the map and placed it in his pants pocket, before extinguishing the fire with a kick.

He needed to sleep and let the nightmares take their course.

Pulling a ragged blanket over his lean frame and curling into a ball on the cool, metallic floor. Saw let sleep claim him and the nightmares began.


Strength staggered towards her destination, blood pouring from her ragged wounds and her remaining Ogre arm a mangled mess dragging across the desert floor. Her amber eyes half closed and her teeth gritting against the pain.

She had to warn him.

It had attacked her village when the sandstorm was at its worst, Strength could not defeat the creature and was beaten soundly with horrifying ease.

Strength felt tears sting her eyes as she remembers the children screaming for her help as the flames consumed the houses.

She had failed them! She wanted to die for her failure but she had to continue and warn her friends of the impending storm.

The beast within the sand had awoken!

Strength noticed, through the haze of pain, that sand was being replaced with junk and wreckages, broken homes and other shattered things of metal.

Almost there!

She entered the Junkyard just as her legs gave way. She fell painfully and her vision blurred almost to black. Strength used the last of her strength to bring the mangled Ogre hand forward and point one of the massive fingers towards a random direction.

Her eyes closed as she pulled the trigger.


Not even three meters from the fallen Other. Brown eyes snapped open.


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oh and this is AU and focuses on the Other World.