Here we are, the 3rd story in my Elfen Lied "Lifeline" series. This is sequel to the original "Pinpoint Lifeline" and thus it is assumed that anyone who has started this story has at least read that. I will be also continue to work on the prequel of Lifeline "Pinpoint Zero" but I really wanted to get a start on this story. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as the first story and I say, without further ado, please enjoy.

Pinpoint Conviction

Chapter 1: The Testimony Of The New Order

There was a faint air of something, the kind of thing that can't be given a physical description. In fact there was a faint air of many incorporeal things, types of emotions that wafted through the air and clashed against one another. In a small room of a normal hospital, the faint air something was being rushed around like a hurricane, an emotional hurricane. There three representations of the faintness, the emotionless impact in that room that could almost be felt and could definitely be heard.

On one section was joy, too much joy for one emotion to be given. It was entirely happy, jovial, in which even pure innocence is soiled in comparison to it. The expression of happiness, fervent smiles and congratulations. The faint air of perfect joy.

On another section was confusion and intelligence, explanation and the force of calming that seemed to go nowhere. It was the air the hospital was use to giving, expressing without qualm the necessities of reason. The problem here, the third faint air of something was against it.

Anger, not one of madness but just disappointment. The air of something that needed to express that it was right but could not understand the fact that it was wrong. And if one entered the room that these faint airs of something were currently washing around in, then what a scene they might have found.

"You are an idiot, I can't be pregnant!" Elrya was obstinate in telling this man who claimed to know so much that it was impossible for her to be having a baby. Beside her, her bright and angelic face beaming, Miriana continuously congratulated her with nods of her head. The doctor was at wits end, more so when she started pointing at her horns and explaining at best as she could to the dull minded idiot. "I can't be pregnant, it's not a matter if I want to be, I can't! I'm a freaking Sipilet, you know what that means?" She doubted it really, she was sure the only thing he knew about her was that she was a Diclonius and that she was pregnant. He may also have been under the impression that she was going to attack him with her strange powers and needless to say, she was coming close to laying the back of one of her corporeal hands against his head.

"…I…I…" She wasn't sure what to say anymore because it went against everything she knew. Elrya Alya Sandersas was a Diclonius, a young girl of 16 years old who had spent a good majority of her time trapped within the walls of one of the Diclonius Research Facilities located in Tokyo, Japan. She was told, almost explicitly that she was a Sipilet. It meant that she could not reproduce and she always believed it, there was no reason not to after all. Any other girl would've seen their growing belly and even if they refused to believe it at first they would've eventually accepted it. For the young girl, this was impossible at first because again, it violated what she had originally told herself. Now a new stream of emotions so complex it threatened to break out of her heart.








"Excuse me, can I have a moment with my friend?" Miriana politely asked the young doctor who fervently nodded and left, wiping beads of sweat from his brow. For him personally, he thought he may have narrowly escaped death. Elrya sat on the hospital bed, her hand rubbing her soft belly tenderly while expression a gaze of uncertainty. She was glad that the doctor had left, it was a little bit easier to talk to Miriana, her closest friend. She could still remember the first time she had met Miriana, that sweet human girl who nearly defined the term "Perfect Innocence."

Long ago, she had been utterly hateful of humanity, her desires to kill them strong and voracious. Then she had hit her head against something, a wall or bar, it was hard to remember now a days. She had a friend with her and thought that she had lost her and Miriana, despite being human, diligently tried to help her. The poor girl was rather in a nervous breakdown at first, not just trying to help, she desperately wanted to be friends. Elrya couldn't comprehend it at first, of why this human girl would want to be friend with her. But the girl had been through a lot also, something terrible and demeaning. Miriana's body, though covered by her clothing, was covered in burn marks and scars, an accident that had taken the lives of her mother and father. She had grown up somewhere, an orphanage and was ridiculed by the children there. What kind of monsters would sneer at such a poor girl as her? Even with notice of the scars, Miriana was a very cute girl in her own right as if the scars themselves were a way of keeping the girl from being to pristine.

