Pinpoint Conviction

Chapter 22: Seeking Fervent Wishes

Kaede's heavy boots pushed through the slush, her younger half-brother following closely behind, both of their faces red usual from the frigid air. The other Diclonius around them followed, sprouting conversations to one another while giving the occasional greeting to her. It was accustomed to treat her with respect, the entire "Queen of her race" thing after all, but at long last the other girls had stopped pestering her like she was a goddess needing to be worshiped whenever they saw her. Needless to say she was glad about this, after all she had never really cared about the whole Queen aspect of her life and she was happy that the girls finally stopped pestering her about it. They still sat with her at breakfast, lunch and dinner and she had even gotten the confidence to speak freely with them, like any normal person would.

Disregarding those heading to classes like she was, the educational institution was utterly empty. Of course, they had been given punishment after all for their actions, meaning they could not partake in the enjoyments that they had before. Head to class, eat when you can, head back to your dormitories. From the distance the shop that would usually be packed by the curious girls who had never seen such gifts much less be able to buy one were shut off, gated and locked. It gave an eerie impression on her along with the winter setting, like an old place that had been closed down holding strange memories. She had to admit, shopping hadn't been her forte and the only time she did was when she found something she particularly enjoyed, mostly that of which reminded her of Maple Inn and in one case, had reminded her of her late friend who had wanted to go on a painter's trip with her. She never did find out the name of that person, it had left a sour note in her heart when she thought about that aspect.

Otherwise she would once or twice give something to Routa, a toy or so to keep him happy. Strange how someone like her could change so much. Her relationship with Roy, if one could call it that, had remained stagnant for the most part. Neither he nor she brought up anything, she did not attempt anything and he treated her as any other student. A trickle of regret overcame her the first time when she thought that maybe he had wanted to forget what happened between them. Besides Kouta, he was the only person she had gained feelings for, the only person she admired who could truly understand her feelings.

Yet she also knew that Roy's job as the instructor of the educational institution outweighed any aspect of a relationship with her. He was legitimately trying to help the horned girls and their future and when they did their little act, he was beside himself, which she could see for herself. She had to agree on that, she told herself more than a dozen times but they were incredibly lucky to even be here right now. That stunt they pulled, she had wanted to go up and wring their necks for such stupidity. A bit of a pain in the ass sometimes, she couldn't deny that part, but the Elrya she had known was not some weak minded fool. Maybe that was why she never grasped the idea of just breaking out of the institution and trying to find her. She also never had to deal with the idea of looking up to another Queen and feeling that sensation of awe that the girls used to give her.

At least at first…

After the third day, the lack of Miriana, Carentorzulan and Lilian had become quite evident. At first she thought they were just using their designated days of sick leave to stay home. Elrya was their closest friend and so she could understand the feeling they had, especially Miriana. But when they didn't return, she had gone to Roy at the end of class to ask him.

"Garder has allowed them a month to leave the educational institution and search for Elrya." Roy responded from his seat, his next class to arrive in a few short minutes.

"What? Why did you tell me this before? I could've gone and…"

He shook his head, denying her that offer. "You couldn't have, you have your responsibility with Routa, I couldn't allow you to just leave like that. I'm sorry Kaede but you know as well as I do that this was the right choice."

She wanted to rebuttal but he was right, three people had already been sent out and she did have a responsibility to look after her half-brother.

"Alright, I won't argue about it. Oh, I noticed, your…" Whether anyone else had asked she didn't know but a light bulge on the right side of his coat had been catching her attention all day. Hearing her, Roy pushed his coat out of the way and showed, much to her surprise, a prosthetic arm, the fingers twitching every so often. "You have no idea how much this took out of my paycheck, but I finally got around to getting it. It's been a long time since I've been able to see one of my arms, much less feel anything.

"Hm?" She raised her eyebrows. "You can feel?"

"Again, this took a heavy toll on my paycheck. It's a specialized sensory arm, inside are about ten thousand minute sensors that connected to my nerves. It's not perfect but it's better than nothing." He flexed the fingers, a soft almost indistinguishable whirring coming from the confines of it.

"Where are Caren, Miriana and Lilian?"

The blue haired man looked up at the woman quickly and said in one breath. "They have been sent out to search for Elrya Alya." Kaede's eyes flashed for a moment and articulated, "You decided not to tell me this? I could've gone and helped them!"

"No you couldn't, there was more than enough people there anyways and they had Director Morotisan's full permission to have at least one month to search for her. Elrya will also not be coming back to the educational institution but will be sent back to Tokyo Research Facility once if she is found. It was one of the compromises to keeping her alive if they found her."

Kaede clicked her tongue in annoyance.

"I'm going then, it'll be better if more people search for her anyways." Kaede stated, speedily being stopped by Roy almost before she even finished her statement.

"You will not, you have a responsibility here both to take care of your younger brother and to keep the Diclonius here in check. You're the only other Queen here right now and the one the other girls look up to. I'm sorry but you'll have to stay here and let the others handle it themselves."

There was ire in her, the kind in which she felt when watching her puppy being beaten senselessly until death. Watching the stone going up and down, each time bringing a little more blood with it and the complete hopelessness of being able to do nothing filling her soul. It was for that very same reason that she spoke out fervently. "I'm going anyways, the girls here won't do anything so foolish again, I know it. That girl was my friend, she taught me more about myself than I had realized. It's only the right thing to do if I search for her too. Sorry Roy, but you aren't going to stop me."

"You aren't leaving, you have to stay here."

"I thought I told you…" She said again, her voice dripping with the coldness of her past self. There was strictness in it, as if daring anyone to remotely go against her. "That I'm going and there is nothing you can do to stop me. You'll have to take care of Routa while I'm away."

He tapped the desk with his finger lightly, rubbing the wood and looking out one of the many windows that stood against the wall. Outside he could see the girls walking to and fro from class, either heading to the dining hall to eat something or heading back to their dormitories. A deep sigh escaped his lips, until he laid his elbow down and put his face against his hand. He appeared to be straining himself because his mouth opened and closed randomly while his eyes were kept straight in looking out the glass.

"…No." He finally said. "…There is no reason for you to do something so stupid when we already have more people looking for her. Put some trust in the others you have a responsibility to do here. I'm sorry but I won't allow it."

