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Chapter 1

Scotty searched his room for his baseball cap, but couldn't' find it. Next door, he could hear the baseball hit the wall, which was being tossed by his cousin Jackie. She had moved in with them about a week before school ended. She was living with their grandfather, but he had died of a heart attack last month. Jackie's parents had died in a car accident when she was still young, so they only family she had left were Scotty and his mom.

"Scotty, can you please stop throwing that ball against the wall?" his mom asked. Scotty looked at his mom confused.

"Sorry aunty. That was me." Jackie called from her room. Mom sighed.

"Jackie, we don't play ball inside the house." She said.

"Sorry." Jackie replied, and Mom turned back to Scotty.

"Sorry Scotty." She said. He nodded, and she returned to the kitchen. He went back to searching for his hat.

"What are you looking for?" Jackie asked, appearing at his door.

"My baseball hat." He answered. Jackie walked over to his bureau, and took off a hat on the mirror.

"This it?" she asked. Scotty smiled at her in thanks, taking it from her.

"Thanks." He said, and grabbed the glove off his bed.

"Going to play baseball?" Jackie called after him.

"Yeah." He answered.

"Can I come?" she asked. Scotty looked at her apologetically. The guys had a strict rule about girls. They would definitely pummel him for bringing her.

"Sorry. It's a guy only thing." He said, and ran out of the room. Jackie sighed and went to her room.

When Scotty got to the Sandlot the guys had already started. Benny had just hit a ball towards Timmy. Squints was the first one to see Scotty though.

"It's about time you showed up." He said.

"Sorry." Scotty responded.

"What took you so long Smalls?" Benny called from home base.

"I couldn't find my hat." He said. Ham shook his head, and went back down into a squat.

"You're killing me Smalls." He said. Scotty, or Smalls, just waved in reply. He heard Benny call out to someone, but didn't pay attention. He was too busy putting his glove on.

"Hey, yo, Smalls!" Benny shouted. Smalls looked up to find the baseball soaring at him. Smalls covered his face to keep the ball from giving him another black eye. But the ball never hit him, and he didn't hear the guys laughing at him either. He uncovered his face to see what had happened.

"You should really watch what's going on Scotty." Jackie said. She pulled the baseball out of her hat, and handed it to him.

"What are you doing here?" Smalls asked.

"Hey Smalls. What did we say about bringing girls here?" Ham said, the rest of the boys following him towards the girl.

"Sorry. This is my cousin. I told her not to come." Small tried to explain.

"Why tell her at all?" Squints shouted.

"Yeah, yeah! Girls never listen." Yeah-Yeah added. Jackie rolled her eyes.

"I'm sorry." Smalls apologized.

"You're fine Smalls." Benny said, and turned to Jackie. "Sorry, but this is a closed practice." He explained, and she sighed.

"No, I'm sorry. I just wanted to watch my cousin play baseball. Didn't know I would be such a nuisance." She said, and began to walk away. Smalls felt bad for her. She has only been here for a week, and everyone treated her like she had the plague or something. He knew what she was going through.

"Jackie wait!" he called. Jackie turned around and crossed her arms. Smalls turned back to the team. "Come on guys. She's my cousin. Just one practice." He tried to persuade.

"Smalls, she's a girl!" Ham pointed out.

"Yeah, so is your mom." Benny retorted.

"But, she's my mom." Ham tried to shoot back.

"So?" Benny asked.

"Please guys? She just wants to watch." Smalls begged.

"Yeah, it's not like she's playing." Timmy said.

"Yeah, not playing." Tommy, or Repeat, repeated.

"Plus, she is kind of cute." Burtrub added. They all looked at him curiously. "What? I said kind of." He defended.

"It's just one game." Benny says. The guys sigh and finally give in. "Base up." Benny ordered, and walked over to Jackie.

"What? Not done picking on me?" she quipped. He smiled and shook his head.

"No. The guys agreed to let you watch." He said. Jackie pressed a hand against her chest and gapped.

"What? To have the honor!" she said dramatically. Benny rolled his eyes. "Thank you so much!" She added, but Benny ignored her and ran back to home base. Jackie smirked and walked towards the dugout.

"You owe me Smalls." Benny said while he passed him. Smalls smiled in reply.

So they played, like they usually did, totally ignoring Jackie. But she didn't mind. She watched them intensely. She was amazed at how great they were, and they didn't even know it. She had been studying baseball most of her life, and knew that they were good. Especially Benny, but they all had their weak points.

When they were done, Jackie ran up to Smalls.

"You guys are great." She beamed.

"Um, thanks." He replied.

"But you guys can be even better." She added. Snickers and laughs sounded behind them.

"Yeah, yeah. Says the girl!" Yeah-Yeah laughed.

"Yeah, what would a girl know about baseball?" Ham asked. Jackie put her hand on her hip.

"I know you favor your right side. Your left is weak and that's why you can't hit more homeruns." Jackie pointed out. Ham sneered.

"What a bunch of bull." He laughed.

"No, you're bull Ham." Benny said. "She's right." He added.

"She is?" Ham asked confused.

"Yeah." Benny then looked at her confused. "But how did you know that?" he asked. Jackie shrugged.

"My grandpa made me watch baseball all the time with him. It was his life. He taught me everything he knew." She explained.

"Well what do you know? The chick knows baseball." Bertrub said.

"Yeah, and I also know how to help you." She added.

"Can you?" Benny asked in a challenging tone. She nodded.

"But that would mean having a girl on your team."

"No way, man. This is a chick free zone." Squints said.

"Yeah, forget it." Ham said. Jackie shrugged.

"Your loss." She said, and walked away. Smalls started to follow, but turned back to the guys.

"She really does know what she's talking about." He said, and looked at the boys for a few seconds before turning around and following his cousin.

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