"I don't know what do Miriana, this is beyond me." Elrya said slowly. "I grew up, being told that I could never get pregnant. I thought I was getting…fat." She uttered the last word embarrassingly. It wasn't a written rule, but it was true that Diclonius were often described as being very pretty, sometimes beautiful, cute, or at least in some term of sexual. It wasn't like she admired her own body, she just took it for granted and thanks to the changes in the world, she was finally able to live a more prosperous life.

"But aren't you happy? I think this is an amazing thing for you." The multi-haired girl spoke with a smile, placing her head against her friend's own to comfort her. Elrya enjoyed that, be it from a male or female, to feel the warmth of something familiar and comfortable was nice to her. The answer to that was simple and it wasn't just the possibility of motherhood either.

"I am, I'm actually very happy right now. Shocked yes, I can't believe it still, but I am very happy. This baby inside of me…" She whispered, holding it with her hands and against caressing it. "This is the mark of the love Yin I had."

Yin Sandersas, a 20 year old human and perhaps one of the youngest doctors. Like Miriana she could hardly believe that this man could ever feel anything but contempt for her, see her horns as nothing but disgust. How wrong she was, how wrong she had been that first time. Their adventures, their time together, she could still remember with vivid detail, their very first kiss. Their very first caress that time in the hotel and when their towels dropped from their bodies, it was the first time she knew what both emotional and sexual love was like. There was just something about the time there, lips caressing, tongues licking and the sensation of pleasant fire running through her entire body to the core. She could even remember the very moans they made, her nude wet body finding comfort with Yin's own. Every touch, every caress every lick of the tongue was burned into her head because it represented the culmination of their love together.

The night she had sex with Yin, was the night she had felt most happy.

But tears started to drip from her eyes, tears that Miriana knew about and she put a small finger under the pink haired girl's lid to catch it.

She loved that man, if only for the short amount of time they had gotten to know each other, she had loved him with a passion. But that passion had been violently broken by something she hated more than anything in her heart. There were two people that Elrya hated, utterly disliked without any sort of composure whatsoever. But one of these people was beyond salvation, an utter sickening in her stomach that tied in knots every time she thought about it. Nightmares would come to her, especially at first when she would cry and Miriana would have to hold her as if she were a mother trying to comfort her child. The girl was great like that, especially because Miriana had gone through the hell too, with that most hated of men.

Elrya often thought that if she wasn't sexually attracted to Yin, she might have been attracted to Miriana, their genders meant nothing really to her and she had no qualm nor really care of what the world might have thought. Yet she was proud with Yin, even to the end and she still loved Miriana as her one of her closest friends.

Elrya continued to talk. "I loved Yin, so much, and I still love him even though he's not here. This child is his, I would like nothing more than to see it. But what do I do, I don't know how to take care of a baby. I don't know how to handle something like this at all. Had I know I could get pregnant, I would've at least told Yin about it. When we made love, it wasn't like I knew this was going to happen."

"I'll help you, besides even if you don't know you can always learn. Besides I'm sure Roy may help." Miriana meant well but Elrya had to scoff humorously. "I don't think he'd be very willing."

"What about Bando?"

Elrya really did laugh at that. "Firstly we don't even know where he is right now and, do I really have to explain that one?" Miriana had to admit she might have been too assuming on that last one. For the girl though, the prospect of life was an important thing, more importantly it was to show love and peace to everything though during her trials she found it hard to love some things.

"What do you want to do?" The black and golden haired girl finally asked as the silence threaten to overtake them.

"Will you help me Miriana? I can't do this alone. You'll help me right?" With a look of pleading in her eyes, Elrya asked her friend the question. The smile on Miriana's face was always pleasant for the young Diclonius. "Of course, I'll always help you no matter what."

The door creaked open, the doctor's voice broke out. "Are you ready, or are you still adamant on not believing the facts?"

Elrya gave him a small disdainful look but beckoned him inside. "I've accepted it, not like I have much of a choice though. Shocking is all it is really, just purely shocking." The rest of the time went by fast, talk of things that Elrya certainly never would've imagined being told to her but almost boring after it started. She and Miriana were outside with their scarfs around their necks and the Diclonius becoming relatively aware of her body again. At least afterwards she could get back to her more pristine, fit self. She didn't want to be the laughing stock of the Diclonius community, the only fat horned girl in the world. It was kind of funny in regards, though her belly was round, it was not robust and the rest of her form was slender. Especially as she wore a thick coat for the winter, it was hard to recognize her as even being pregnant. A thought did occur to her, one she wanted to explain to Miriana as soon as possible.