"Perhaps…" While she had never intended to speak to Roy in such a tone, it was something that needed to be done. "…You never heard me, no matter what you say I will be going to search for them. I'll take all responsibilities and if I'm caught, then I'll just have to take my punishment. But I can't stand being here doing nothing when that girl's life is on the line, or knowing that my other friends are out there looking for her. This is final; I don't want to hear another argument from you Roy."

"…Tsu! Why would you take such a risk? Carentorzulan, Miriana and Lilian are all going to search for her and unlike you; they have the permission to do it. Don't you get it, you're the only one here in this place that the Diclonius have to look up to, besides Elrya you're the only Queen here right now. I don't know if you haven't realized yet but without their Queens, the girls here become disorganized, you saw what happened at Osaka, they were terrified of losing one of their Queens. They may annoy you sometimes but those girls respect you in the most genuine manner possible, if you leave they have nobody else to look up to. They'll be horned Sipilets, the same ones, nobody of their kind to look up to, nobody strong, nobody but themselves.

You need to stay here and give them a reason to stay as well. If you go there so what if you find Elrya, it just means both you and her will be going back to the Research Facility. Do you want that? Do you want to be locked back in those cold halls like long ago? Because I can promise you unlike the last time, you won't be escaping so easily and I think you should know damn well that Director Morotisan will not be easy on you.

And when you're going the Diclonius here are going to be left by themselves, no Queen to look up to. I doubt it'll be in control for long and in the end; they'll do something incredibly foolish and get sent back to the facility. Thus the entire point of this place, the point of giving you all education and the beginning of real human rights will be utterly crushed.

Don't do that, stay here."

Kaede felt sick to her stomach for some reason and now like Roy she too was fidgeting and trying to think of a way to counter. She couldn't, he was right there was no reason for her to do this. Chiding herself for acting so childishly she knew in the end that he had been correct. The girls here looked up to her and yes they could be highly annoying but they respected her and though she may have never have used the term until now, they loved her. She was the kingpin in their world and without her, Roy was right, they'd do something stupid. She could see it now, upon hearing that had left, it would Osaka all over again and there was no way, not a single possible way they'd be let off that time.

Frustrated, she ground her teeth. Seeing her in such a mood, Roy tried to comfort her, getting up and putting his hand against her cheek. Although it wasn't real skin, it certainly felt like it, it was even warm and she brushed her face against it. As if on instinct her arms gently wrapped themselves around his waist and her lips pressed against his own. As usual, she did things way too fast but even if that was the case, her heart pounded for more. But it was short, not deep as it had been during that night but the effect was just the same, warm, comfortable and loving.

"…So nice…" She whispered. This side of her, this beautiful side that was not murderous or hateful but full of passion, Roy could not help but admire. Although altogether they were like stone and water, so different as to be laughable, there were tiny instances where Kaede reminded himself of his late wife, bringing back memories. And then without warning as if it had been burning up in her body and needing to be released like an explosion she kissed him fervently like she had never done before. There was no rest, her passion having hit a high point, her lips could do nothing more than wrap themselves around Roy's own and dig in deeper. She had already pushed him against the wall, leaving him stunned and unable to think straight.

Seriously, it was like it was just part of her. She couldn't wait; she could let the time between them pass without incident. She admitted it; she rushed things, so badly that if the relationship here ended as quickly as it began it wouldn't surprise her. It was her, her mind, her body; maybe it was just something in her Diclonius DNA that caused her to react without thinking so many times. Forget getting to know him, she'll do that later; right now she just wanted to embrace him and indulge in what was true romantic affiliation. This wasn't like her so called love for Kouta, which was nearly one sided on her, this time, the embrace of passion came from both sides of equal value.

But even though her love had now changed people, it didn't change what Kouta had been to her. He was the first person she knew to ever see her as something more than a freak and for that, she was eternally grateful. Even though their lives would not be entwined as she had once hoped, there was no doubt in her heart that she hoped for the best for him in his life.

But for now, her mind and her body now belonged to the older man.

Passionately she continued, the mouth meshing together with his while Roy slowly started to give up and let Kaede have her way. Her mouth tasting of such sweetness engulfed his senses. He felt a strange sensation of regret, his heart beating wildly not just from passion but from the act of having a relationship with someone other than his wife. Though she may be dead, but Orasami had been his first love, it felt almost like treachery doing this to her memory.

But how could he deny himself the pleasure of feeling this horned woman's lips so tenderly, his own hand now alive with pseudo feeling able to brush against the back of her hair and slip his fingers through the long pink hair? He already chided himself for kissing her so soon, it was such an unexpected act that he didn't know if he had long since gone crazy and just didn't care. Part of him wanted to stop, hadn't they told each other to wait, hadn't it been known that this was too soon? Yet the part of him, that part that could not help but delight in being with a woman who he in the past wouldn't have batted an eye too, may even have killed had he been ordered too, now fell hopelessly in love.

He might have just needed this romance, having been an assassin for so long he may have needed to find someone new to accompany him. Still he had never thought it would be her of all people, it was a funny thing how life worked out sometimes, the way people get together, the way fate rolls.

Whatever retaliation Roy might have been thinking about got swept away. All he cared about now, was just to stand there, his arm wrapped around the Queen and to mesh his lips softly onto hers. Thank goodness they were in a classroom, if this had been somewhere else, somewhere far more secluded, he had a feeling more than just kissing would have been going on. Kaede as if realizing this too, increased the ferocity of her kiss, driving deep her warm tongue into the lips of the new person she now adored.

"Can I say it?" How long they had been at it could only be guessed but Kaede's voice suddenly broke out, breaking away and leaving Synth wishing for more. Kaede was a woman who had many issues and not just the issues of her past ad killing, that of course is what brought them together. She may have loved Kouta but they were so far different that they had nothing to share and she had messed his life so badly that they could never fully recuperate a relationship. But she and Roy shared similar ways, both of them had been killers, both of them had lost loved ones, both of them had been forced into states of uncaring realizations. Both of them had changed and while Kouta was certainly not immature, far more than she ever was, Roy as a full grown adult with years of experience in his life seemed so much more fitting.

"…Sure…" He already knew what she was probably going to say, but did his best to act curious.

