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Chapter XXX: Epilogue

Clockwork sat in his tower, watching his screens as all time and space played out. He was watching Danny saving the town from Undergrowth, he smiled. Daniel was a powerful ghost, If only he realized how powerful, should he tell him the truth, no, that's not what time states, Daniel must find out on his own. He then turned his attention to another screen, one that was turned off; it was time Clockwork thought to himself. Clockwork raised his hand, hesitating for a moment, before going through with it and pushing the 'on' button.

Clockwork turned on the screen, showing the Ghost Zone, until it centered in on a small cave, it was located far away from the center of The Ghost Zone, no ghost hardly ever traveled there. Inside, something began to stir, and a ghost slowly emerged from it. It's lifted it's head up like it was listining to something, like it was listening to The Ghost Zone. The Ghost Zone was shaking with fear, the ghost smiled as it realized what it meant, the Halfa, Danny Phantom had returned.

Clockwork walked back, this time the screen shall be left on, and Clockwork looked back to the screen showing Danny. Who was currently freezing Undergrowth into a huge icecube, before shattering him into thousands of pecies. Clockwork knew the importance of his job, some would say it was a curse, living forever watching everything in time and space unfold, knowing everything that has ever happened or will happen and when they'll happen. Clockwork sighed, he gave Daniel helpful advice, he just hoped that he would remember and listen to it, for dark times were ahead. For Ghosts, Humans and both worlds, Clockwork knew what was going to happen. He wished he could forget, but being the Ghost of Time, it was his job to remember.

He remembered the events that are still to come, he remembered when they were first set in motion thousands of years ago, and he thought he stopped them. But it turns out he only delayed the inevitable, and it can all be traced back to Danny's accident, for it was no accident that Danny was given ghost powers, and there was a reason why he could. There was a reason why Danny was not killed in the accident. Clockwork looked back to the other screen, as the ghost started to plan things; he sighed and looked back at Daniel who was sucking Undergrowth into a Fenton Thermos.

"It's begun"

I do apologize if this last part is giving you more suspense and it's killing you to know, if you want to know you'll have to keep reading my stories, so remember to come back October 9th for The Ultimate Hunt, and because I am very happy and my stories are very successful, I will give a plot description.

The Ultimate Hunt:

Skulker, tired of always failing to capture and kill the Halfa, Danny Phantom, sets off to end the hunt once and for all, he kidnaps Danny and traps both of them in a huge Ghost Shield within the Amazon Jungle, now Danny must survive not only Skulker, but cannibals, killer ants, piranhas, dangerous plants and quicksand, all leading up to a final confrontation with Skulker.

*Depending on how the story goes this may be the last story I'll make with Skulker as the main antagonist, Skulker was like Danny's second main foe after Vlad, and I want some of the minor villains like Vortex and Nocturne to shine and have some good stories, plus some of my new villains which I know you will all like, I felt it was time to end this so I am on an amazing final scale, and to be clear I'm just ending him as a main villain, he will still appear in cameos, beginnings or as a second antagonist, but never again as a main, if you want to know how this all unfolds, just tune in October 9th an find out, again thank you all, see you again soon.