"Please don't tell any other of my kind about this."

"You mean other Diclonius? Why?" She questioned curiously.

"Well you see, I don't like making a big deal of things. But if the other girls found out I was pregnant, then they'd know I was also a Queen." She paused, to call herself that made her feel strange inside. It was the contradiction again, of what the truth really was and what she had always believed in her mind. She didn't care about being a Queen, in fact it might take a while before she'd stop referring to herself as a Sipilet. Although a small part of her, a part that had taken a brutal beating a long time ago, did want to rub it in Lucy's smug face.

"I don't want people making a fuss and I'll tell you they'll start making a fuss about it. We Diclonius take great pride in our Queens, well some of us do." She couldn't say she hated Lucy anymore though she certainly wasn't on her top 10 list of people to sit down and have chat with. It had little do with the woman's smug attitude, something she herself probably had but refused to admit, but mostly because their first meeting and ended with her getting the crap kicked out of her. Not in the terms of a fight she couldn't win, oh she fought back, she just happened to get the short end of the stick and such memories were hard to forget.

"I won't tell them, though at some point they're bound to know."

"That's fine, I'll deal with it later." It was true, the Diclonius were bound to find out eventually.

Diclonius, a group of advance humans, or so was assumed scientifically. There were major differences though to them. Firstly almost all of them were female with one very rare exception. Secondly they all had colorful hair, ranging from dark purple, to light pink though some had aspects of other colors as well, the reddish pink formula was most common. Thirdly, they had pair of horns sticking out of each side of their head and was the main point of recognizing one.

Lastly, Diclonius had vectors. Invisible to the human eye arms that could stretch many meters or longer for some and the number of arms also different for each girl. Powerful things, hands capable of cutting through anything, able to stop certain bullets and things that the girls took great pride in.

There was another thing that the Diclonius were also known for, something thankfully was being dealt with. Diclonius had, both a rational and irrational hatred for humans. They hated them, both from what they had put them through but also biologically as well. It was true, too true to be ignored, Diclonius had a deep, unrelenting hatred for humans that may have gone into a state of war if it wasn't for them having to join together under one cause. The relationship between humans and the horned ones was still strict, even Elrya being one could understand why humans were so fearful of them. Kamakura had been wasted by a single girl named Mariko after the poor child had gone into a frenzy. People were right to be frightened, if one girl could do that, would could an entire group do? Another rhetorical question that didn't need direct answering, a lot of damage was only a part of it. But things were getting better, in the city of Osaka, Japan which was also the place where the new educational institution for Diclonius was being built, humans and Diclonius had a very strong and healthy relationship with one another. They talked, they laughed, and there were even tales of human and Diclonius having romantic relationships. Because they needed it, they needed this mutual understanding, as the two species shared the world together.

Tokyo was always bustling even in the Winter as snow caked the streets and people walked on with their daily lives. Nothing had changed in it with the exception that people were now very aware of a new neighbor. There may have been more Diclonius in the city than what people knew but the young girls kept hidden for most of the part. As the winter was getting along, seeing people wearing wool hats or some kind of head ware was not uncommon, thus it was hard to tell if anybody had a certain white structure atop their skull or not. It was also now that people became very aware, much more so now than before, of a single three story building.

The Tokyo Diclonius Research Facility had always remained behind a false and secret outlook. Until recently people had no idea that experimentations of horror had been going on inside, of the world of pain and misery that the girls had to endure. Such things didn't go on in there now, as the establishment under negotiations was required to release its prisoners and send them to Osaka.

Standing tall with the same look of indifferences that always plastered his face, Garder F. Morotisan stood by the large ornate window that overlooked the city, his brown coat stiff and motionless as was his blind white eyes. For whatever reason he continued to wear his glasses, thin black spectacles that perched at the end of his nose. It wasn't even to hide his blindness, the whites of his eyes, the ghosts of slits that were once black pupils could easily be seen through the lens. His black hair was cut short, covering his entire head but graying on the edges as one would expect from a man in his late sixties. He was powerfully built, strong muscles and a figure that held numerous scars from his time in the war as well as the cold memories that served inside of his head.