"I lo…" But she stopped, surprisingly because she had certainly been about to say those magic. But something had stopped her, almost like the quiet in the room had gotten louder, not greatly but enough to hear the small sounds. Although it was probably more along the lines of being a Diclonius, Kaede was the first to be able to sense them.

Both of them turned to see the first entrance of the girls for Roy's next glass, about eight of them currently sitting in their seats and another two at the door, all of them just starring wide eyed and mouths partially agape. None of them looked angry, but shock and curiosity was etched on each of their faces. Roy at this point lightly pushed Kaede away as if they had not just been locking their lips together for the past few minutes and said in a voice to cool to really hide his agitation, though that agitation was more for himself and not having the mind to do this in a more secluded spot.

"My class is going to start Kaede, remember what I said everyone here looks up to you so please don't do anything foolish."

"…Sure, I promise." Kaede said without looking at him, her embarrassed blue was surprisingly cute. She glanced at them from the corner of her eyes and quickly zipped off to her next destination. Oh man there was going to be such a riot, now! She, the Queen, was having a relationship with Roy Synth, one of the teachers of the educational institution.

She had an hour and fifteen minutes of freedom while in her next class, then after that when everyone was going to change, oh it was going to be intense.

Up in his own classroom Roy watched as the door opened and closed as those who entered sat down in their designated seats. None of the girls who had already seen Roy and Kaede's little play actually spoke to the blue haired man but conversation certainly started sprouting to each other. In just five minutes when the last Diclonius took her seat, each one of them knew what happened in here a few minutes ago.

"Well then…" Roy began as he would usually do. "To start out this next lesson I think…"

"Excuse me…?" one asked as she raised her hand.

"Yes, Riyano?"

"Why were you kissing our Queen?"

Sighing deeply under his breath and plopping into his seat, Roy decided it might as well be best to explain things here now instead of waiting. It was going to be known at some point for sure just, he had thought it would be much later.

"I'll try to make this quick. I am, quite attracted to Kaede. We share many likes and personalities and I find her to be a…oh man what's the word I should use…exceptionally beautiful and intelligent woman who…" He paused again then deciding to go on with what he was going to speak of. "…Is a bit of pain sometimes, I won't deny it, she's done a few annoying things. But her ability to change herself, I admire that greatly. I took Kaede out on a little trip, it wasn't supposed to be romantic or anything but…things happened."

"So you love her?"

"…Do I love her? I guess I do now, I want to let some time pass between us but I supposed I shouldn't really deny it anymore. You're not going to attack me are you?" he asked quickly, knowing how much the girls cared for their Queen.

"Why would we?" One of them asked curiously. "As long as our Queen is happy, we're happy. Don't expect us to call you King anytime soon though."

"If you call me King I will throw you out the window." Roy said. A bit of laughter erupted from the room. "I'm serious…" The laughter suddenly died down.

"Let's get class underway…"

"Wait a minute!"

Roy now really getting agitated for not being able to get his class started asked loudly, "What is it this time?"

"…Do you have…is that an arm?"

Spending the next three minutes discussing that, Synth finally got his class underway. At the sound of the bell the girls left and the end of the day was finally at hand. As the final one left, closing the door behind her, Roy instinctively found himself looking outside the window. It was strange but there was a scent of malice in the air, something almost familiar. He had no idea why he thought this but something was happening in the world, something was going to happen.

It didn't feel good at all.


Cold…sad…alone…a small girl perked her head up from the small hooded jacket and wrapped her arms tightly around herself to get any more warmth she could. Her clothes were tattered and dirty, her face filthy and her expression loathsomely in pain. Elrya Alya had been living outside, eating off scraps of trash and drinking from puddles that had formed around the city. If not for her Diclonius body, she would have gotten an illness on the first day; instead she remained pitifully cold in the winter, doing all she could to just stay out of people's way.

Running out of that facility, frightened of what she had done, unable to cope with herself, she didn't want to be in that same room or that same place. She wanted to lash out at Cents for what he had done. It was his fault; it was always his goddamn fault! Never before had she cried so hard and long in her entire life.

"Someone…help me…please…Miriana…Y-Yin…"

But nobody was around her to comfort her, only the freezing wind. Even Alya seemed unable to find words of encouragement and thankfully Cents hadn't spoken up since their escape. That's how she had lived just eating trash and drinking from puddles and wanting someone to hold her.

On the third day, she had truly thought about killing herself only stopped when Alya desperately pleaded with her. On the fifth day she threw up and fell unconscious for a while.

And then on the current day, she felt a sensation in her gut and the beginning of birth began.

A birth in a proper setting, in a hospital with doctors who knew how to handle these kinds of situations was often regarded as one of the most painful things a woman ever had to go through. So how bad was it when Elrya Alya was forced to give birth on the cold streets? The only thing that helped was the cold that numbered her body and in in the throes of her push and painful pulls it became far less about giving birth. She was hurting and she wanted to stop and it looked as if pushing outward would somehow make the pain stop. She could already smell blood, so nauseating that she nearly passed out only to be awoken again by another jolt of unbearable pain. If this had happened years ago, she would've died but luckily having gained at least some pain intolerance she kept herself alive and conscious though it was definitely the worst physical pain she had been through yet in her life. She screamed for the first forty-five seconds, so loud that it was probably that which caused her to be heard in the first place and found later on. After that though her screams turned into moans and gasps as her body instinctively began to push and her mind became foggy and disillusioned. All she wanted right now was for the pain to stop and to sleep, sleep for a very long time, maybe even forever.

After another bout of spasms, she heard the sound of something odd. Was there a baby nearby? It was awfully loud, bordering on an annoying and she'd wish it would be quiet, crying children were so annoying sometimes. But it didn't and the crying was far closer to her than she had first realized. It had taken her some time before she knew that the baby she was hearing was right there against her, bawling loudly from its new world. With her vision cloudy, she couldn't get any real look at it, but almost as if it was the shining point, her eyes managed to narrow on to two short little stumps upon the head.

So it had horns, poor thing. It must have been cold so she nudged what little strength she had left and covered it up with her coat, now letting her own body face the frigid wind and she nestled the crying child up to her bosom and closed her eyes. What kind of fool would leave a poor defenseless baby out here in the cold, with nothing? She had a right mind to find the person and give a piece of her mind.

