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Danny Phantom: The Rebirth

Chapter I: The Hero of Amity Park

Danny opened his eyes as the bright sunlight of a new day shown through his curtains. It was the start of another day in Amity Park. Danny turned his head to look at his clock, it was seven-thirty-two. Danny thought since he was awake, he might as well get up. Danny got out of his bed and walked to the window. He peeled back the curtains to see what was going on in Amity Park today. It was a nice sunny day, winter had just ended and spring had sprung, all in all a nice day. Wait, Danny thought, the day. Danny chuckled to himself; he remembered today was a very special day; it was April 3rd, it was two years ago that he first aquired his Ghost Powers.

Danny remembered the day well, He was fourteen years old, his parents, Jack and Maddie Fenton, the worlds leading Ghost experts, just finished building their new Ghost Portal. When they tried it though, it didn't work. Danny later showed his best-friends Sam and Tucker the portal. He'd been friends with Tucke since, well since Danny could remember, and Sam since the second grade, they were true friends, always having his back. Sam talked him into taking a look inside; That was the moment that his life changed forever, when he was inside, he accidently pushed the "On" button that his parents forgot to push and the portal came to life.

Danny was exposed to raw waves of Ectoplasmic energy, but somehow, in a one-in-a-million chance, Danny absorbed the Ectoplasm and it fused with his DNA. He went in the portal a human, and came out a half-ghost, or a Halfa. He discovered he could change into a ghost at will and have their powers. He could walk through walls, disapear and fly, shoot ectoplasmic energy from his hands and as time wen ton, more powers developed. He decided to defend Amity Park against all those who wanted to rule over it, or the world, which was commonly Ghosts. For Amity Park, for some unexplained reason had the most Ghost activity then anyother place in the world.

For two years now he had been defending his home from ghosts and evil humans who had ghost help or ghost tech. He had saved the world and Amity Park several times, but it wasn't always easy. His parents, being the Ghost Hunters they are, always wanted to tear his Ghost-half, which he calls Danny Phantom, to pieces, or exterminate him, and then examine his remains. Or the press who couldn't make up their minds on weather he was a good ghost or not. But he always had his best friends Sam, Tucker to help him out from the beginning, they always covered for him, they even took some for the team once in a while. He also had help from his older sister Jazz, when she accidently found out she decided to help Danny, those three always had his back.

However despite all the secrecy and covering up, his secret was finally revealed seven months ago, when he had to save the world from a giant asteroid. His secret had been exposed twice before, but Danny was able to take care of it, with the help of a time ghost and a reality bending gauntlet, this one however he could not. His parents accepted his ghost-half as did the whole world, or at least, most of the world. Ever since his secret was revealed, fighting ghosts had been much easier. Danny never had to worry about saying or doing something that could expose his secret, he didn't have to worry about what excuse to use to leave or return to a room or class. His life had also improved, Danny used to be a called a loser and bullied on a lot in school, now all the bullies are afraid of him, knowing that if they get him angrey, he could literly beat them all in seconds so instead they are trying to be friends. All the girls are after him, and thanks to Mr. Lancer, the school board had given him some special polices to improve his school life. Now he had time to do homeowrk, was excused for missing classes, and coulnd't get detention for being late, he's also brought his marks back up.

Life has also been better for his friends, Sam was now his girlfriend. Danny couldn't believe how long it took for him to realize that he loved Sam, he also finally understood why people kept calling him clueless. His techno-geek friend Tucker was now mayor of Amity Park, ever since Vlad left, Tucker had somehow managed to be put in office, Danny didn't care how it happened, he was just happy for his friend. Although he didn't know how long it was going to last, Tucker had managed to hide the fact for a while now from supiriours, but sooner or later they will probably find out and remove him, unless of course he turns 18 before then.

Danny then came back to the real world, he had to get ready for school. He walked to his dresser and threw on his signature look; a white and red t-shirt, blue jeans and red sneakers. He went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and comb his hair. He then decided to phase through the floor to save time, he fell right through the floor and landed on his seat at the kitchen table, his father already there reading the paper.

"Hey Danny-boy, I see you finally decided to drop in." said his dad.

"Dad, you don't have to say that every time I phase through the floor." said Danny annoyed at his dad's bad and overused pun.

"Aw, I like to say it."

Danny got up and poured his favorite brand of cereal; he then filled it with milk and sat back down, starting to consume his breakfast. Danny was always thinking about the day at this point, he used to fear and question what it could bring, could his secret be revealed, would he finally meet his match or worse. But now that never bothered him, he is always looking forward to it, his life was much better than it was seven months ago, pretty much all he had to worry about know was passing his final-term exams, which he probably will; and fighting the occasinal ghost.

"Hey Danny, do think you can help me test my new invention?" asked his father.

"Dad, I got school, maybe after though, but what exactly is your new invention?" he asked.

"I call it The Ecto-Skeleton 2.0, ever since you told me what happened to the old one, I've been trying to rebuild it, I also improved upon Vlad's improvments, now it won't kill you of have nano-bot things that could kill you at any minute, plus the unlimited power supply, you just put it on and go, it works like a charm."

"Well you know it works why do you need me to test it?"

"I need to see if it can take on a ghost, with a human pilot."

"Uh….I don't think that's such a good idea, maybe if you want to test it, try it on The Box Ghost next time he shows up, but what exactly makes it different from the other one?"

"It can fly."

"Dad the other one could fly."

"Oh right….uh, well it has wings that can pop out of its back this time, and I managed to reconfigure it to work with those new Ectoplasmic weapons of yours, actully It's pretty much reconfigured to work for you."

"Don't the wings just add more bulk to the suit?

"Not much."

Danny took the last bite of his cereal and put his dishes away, he looked at the clock, it read seven-fifty-one, hey if he leaves now, and there are no ghost problems, he could probably make it to school on time, he grabbed his backpack and started to walk to the door.

"Hey Danny remember if there's a ghost call me." cried his dad from the kitchen.

"Uh...I'll try to remember that."

"Hey Danny need a ride to school?"

Danny turned around to look at his dad, suddenly two blue halo rings formed around his waist, they continued to cover him, his t-shirt and jeans formed a glowing black and white jump-suit, his shoes turned into white boots and white gloves formed over his hands, his ice blue eyes turned to glowing green and his raven black hair turned snow white, this was his ghost mode known as Danny Phantom.

"I'll fly."

The next moment Danny turned intangible and took into the air, phasing through the house, he exited the house and started to head in the direction of Casper High, hoping that there was no ghost activity, but a hero's work is never done.

Just like I said, just a short introduction and recap of the events, hope you enjoy the rest

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