He couldn't see the city, but he could certainly hear it, even inside that room, he could hear the unintelligible sounds of people chatting, like a low lawn mower that might have been louder if not for the sirens, the calls and cries of the cars, the frozen wind blowing against the window. Garder was a man who lost his sights, yet attained perfection in hearing. He could hear things that people would never have even thought.

"Greetings Morotisan, how much longer do you plan to gaze out at the window?" The old man turned his head as the door of his office opened up, a young man stepping out and bowing his head respectfully. He was a young man, in his mid-20s, sporting simple clothes of a white shirt and a black vest for starters. On top of that he also wore a thick fur coated red vest and a wide brimmed brown had, obscuring most of his face and definitely the thick waves pink hair and white horns that covered his head. The only thing that could be seen was a single red eye starring through the haze of dark pink and shadows.

"Aye, what do you have to report, Julius?"

Julius Javel, former Second Cent, The Zero Point and the only known male Diclonius in the world. His eyes were similar to his bosses own, indifferent, almost bored but still had their color in it. It was nothing to say that unlike his kin, Julius had a far better respect for the ex-General.

"Continuation for the educational institution for the Diclonius in Osaka should be nearing completion in about 2 months. Synth has already given me direct reports via message on how it's coming along."

Nodding curtly, the Director's head turned slightly at the sound of his door opening up again. The footsteps were lighter and he could tell who this was one too, the only other Diclonius that worked for him.

Victoria Javel, her last name taken from her respect and love for Julius stepped inside with a tray of hot coffee, two of them, one for Garder and one for the male Diclonius who took it with a quick thanks. Though quick, the 18 year old woman blushed heavily, trying to stifle her own smile in the presence of the two. It was no secret to either of them that Victoria was deeply infatuated with Julius whom, though even feeling the same admiration for the woman, could not help but wish Victoria would be sterner like the rest of them. It was as he said, the woman was very close to him, but she also very annoying at times too. She did help to lighten the mood though sometimes, plus again, he had no qualms against her, she was after all his woman.

Of course he only meant that in a filial sense, Victoria whose attachment to the young man was much greater, always hoped to gain a bit more. Add to the annoyance when they were alone especially in a room together and she would try to instigate something from them. It got to the point where he was concerned that she would forget about her duties and one day, picking up packages for Garder when she seemed hell-bent on getting some action, Julius decided he needed to do something. At least before the woman decided to take her clothes off and attack him in the storage room.

There had only been two times when he had kissed her. The first time had been during the battle with Kakuzawa, a low press of the lips, a breath of air and that was it. But for her, it was astounding, to feel anything, even the warm air from his mouth. The second time had been right there, he grasped the back of her head, catching her off guard and pressing his lips tightly against her own. It was definitely deeper than before, but it was also simple as well. He didn't move, he didn't move his mouth, just kissed her straightly until she finally relaxed into his arms and finally broke away for air. It at least stifled her urges as she hadn't tried to come onto him so abruptly since then. Was this same for the other female Diclonius? Julius never had sex before, he knew what it was, he knew how it went but he never found much reason to go into it. He wasn't afraid of it, but he always took his duty over his personal life and though he did care for Victoria, working for Garder did come first. He was sure Victoria was still in the mood, though she did well to keep it hidden, the love she had for him did not go past his mind.

"Is there anything else we can do for you, sir?" Asked Julius.

"Not right now, I will call you two in if there is anything else."

They both nodded once then left, closing the door behind them while Garder returned back to gazing out the window.

"Victoria, I want you to continue working on the reports. We need them finished by the end of the week." She pouted at that, though not necessarily frustrated. It definitely didn't go past him though, as Julius replied strictly. "There shouldn't be a problem, I have taught you enjoy on how to use the laptop." As a Diclonius, Victoria had little contact with the outside world until now and definitely had little contact with things like electronics. In a few months Julius had taught her these things, allowing her to at least become knowledgeable on basic documentation typing.

"I know, I just don't like it."

"Of course, but try to at least finish it. It won't be hard for you either way."