"Someone get an ambulance!"

Loud people, would be nice if they were quiet.

"There's so much blood, is that a…someone give me some towels, water…something!"

Too many people were talking, if they could just be quiet for a minute she'd be able to sleep.

"She has horns, is she from the educational facility for those girls?"

So loud and just when she thought they stopped, a new sound louder than anything else came. The roaring of a siren, oh great now she'd never get any sleep. Elrya felt herself being lifted up and put on something and then…as if her body couldn't take it anymore, she collapsed into the dark recesses of unconsciousness.

"Damn it's so cold!" Lilian yelled loudly, pulling her scarf around her neck even more tightly. "I forgot we couldn't even sense her."

Caren, Lilian and Miriana were all together outside walking through the streets in search of their friend. Caren and Lilian both wore thick colorful stocking hats on their head mostly for the cold as they had already been given specific material allowing them to be outside of the institution in the first place. Miriana had suggested that they look for her while heading to her and Elrya's guardian Karoly Sandersas, whom Miriana knew for certain would allow them to stay. It was better than wasting Caren or Miriana's money on motels for the month and besides she knew that Yin's father could drive them anywhere they wanted plus it added one more person to the mix to search for the girl.

She had only wished that she had thought of that before walking nearly eight kilometers with the others. Really go to Roy, have him call him up, wait about two hours or so and then get picked up by the old man. Chiding herself for her foolishness it was Caren who had luckily brought it up and using her own money at the nearest pay phone, she let Miriana call Karoly to pick them up at a specific place, knowing it would be a while before he actually got there. Miriana could hear the desperation in the old man's voice when she told him about Elrya Alya. Another thing, maybe most important of all was that Carentorzulan and Lilian had each been given a special card that they needed to keep up at all times. It contained a picture of themselves with their full names, a number to the Tokyo Research Facility as well as Director Morotisan's official signature at the bottom. As the rules implied Caren and Lilian were not allowed to be outside of the institution beside special reasons and thus a special reason here was given.

The first few days after they Karoly picked them up were fruitless, just cold air against their faces and today was no different. They knew well enough that the poor girl wouldn't have bothered walking around showing her face in public so they kept to searching people who seemed to be cowed away, covering their faces with scarves or wearing hats well below their heads so that only their eyes would emerge. They were also keen on searching for anyone who appeared pregnant only leading to more strife. The effect of the mother on its baby was widely known and with Elrya's current feelings, there was a chance that the negative effect on the mother would in turn affect the unborn child.

And then there was Vladimir Cents.

This was the most distraught point for Miriana. Her best friend, alone, cold and scared and with that monster who just couldn't seem to get the clue that everyone wanted him dead and more importantly to stay dead. Like the others, it had not passed her that Cents could corrupt her like he did before and force her to do horrible things. It was still a very livid memory when Cents forced her closest companion into a state of confusion and childish neglect making it so that Elrya had even believed that she, Miriana had killed Yin Sandersas. Oh how she hoped that Elrya still had the strength to fight back if Vladimir attempted anything.

Lilian had remained aloof for the most part and both of them knew that Lilian was still quite upset with what happened. Who could blame her? As far as she knew it felt as if Elrya was trying to kill her, if anything there was no reason for her to put her hands in her hand. At least that's the way they saw it which may have been a testament to the deep friendship she did have with the pregnant girl. Though she hated Elrya for what she did, deep down she was also very worried about her.

Another hour, then two then three passed with no sign of Elrya Alya in sight. It was getting tiring and all of them were starting to get hungry and needing refreshments. Miriana who had been pushing herself harder than the others looked like was going to pass out from exhaustion. It was too much for her, they both knew that.

"Miriana, let's head home and get some rest, you look awful right now." Caren gently said.

"I…I…alright, I guess." Miriana didn't want to stop looking, every single minute was valuable and precious but even she knew that if he kept this up, she would probably lose her senses. Another day would have to be called.

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep*

A monotone sound, but the very first thing to wake her up. The outside got warm all of a sudden, and the ground was soft and comfortable against her head and body, though nothing like it would be if she had been in the dormitories. Elrya's red eyes dimly peaked through her bags starring up at the white wall. The blinds of the windows had been pulled, leaving the room dark and the beeping sound she had been awoken by was the machine monitoring her vitals, all of which said she was doing fine. A blood transfusion was hooked up to her, one she nearly broke off when she accidently moved her arm too quickly and nearly jerked the needle out. She wasn't wearing her clothes, well enough as they would've been filthy, instead it was a single white piece hospital gown.

"…Yin…" There could've been many reasons why she uttered the name, but it was probably the setting she was in. Yin had been a young doctor and she was lying in the bed of a hospital.

"Hm…?" After taking another few more minutes to get her self under control, she noticed something quite bizarre about her. Her belly, once extended with pregnancy was now flatter than usual and her gut felt heavy, though not painful. With her hands scrunching her dress to lift it up, her stomach was plastered with wrappings. Oh that had been a painful moment alright, she knew something had happened and then…

And then it hit her like a steamroller. The reason why her gut had been hurting, the bandages, the lack of the extended gut and the small horned baby girl that been against her. "Ah…I gave…birth?" She thought heavily. Now she wanted to get out, her body was fine and in truth it probably was, not without the occasional aches that would appear. Her Diclonius healing had already taken affect and now her wounds which may have been life threatening were now more like moderately bad cuts that would soon be healed within a day or two. The only thing really keeping her from moving was the blood transfusion which she feared would be problematic if she forcibly took it out. But she wanted to see her, that little baby girl that had been nestled against her bosom.

Eyes searching, she found a box near the side of her bed, reading "Press Button for Help" Thank goodness she learned a little bit and understood the last word, pressing it three times by accident. She had expected the person who came through the door.

"D-Dr. Kurama?"

The Ex-Chief of the Diclonius Research Facility steppe through, his strong, stern eyes staring at her through the lens of his glasses. He wore the same kind of black suit with a blue tint as she had last scene and him the besides a few hairs from his chin, he had remained relatively unchanged. "I see your up…Sandersas-san."

"I…am I in your hospital?" She asked dimly.

