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I was standing along the shore of Montauk beach, looking over the sunset. It was so peaceful here. The waves always calm me. It's the last day of summer and my Mom and I always have this tradition to go to Montauk beach every summer.

This was the only time we had every gotten a mother-son moment ever since she got married to Paul. Don't get me wrong. I like Paul. It's just that they recently got married a month ago and had been away for almost a month for their honeymoon.

"Percy" my mom, Sally, handed me a peanut butter sandwich.

"Thanks Mom" I took a bit and we fell into a comfortable silence.

"You're starting your junior year tomorrow. One more year and you'll be separated from me" I heard her voice crack. You see, my mom tends to get a bit emotional.

"Aw, mom, don't be sad. It's not like I won't come back. And besides, I've got two more years. Don't look towards the future too much."

"I know. It's just that, my little boy is growing so fast. I feel it was just like yesterday when you started walking on your own and now… Oh god!" And there it is. She's crying. I hugged her really tight to calm her.

"Heh, mom. Stop crying. You'll age." She laughed at that one.

"Okay okay." She wiped her tears away. " I'll just prepare the food. " She gave me a kiss on my forehead and headed back to our cottage."

I had to admit, when mom started talking about the future it really creeps me out. I really don't want to look at it right now, much less know it.

I started to walk near the water and soaked my feet into the water. It was a bit windy that day. I looked to my right when all of a sudden a cap was on my face.

"Ow!" I rubbed my face.

"Oh my gods! I'm so sorry!" I looked up and a girl came up to me.

She had long blond curly hair, you know like a princess; she was wearing an orange tank top and denim short shorts. She was a bit tan and had a bit skinny.

"It's okay." I gave her back her cap.

"I'm sorry again. My brothers were, well, a bit mischievous and made my cap a Frisbee." She laughed.

I laughed along as well.

"Oh well, thanks and sorry again about hitting your face." She waved good bye and went back to her brothers.

I looked at her scolding her brother. Then she looked back and with a shy smile, she bowed a little. I smiled and bowed back as well and went back to my mom.

"Hey. Let's eat! I'm starving!" I told her while holding my stomach.

"Okay, sweetie, take a seat." Before she turned around she stopped and touched my forehead.

"What happened?" she asked. I guess that cap left mark on my face.

"Oh nothing. Just some kinds playing with a cap. It accidentally hit my face."

She caressed it and smiled. "I'll get the food so we can come home early and prepare your stuff for tomorrow."

We went back home around nine in the evening and I started to pack my things for tomorrow. I changed into my pajamas and headed back to my bed.

I noticed a light across the street. The apartment across ours had been occupied. New neighbour, I guess. I fell into my bed and fell asleep.

I hope this year will be great.

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