She could only agree but then with her eyes narrowing seductively she released her vectors and pulled him close to her body. Was it that time again? He was neither startled nor angry, his face impassive as before when the woman brought her face up to his. "I'm not letting you go this time, lover." Her whisper was almost erotic, certainly a sound any other man would want to hear. Needless to say, Julius was not like other men, oh he certainly had the biological urges for her, he would have had no qualms in having sex with her. But as before, he held his duty in higher regard. Like always, he was never angry with her just annoyed, but her tenacity was also something he respected most about her as well. Lifting his hand, the tip of his index finger became transparent, before slipping it inside the woman's forehead.

"Ah!" Instantly her vectors disappeared, releasing Julius from their tight grip as he calmly waked away. "N-No fair Julius!" She wanted to give him another talk, or at least a simple smack on the head. But no luck, the man turned to the very wall and his body disappeared into the very wall itself, vanishing from her views. As was the nature of his abilities after all. Julius didn't have normal vectors like the rest of the Diclonius, instead his entire body was one, allowing him to move through solid objects like had just done. Alone again, Victoria had no other option but to head to the compute room and continue on the report she despised.

"Aye, get it steady…" The low voice broke out, machines and though unseen by the humans, sets of hands helping to put the steel bars together for the outskirt of the building. A man of 27 years old leaned casually against the wall of another building, surveying the construction and giving out orders every so often. He was a strange lad, one who wasn't from the country of Japan and yet it would've been shocked to know where he was from because he lacked the accent, though his dialect sure gave it away. He was well built, wearing a thick coat and black jeans, his blue hair quite out of place. He had to remind many of them that his hair was indeed real, and that it wasn't dyed. But the most remarkable thing about him was the fact that he had no arms. The sleeves of his coat dangled uselessly, his limbs a lost reminder of a past he cared to forget about.

Roy Synth, former member Fifth Cent, The Sniper. The young Australian man had become somewhat of a beacon of hope for the Diclonius, as he had helped rescue many of them from the facilities around Japan.

"Girls, be careful there, 2 tons of steel isn't something that hands can stop easily." He warned to the girls who were perched without wires or safety equipment upon the structure. Not that they needed any, their hands held their support and if for whatever reason they fell, they just stopped themselves with their vectors. That's what most of them did anyways, instead of using some pulley or likewise of equipment to get down, they would just hop down and then catch their fall with their vectors, landing like a feather.

One them finally got down, her body landing as smoothly as an angel down to the ground 400 200 meters away. She like Roy, was definitely from somewhere beyond Japan. She had the usual traits of the Diclonius, dark pink hair, red eyes, vivid white horns, but her skin was fair and tan, much darker than the light skin people of the country she was in now. She had a unique orange double crescent shaped mark under her left eye and an circular object that had the appearance of some sort of clock wrapped around her neck in the form of a necklace.

"Looks like you've been getting quite a bit of work done Caren. Taking a break now?"

For some reason, the Turkish Diclonius frowned deeply. "I told you not to call me that." She angrily retorted, turning her head. "My name's Carentorzulan, not Caren." Roy only shrugged his shoulders indifferently, not about to change his habits. It wasn't just him, everyone called the 15 year old Diclonius Caren, it was shorter, easier to say and yet for whatever reason she had, the girl insisted that people call her by her full name.

"Fine then, say whatever you want…Nirlinya."

Now she really through a fit, she didn't like when people shortened her name to Caren though it wasn't like she ever did anything about it. But in this case, Roy tensed up from the glare the girl gave him, almost about to produce his own weapons by how vicious Caren was looking at him.

"Alright Sheila, settle down. I'm sorry I didn't mean to say that." Caren's full name was Carentorzulan Zeruda, she was the younger sister of the former Third Cent (ranked to Fourth under her own choice) Orlana Zeruda, The Clock Stopper. The young woman of about 25 had died during the war, tragically killed by her own employer. Caren had loved her sister, more than any other person in the world and though she like the rest had hated humans, she always felt tender care for her older sister. It the reason she still carried her sister's specialized object, the Clocks topper, an item with illusionary and hypnotic capabilities. While not nearly as good as Orlana had been with it, Caren was still a sight to behold and could still use the object with fair use.