"Aye, but you're in a different room, they drove you all the way here to Kamakura since they knew I was the only one who specialized in Diclonius." His eyes narrowed, not maliciously but out of cheer curiosity. "You're a Queen…" Hearing those words, Elrya was snapped into what she had called him down here in the first place.

"The baby, where is…"

"In the nursing room, everything is fine with her and I see you've already started making a near full recovery already. You've been out for at least four days though, we thought you might have gone into a coma. As for the child, it's amost a miracle nothing serious happened with her, considering she was left out in the elements. But besides a few things that are non-life threatening, she's doing fine."

Elrya wasn't really sure what to say. "…I…I never knew I was a Queen, it was so sudden. Can I see her…I'm…?" Really what was she supposed to say? The only thing she knew was that she wanted to see the child, see her truly up close, in the light and see what she looked like. She had missed out on the birth, barely aware of it and feeling that the pain had been something else. She couldn't explain it, motherhood, or just some strange chemical reaction who knows but she knew that she wanted to see her. Kurama pushed his spectacles up his face.

"Alright, come with me but only if you're sure you can move. There's no point in seeing the girl if you just fall down before reaching her." Kurama stated in a matter of fact tone. He undid the blood bag, bandaged Elrya's arm and helped her up. She was wobbly at first, something to be expected but soon got a handle on her balance and grabbed the wall for support. "It's alright, I can make it…" She found the lack of her belly being extended almost unnerving, she had gotten so use to that. It would take some time, good food and exercise to get her back to her true flat belly self, but compared to before, she looked like an entirely new person. Ascertaining that she was fit to move, Kurama brought her outside of her room.

Now she recognized the place, the same white walls, white rooms, similar pictures on the wall. Before the hospital had remained a secret and Kurama cleverly hid horned girls here. Unable to sense them due to her operation, in the same hospital no doubt, she asked. "Are there other horned girls here? I mean you know I can't sense them and…"

"Unless Director Morotisan says otherwise the Diclonius are broken into two sections. Although we allowed younger ones to go, all Diclonius from age fifteen and older are required to go to the educational institution like you. However the young ones, who aren't old enough to go there, are instead raised her in Kamakura and kept under a watchful eye until they're about nine years old where we start teaching the very basic. Had you been around this age, you would be going through this now, of course when the educational facility was first created we didn't this section. You girls were taught everything in that place."

Crossing the room he lead through the door to the nursery. It was dark, only dimly lit as he brought her to the fourth box. There at last, Elrya quite nervously if one had to add, peaked over and looked down upon the thing that had once resided in her. She had to admit it, what she saw was pretty darn cute, and considering the fear that a certain someone might have corrupted her somehow, she was glad to see that her baby looked normal, as far as Diclonius standards went.

"How is she…anything wrong with her head or something? I man, inside of her head?"

Kurama gave her a fleeting look.

"Besides the usual Diclonius stuff, she is perfectly healthy. I'll let you stay here for a while, just come out when you're ready. Try not to be too long though." With parting words, Kurama left her alone.

There she was, starring at the little girl who was nestled in blankets and with multiple tubes sticking through her. Of course she was a Diclonius, that had never been a surprise, but looking at her, she looked so peaceful, so adorably cute. The girl was a tiny one for sure, Elrya was amazed how the poor thing could have gone through that cold winter and still be so healthy. It meant she was a strong one for sure.

"Hey…" She whispered seeing the little fingers move ever so gently. She reached down and touched them, letting the little girl feel the warmth of her mother's hands. "I haven't even named you yet, Alya…?" She called out to her secondary personality who answered right away, her voice almost as touched as Elrya's.

"Y-Yeah…a name? What…I…"

There were so many emotions running through right now, this little girl born into this world and the cute little darling didn't even have a name. This was his daughter, the daughter of the man she would love and only love in her entire life. She felt those tender tears run down her face so smoothly that she did nothing to stop, for there was not a single reason to stop those tears of joy. "Can you see her Yin, wherever you are…can you see her? Look at her, she's ours, our little baby." It had had her mother's hair, not just in color but also in shape, her eyes which she assumed to be the same color as her were also shaped like hers as well, but the face was different and the cheekbones slid out more giving rise to where Yin Sandersas' DNA had come in place. Even her horns were a bit different, short and sharper but very well apparent and there was tiny birth bark just above her left eye. The skin was tanner than her own, closer to Yin's as well.

"Heh…" A smiled even wider crept over her face as she placed her hand on the child's cheek. The baby squirmed slightly.

"…Alya, we should name her."

"I know…but…what? I'm not sure we can actually fit Yin's name in there somehow." Alya answered back, transfixed on her child.

"We're taking Yin's last name, but…what if we named her after our friends?"

"Oh? Did you have an idea?"

Elrya traced her fingers over her baby's face who perhaps recognizing the touch of her mother, cooed gently against it.


"It sounds…beautiful, but how did you come up with it." Alya asked.

"Car…for Caren. Lini for Lilian. Yana for our best friend Miriana. I thought maybe we could mix up our other friend's name and our husband in her middle. That way her full name could be…

…Carliniyana Lucyin Sandersas…" That was the name of the love she had with the man named Yin Sandersas. This little baby, cute, adorable so lovely she wanted to embrace it with all of her might, would never go through the terrible ordeals her mother had gone through. Alya knew it as well, she had killed her own mother in a blind fit of stupidity, unable to control her own emotions. There was no way in hell she would ever let that happen Carliniyana, never, she would do her best to protect and raise her. When her own voice arose, she would learn to control it and live in harmony with it, just like Alya lived in harmony with Elrya and the humans that had once panicked her. When she grew up, maybe she would find a man of her own to love…maybe…

Elrya Alya could not help but reach down and place her head down into box and slowly start singing the very song her own mother sang to her.

"Do you see the raindrops spreading over across the ground

Filling it with all the senses of pain and sadness?

Do you see the tears trickling down every single cheek

Desperately wanting to fulfill a single joy?

Look upon the sky and see with all of your heart

A fragment of a melody.

Look upon the clear green ground and tell me what you see now

As the wind blows wide and free."

She didn't know the language, only that it wasn't Japanese nor did she know the meaning behind it. It was something her mother had taught her, a cute little song that had always made her happy and something that had been entwined deeply within her heart. A song that had remained with her and that she had whispered to her baby in the nights, a song of the Spanish blood that resided within though she never knew it.

