Chapter 2

The last machine shuddered as the massive sword punched through its torso. Oil burst out of its fatal wound and sprayed Black Gold Saw in inky black.

She raised her iron clad foot and kicked the dying being off her sword as two more foes surrounded her.

The two giant skulls let out a dull groan as they moved, the eyes of hellfire never leaving her.

" Is there a reason that you kill my children?" Gold Saw glanced to the skull, to her left, as Dead Master's voice echoed from it.

A new trick Yomi? Gold saw thought with a mental smile. The wicked Other let her sword collapse into her clawed had and spoke.

" Just to talk."

" I don't think you murder my children just to talk Gold Saw. Speak before I deal with you myself." Dead Masters said, the threat not idly made. Gold Saw knew that she could beat Dead Master but it would be too taxing on her own strength.

" Dust Towns gone." it was said so casually Dead Master was silent for a few minutes.

"What do mean gone?"

Gold Saw raised her shoulders and hands in the classic I don't know gesture.

" Raised to the ground, annihilated, burnt to a crisp. Take your pick." she barley had time to register the sudden iron grip around her neck and being lifted into the air. Her crimson eyes bulged in surprise as the grip tightened.

Dead Master was complementing just killing her and be done with it. She had never liked Gold Saw and despised her even more for causing so much pain. Her acid green eyes bored into her foe as she brought them face to face.

" No more bullshit Gold Saw. Tell me before I crush you." she snarled as the old anger began to boil in her veins.

Gold Saw cursed herself for being fooled by such a simple trick. Dead Master had been behind the skull not talking through it.

" The Town was struck by a sandstorm not five days ago." she gasped as the grip tightened.

" I know of this. Stop wasting my time." Dead Master growled.

" Something killed everyone!" Dead Master's eyes widened in surprise.

Strength is dead? But she was the physically the strongest of us!

" How can that be? Strength could take on anything thrown against her."

" Even Yuu can not fight something that cant be killed!" Dead Master was really considering snapping the girls neck an be done with it. She had a habit of trying to gain even the most smallest bit of control over someone and the most annoying way of avoiding telling the truth.

" Her name is Strength and everything can die. Now tell me what happened."

" Shadow Pharaoh has woken." now that brought a reaction. Dead Master's, razor sharp, thumbnail pressed against Gold Saw's delicate throat.

" She's nothing more than a legend. Now tell me who killed Strength!" Gold Saw swallowed.

" Its true! The place was consumed with fire and rumours have been going round of a woman in gold!" she did not relax when Dead Master removed her nail from her throat.

Dead Master was irritated that she was interested in what Gold Saw had to say but if Strength was truly dead then the others had to be warned.

" I am listening."


Unknown Location

Is everything in place? the being of gold asked her faithful servant.

" Yes my queen. Our people are awaking as scheduled." the grey mass did something akin to a bow as he finished.

Good. It has been so long since I walked this plain. The being of gold tapped her fingers together in thought. The small settlement she consumed had briefly given her a physical form but her power was already leaving her.

She needed more emotion.

It was a shame the strong one escaped. The girl had been full of rage and anger. Even going as far as to kill one of her most trusted warriors. Such a waste.

Any word from the probes Grey Mist?

" Not yet my lady, a few wanderers but they are blank."

Such a pity. It is a shame the girl escaped, such rage would allow me to walk for ten years, I hope Sentinel Stone was punished? her voice was soft yet sharp, Making Grey Mist briefly shudder in fear.

" Yes my queen. However there is something else." He drifted back a little as her molten gaze snapped to him.


" We found one of our patrols, slain one mile from the town. Time of death indicates they were killed during the attack."

Seems as if these Others will get wind of our activities. Send the Hound. I want that Interloper hunted down and devoured!


The Hound was a creature dragged from a realm thought lost to time. It had no master and had no fear, only the desire to feed and kill.

It noticed a piece of black cloth was thrown into its cage.

They wanted him to hunt.

It meant it was going to feed.

It sniffed the cloth and memorized the scent. Oh it was a female this time. The Hound clicked its iron teeth as hunger boiled in its belly.

The cage door opened, revealing the dull grey sky.

The Hound burst from the cage and took to the heavens and the hunt was on.


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