But at one time in her life she had been captured and sent to the facility, her older sister joining the assassin group of Cents in the hope of one day saving her. Her years in captivity had changed her, made her weak minded and prone to feeling insecure. Just hearing Kakuzawa giving her praise made her believe at first that the man truly was a savior for her. He gave her the name of Nirlinya which stuck until later. Now a days, the only person who dared mention it was Roy in a sheer joking manner and even he knew when to draw the line with it too.

"I've spoken to Julius, the entire place should be ready in about two months. Thanks to you girls we got this completed in a jiffy. Are you ready Carentorzulan, this is the place where you will live and learn for the first four years of your life."

"Yeah…w-wait! What do you mean I have to stay here?"

Roy popped her a fleeting look. "What Sheila, did you not think you weren't heading here? All the Diclonius in Japan are required to head here, that includes you."

"Huh? Why?"

"Old man's orders, it's the only compromise we could make. As it's been said, you all need to prove that you can control your urges and besides that, most of you don't have much of an education."

"Tsk, what an annoyance." She articulated.

"Get used to it Caren. The other men and women working here know what to do, but I'm putting you in charge of the other Diclonius. I have to go and meet up with some people."

Opening the door, Elrya greeted the blue haired man with a sardonic "Hello Roy, need a hand?" And then got herself a straight boot to her face which sent her back into the house. "Smartass." The man uttered coldly, stepping inside as Miriana rushed inside. "Oh no, please don't do that Roy, Elrya is tender right now." She exclaimed, rubbing Elrya's cheek with a wet rag. It wasn't the pain that bothered her, it was just the action itself and Elrya surely had a dark look in her eyes and her voice changed abruptly.

"What the hell was that for!"

"Oh, long time no see too, Alya."

Alya Sandersas, the secondary personality of Elrya Sandersas. She was the biological voice of Elrya, the main construct that had such a brutal hatred for humanity. Due to love, Alya had calmed down a lot, no longer seeing humans as the vile creatures she once thought. After all, she felt nothing but bliss the first time with Yin as well. Though both personalities were assertive, Alya was definitely sterner and more robust.

"Wow you've gotten fat girl, it's only been a few months." Roy muttered.

Alya turned away, her face going red. "I'm not fat…" She whined. Roy had to chuckle. "You can deny it girl, but you certainly put on some weight." Again she blushed with cute anger, not able or not wanting to tell the truth. Good luck for her because Miriana, bless her, just couldn't wait to tell him.

"Elrya Alya is pregnant with a baby."

"…Hahahaha! Hahahahaha!" Now that was a laugh, if he had hands, he'd be holding his gut right now. Roy laughed loudly, trying to catch his breath while Alya continued to look away.

"Stop laughing Roy, it's true, Elrya Alya is pregnant. Here's the paper work for it too." Miriana cried out, running into the other room and brining a sheet with her. Still laughing, Roy stepped over to inspect the clear joke.

"Hahaha! Haha…ha…haha…ah…" And he finally read it, his mouth closing and turning upside down. He gazed at it, then at the Diclonius, back at the page, then back at Alya who finally turned around with her hands on her belly.

"…I'm sorry, did I miss something?" Roy said strangely. "You've been a Queen this entire time and you never told us?"

"I didn't know it either, they told me I was a Sipilet." Alya moaned.

"Well then, ummm, congratulations I guess. I remember the Orasami got pregnant with Kuroh." Roy, before becoming a member of Cents, had worked for his father's company in which he did a lot of traveling. He had met a pretty Japanese woman named Orasami and had gotten to know her. Though he traveled a lot, he kept in touch with, and as soon enough, they were married and had a child. A small boy named Kuroh Synth.

But tragedy struck, his wife was killed and his son fell into sickness, having multiple cancers. He had joined Cents in the hope that he could earn enough money to pay for the operation needed for his son, but to no avail. His son had died, hating his father. Roy was able to let go of the past, he knew it was pointless to weep about memories and he now met some very interesting people in his life, some he even considered to be friends. But there was definitely that part in his heart that sometimes wept for his deceased wife and son.

"What was it like for her?" Alya's voice changed, Elrya having taken control.

"Oh she screamed, it was painful for her."

"Ehhh, is that true?"

"Yeah, I wouldn't know myself, you know, being a man, but there's probably something about a baby erupting from your body with blood spurting and screaming that just doesn't seem pleasant."

Poor Elrya went white as a sheet.

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