"You know…" Elrya whispered gently into her ear, her voice soft and soothing. "You had a very good father, we didn't know each other for too long but, in that short while we fell in love and had you. It's sad that you won't be able to see him but I'll tell you more about him." Once again she found the tears beginning to stream down her face.

"I never thought this would happen, I was just a Sipilet, so I never thought I'd ever have something…so precious to me. Isn't that right Yin? She's our special little gift, the fruit of our love. That's right Carlin, mommy is right here, do you hear mommy's voice?"

"Isn't that just adorable…"

She wretched, pushing herself away from her child and grabbing the wall with one hand while her other hand took clutched her face, the sweat rolling down her.

"…Get out of my head…" She growled angrily, the last words escaping as a snarl between her teeth.

"That's rather hard to do girl, I'm part of you right now. Although I could've gotten out had you been obedient."

"You bastard! I won't let you cause the same trouble for my daughter like you did for me! Now that my daughter is born and I know that she's alright, I'm going to do whatever it takes to get you out of my head."

"Hahahahahaha! That conviction of yours is as astounding as always, I do so enjoy it." Cents muttered mockingly.

"Shut up!" Alya who had long since gotten tired of hearing the first syllable from his mouth, pressed her mentality down, forcing Vladimir into submission. "This is the happiest day of my life, I won't let you ruin it."

"...Carlin you called her huh? Sweet little name isn't it, you'll have so many stories to tell her."

"I said shut up!' Alya yelled back.

"What's wrong Alya-chan, it's the truth. You have so many stories to tell her, about Yin, about Miriana…and of course…about us."

She ground her teeth angrily. "I hate you so much…"

She could almost imagine the grin that was on his face.

"Aye, cute little dreamer."

"I'll never understand, what Lilian ever saw in you." Elrya mumbled, mostly to herself.

"…" Cents as if about to speak, suddenly went quiet. There he went again, whenever his daughter was mentioned, Cents lost that hellish enjoyment and became quiet. She wished it would happen more often. There wasn't much else to do and now that Cents had ruined the moment Elrya Alya could hear Kurama's voice calling her out. She had been in here for a long time too, it was about time for her to leave. But as she came out, she was greeted by Kurama with some disturbing news along with someone else.


Sure enough, leaning against the wall he perked his head over to her and nodded. She would have asked about the arm but assumed, rather correctly, that it was a prosthetic. Truly odd seeing him with it, he just wasn't the same Roy with his arms now. Of course she was the reason for that and wasn't about to make a potential problem worse.

"I got the call from Dr. Kurama and got down here as fast as I could, so you've finally given birth, eh Elrya? Congratulations, I truly mean that, but that's not something we need to go into right now. You do understand how much trouble you are in right now, don't you?"

She looked away, crestfallen.

"Elrya Alya, we allowed Miriana, Lilian and Carentorzulan to look for you for about a month, of course we found you already so they'll be heading back to the educational institution. But a certain agreement had to be made for you. Elrya Alya, you can't head back to the institution with the others, you'll have to head back to the Tokyo Facility, with Garder."

"What!?" She screamed with indignation.

"It's the compromise, Garder is allowing you to live as long as you return to his facility. He's allowing your friends to visit you but…"

"Bullshit! Fucking bullshit!" She screamed and cursed and threw arm to the side, her eyes vivid with hate. "Go tell that old bastard to go and screw himself! I'm not going to be a slave to him anymore, not one little bit! I won't leave my daughter…" She spoke out sternly with her next words. "He has done nothing but ruin my life, I won't let him screw it up anymore. He doesn't have the right to do anything, not now, not before and later, not ever! I'll kill him before he can even try it! My daughter in there, I won't let her live the same kind of horrible life I did.

I just won't do it Roy!"

"Yeah I know, but we need you to stay with Garder now, for your and everyone else's safety.

"Safety!?' Elrya screeched, causing Roy's ears to rattle. "How can I be safe, he's freaking Diclonius murderer! Don't you get it, I hate him! There's only one person I hate more than him and that guy is currently inside my head!" She wanted to hit Roy for nodding so casually.

"See…that's the problem right there."

"Wh-What problem?"

"…The person inside your head." Roy replied firmly.

"What, Vladimir? I've got him under control, the nutjob isn't going to do anything."

Roy shook his head slowly, knowing the next words might put a hole through the roof. "I'm not going to mix words with you right now Elrya Alya so the only thing I'm going to ask is when you start screaming right now, try to lower your voice just a bit. We've been made aware of some things in Europe right now, involving Aurelius Denotos. But that's not the thing I'm talking about. We need you to stay with Garder, because he's the only one who can actually keep you and everyone else safe right now."

"What are you talking about?" Elrya asked.

"…Vladimir Cents is alive."

Her heart must have skipped three full beats.

"Wh-Wh-What…" she breathed in, trying to compose herself. "…What…d-did you just…s-say?" Her breath was ragged and her eyes shook wildly.

"…Alive, Vladimir Cents is now fully alive and walking around. He's in Europe under the direct supervision of Bando and…" He didn't get to finish, Elrya's vectors had swarmed in and grabbed him by the neck and waist, throwing him with unnecessary force against the wall where it began to crack. He let out a small groan but kept his eyes locked on her. There was no doubt that it was taking a lot for Elrya not to tear off his head out of sheer willpower.

"Shut up you bastard! He…isn't…alive! I'll get rid of him out of my head…but that fucking…stupid…insane…MONSTER IS NOT ALIVE!" She had to scream the last words out, her spit flying into Roy's face who only scrunched his face slightly.

"It's true."



She again screamed at him, her anger unkempt as she looked wild. "I SAID SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP ROY! STOP FUCKING LYING TO ME ALREADY! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP! Y-You don't get it, he can't be alive. He can't be, I won't let it be true, you're lying! Ahhh! Ahhh! Guah!" She felt like she was going to vomit, her vectors released him but she herself had already collapsed on the ground, holding herself into a fetal position as the spit ran down her mouth. She was in a state of total disrepair, her agony and despair highlighting her features.

"Sh-Shut up Roy! Just shut the fuck up already. W-Wait…" A though occurred to her. "You said he was with Bando right? Why hasn't that crazy soldier killed him yet?"

"It's under the impression that Vladimir Cents might be of help against Aurelius."


It was Alya who took control but was well wanted by both her and Elrya. Roy was punched so hard across the face he felt like his jaw was going to be dislocated, if not outright torn off. The blood flew from his mouth and nose, causing him to bash his head harshly against the wall where he slid down unable to keep his balance up anymore. As he remained dazed, he could feel his chest being heaved up by the force of her hands and then in a stream of unrelenting hate and despair…

She struck him as hard as before, her vector digging into his cheek where his head hit the wall with such force that he went black for a few seconds. She wasn't done, her strife could not end it with just that, and Roy for the third time was struck. From that hit his body slumped to the floor, unable to keep himself up anymore as he gazed up at his assailant with pitying eyes.

"Stop lying to me Roy Synth! Don't screw around with me and say such a thing. How can he…how can he even be alive?"

"Cloning, the fools with Aurelius thought it would be good to bring back a devil." Roy responded simply, feel the trick of blood running from his lip and down the left side of his chin.

"…Then why haven't you killed him yet! Kill the bastard right now!" She screamed again, her face now bright red.

"I already told you, we feel that it would be more viable to have him with us until we get the mess with Aurelius straightened out…"


The next blow knocked the wind out of him, Elrya having gone so enraged she could barely think straight.

"THAT IS A LOAD OF BULLSHIT! THERE IS NOTHING THAT MONSTER COULD EVER DO TO HELP US! HE DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO DO A GODDAMN BIT OF A GOOD! HE ONLY THINKS OF HIMSELF, JUST LIKE THAT GODDAMN OLD BASTARD GARDER!" Why couldn't they understand it? Why did they allow such a monster to exist? Why did such a monster keep coming back to haunt her again and again? She had to get rid of him forever, not just for her sake, but for the sake of Miriana and her other friends and definitely for her little Carlin.

"…I'm sorry." It was Roy's only response and it got him another blow to the head, now the blood loss was getting to him and he could no longer muster the strength to look up at her.

"…You don't get it. Y-You just don't get it Roy. You don't understand what it's like for me, what it's like to lose someone you love and then have the one who did it…keep screwing you around."

He whispered at her, his voice soft and collected.

"Aye, not like I understand. Not like the man ever killed someone close to me, not like he killed my wife. Not like he forced me into becoming a killer, not like I was forced to watch my own son die. It wasn't like I had to go around killing innocent lives to make a living, hoping to save the last person I cared about and then seeing it crumble away."

She stopped herself, her hand again raised to hit him again before she looked away, embarrassed with herself. Her hand dropped and she held it firmly to her chest, feeling her very heart beat chaotically before muttering. "I-I didn't mean…"

"Elrya, trust me I know how you feel. Why do you think I haven't even tried to defend myself right now? I still have my bullets with me. Vladimir Cents is currently under the direct supervision of Bando, and lacks less than a third of the power he once possessed. There is literally nothing he can do right now that will cause us trouble…at the moment I admit. He's also the only one who has an idea of what's going on with Aurelius and we would rather get as much help as we can than go around in circles. Garder knows how dangerous he is, believe me on that you may not like the guy but he's not an idiot.

And once this is over, it's not like we'll be keeping him around. This is life Elrya, sometimes we've got to make choices even though we may not like them. Don't you think I disagree too? That man wrecked my life as well, I want nothing more than to shoot him up until nothing remains. But unfortunately as much as I want that, it's not my say." He probably deserved the next punch to his face from the girl for that sentence or maybe Elrya was so distraught that she couldn't control herself anymore. Maybe if she taken a few deep breaths and calmed herself she would understand and accept that Roy was right. Vladimir was just as responsible for his troubles as he was for hers, but her emotions had gotten the far better of her.

"Why...?" She finally whispered, her anger which had mostly been mostly flushed out beating the unbridled crap out of Roy now replaced itself with an unknowingly large amount of despair and sadness. "I didn't do anything wrong did I? Right? Is this punishment for what I did in the past, well I'm sorry I…" The poor girl dropped to her knees, face covering her hands and in her misery choked on her own tears.

"…You planned this didn't you? You fucking bastard!?" She thought viciously to herself.

No response.

"Don't ignore me you bastard! You planned this from the very start! I know you did! You killed my lover, you nearly made me kill Alya, you made me do all of this and you had this little…stupid plan of yours at the ready, right!? Now because of you, we have to deal with your sorry excuse of a…aarrrgh!

Why do you exist Vladimir Cents!? What kind of stupid ass morons would ever think of letting a monster like you come into life!? You should never have been born!"

"But then Lilian-chan would not have been born apparently. Would you want that, Elrya Alya-chan?"

"Don't you try to turn this around Cents!" She roared mentally back at him.

"But I am curious, am I to hear that there is another 'me' walking around? Hahahaha! Kyahahahaha! How quaint! I swear every time I think things are going to stop being interesting, this happens. Hahahaha! Life is such a marvelous thing, I can barely keep the excitement in! Damn, what I do now, there are so many things I want to do.

I want to see this girl Lilian, I want to see myself alive, oh there is so many things I want…"

"SILENCE!" This time it was Alya who smashed her will power down on the darkness that resided in her mind and quickly shut the blabbering of the Twisted Relic. Vladimir either by his own volition or by the sheer force of Alya's will, kept his thoughts to himself.

"Thanks Alya…" Elrya spoke gently, feeling her inner self soothe her internally and letting her heart relax a bit. Finally as he calmed herself to think straight and take proper attention to the details at hand. Yelling would not solve anything though she certainly wished it would. Traveling her eyes over to Roy's broken form smacked against the wall. She regretted lashing out against him and retracted her vectors with shame on her face. "I'm sorry Roy, I didn't mean to, I was just…"

"I know, just try not to hit me anymore…" The blue haired man whispered. She had hit him hard enough to nearly cause him to lose consciousness; his voice was weak when he spoke. Kurama was already tending to his wounds as Roy stated calmly.

"We need you to stay here Elrya Alya, right now we're getting everything under way. I've already contacted your friends and Karoly so they should be arriving here soon. Then you'll be going back with Garder."

The Diclonius lowered her head but made no reply. There was no point in doing it.

"What about Carlin?"

"Who?" Roy asked.

"My daughter, Carliniyana."

"Nice name, we'll take care of her, I promise. I'll make sure she's taken well care of and I'm sure you'll be allowed to see her every so often just like you will with your friends. Oh look…" Roy who was finally able to muster the strength to get himself up and sit in a chair saw four people in. Miriana, quickly followed by Carentorzulan and Lilian with Karoly Sandersas trailing behind. Miriana was in absolute tears, she embraced her best friend without a single moment of hesitation, throwing her face into the girl's bosom and crying hysterically.

"I'm…I'm…Elrya! Alya!"

"…I'm sorry Miriana."


And then Elrya Alya felt Lilian's fist bash forcefully against her face, breaking her nose and sprawling her out onto the floor. Shocked at first she tasted the blood from her mouth and nose and gasped, trying to get a hold of the situation. She could hear Miriana's cries but even those were drowned out by the person that was currently lifting her up and slamming her against the white blank walls of the hospital.


At the end of each word Lilian would punch the girl in the face, not even bothering with her vectors she merely folded her hand into a fist and let the knuckles do the talking.



It might have been bad taste but for Roy, watching the scene was pretty poetic.

Again Elrya tried to speak only to be cut again by Lilian who at the least had stopped trying to hit her and now seemed intent on throttling her as she kept shaking her uncontrollably. "STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! YOU…ARE…THE STUPIDEST…MOST IDIOTIC…MOST FUCKING DUMBASS GIRL…I…HAVE…EVER KNOWN!"

And then with her anger out, Lilian embraced Elrya, her eyes watering up and holding her friend dearly. "Stupid…you are…the stupidest girl…"


"The stupidest, poorest bitch I know! This isn't enough, I should beat the hell out of you for what you did."

Clearly shocked, Elrya asked timidly, "Wh-Why? Why are you…?"

"Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! But…you're my friend Elrya Alya. You're a stupid girl for sure, stupidest person I know! But you're my friend, one of my very first friends, along with Caren and Miriana. You're so stupid sometimes, but I don't want to see you get hurt." Her heart was burning as the girl who she thought would hate her, hugged and embraced her crying and unable to hold her emotions, Elrya could only apologize again and again as all of her friends surrounded her, holding her, letting her feel the warmth no warm building could accomplish.

These were her friends, always there for her, even now looking for her, always there to be by her side.

"But what happened?" Caren questioned. "You had your vector in Lilian's head, you know how dangerous that is."

"…I'm sorry Lilian it's just that, Cents inside me, he said he wanted me to inject him into your mind. I don't know how but he said he would hurt you all if I didn't listen. I'm sorry! I'm really sorry! I didn't want to do it but, I didn't know what else to do."

"Can I speak, with my father?" The young Diclonius asked.

"…Speak? I don't know…"

"I won't force you if you don't want to, but if you can I want to speak with him."

For Lilian, she would allow it, Elrya and Alya merged their consciousness together as before and then they allowed for another time Cents to emerge and take control. "Long time no see, Lilian R. Cents."

"…Father…" Lilian stated sternly.

"…So what do you want?"

"Isn't that what I should be asking?" Lilian muttered coldly.

"…Aye, I guess you're right. This is my chance, to delve right?"

True, Lilian had called Vladimir Cents out for the sake of letting him leave her friend's psyche and come into her own. What she hadn't expected was for Vladimir to deny the offer. "My interest in you has no dwindled but some more interesting things have come up. For example, I am quite intrigued at this new me walking around. I might not mind seeing what's going on that head of mine."

"Eh? What?" Lilian, understandably was quite confused. She would be filled in all the details later, Elrya Alya had already pushed Cents back down and taken control, wanting to spit to get the bad taste out of her mouth. There was so much else to get caught up on but all of that would have to wait, for at that moment, as if pure evil had suddenly erupted, Carentorzulan and Lilian were literally thrown into a sea of unending torment as a signature of unparalleled force was crashed into their minds. It wasn't just them, it was any Diclonius within forty meter distance of the hospital.

Something that could only be described as an ocean of pure disgust without qualm, without relent, it was something that couldn't even be described as a Diclonius signature. It was more likely to say that killing intent had manifested itself as a physical presence that not even the most human hating voice could emit. The closest thing that could ever come to it was Kaede's own voice and even that didn't seem to do it justice. The only reason that Elrya was unaffected was because of the surgery done on her long ago. The same thing could not be said for the others.

Maybe it wasn't fear, Caren herself had too much pride to ever admit that. But what they felt was unforgettable.

Starting now, things just got even more hectic.

Aurelius stepped down from the private plane which had landed on some barren plain of the Japanese landscape. He wasn't sure where they had landed nor did he really care, he only gave a sickened look at the sky as if expecting people to bow before and wondered why they didn't. Knowing his own personality, this was probably no beyond the possibility. Then at long last he looked over at the plane where the last person was getting off.

She was about 17 years old physically, her hair trailing behind her back and different from most horned girls as it was pitch black, almost glistening too. She wore a pair of thin spectacles that gave her quite an intriguing and intelligent look that if anything increased the beauty about her. Her face was stern, almost bored looking as her the Diclonius wore a thin black dress that matched her flowing hair, all the way down until a bit of her legs showed then ending in a pair of long stockings that were the same color, even down to the black shoes. Two bangs fell over her face, nearly reach her chin. Even her eyes were pitch black.

The only thing that outright confirmed her to be a Diclonius was the pair of horns on her head. Everything else about her was such an enigma, especially considering how Aurelius was apparently surrounding himself with her.

But he had a reason, for this was his own trump card.

Diclonius X...mutated by experiments done on her by Aurelius' men to have a backup Diclonius completely loyal to him. Aurelius himself had refused to believe that the girls had such abilities as invisible hands, or any of the crazy things that happened. What had intended to be just another person loyal to him, ended up being something much more and now Denotos' plans had changed.

He couldn't deny the abilities of the girl's he wanted to get rid of, because this girl before him had showed him that power. So now he had a new plan, and that was to make sure that the world knew their place, a man no different from Kakuzawa but with the weapons to back himself up now.

That girl behind him, the trump card.

Onyara Kariashu

The only Pure Voice Diclonius in the world.

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