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Oh gods! Why do I have to wake up so late? School starts 8:30 and it's… 8:15?

"Bye mom!" I gave her a kiss and grabbed a blueberry pancake on the table and sprinted off.

I ran like a mad man! It's a good thing that the school is just 4 blocks away from our apartment. I got to school around 8:26. Good. I went inside and went to get my schedule. First class: Math. Well that's great.

I got into the room and immediately spotted my two best friends.

Thalia was wearing her usual get up; she wore a black denim pants, combat boots, black shirt that reads "You like Barbie? I kill you too" and leather black jacket. She has a choppy, jet black hair that makes her electric blue eyes pop out.

Nico was wearing a black shirt, black sneakers and black pants. He was wearing a skull ring that was given to him by his dad.

Now I know what you think, why do I hang out with this two? Well, despite their gothic and emo get up, they're two of my best buds; they may be a biit weird but they're quite sensible… at times. We've been friends since kindergarten.

"Hey guys!" I sat next to them.

"Hey Perce, how's summer?" Nico said.

"Oh you know the usual." I stretched out my arms and legs and yawned. I was still sleepy. I had a hard time sleeping that night. Don't ask.

"Still sleepy, Kelp head?" Thalia raised an eyebrow and smirked. She really enjoys calling me names like Kelp head which annoys me so much!

I just rolled my eyes.

Few seconds later the teacher came in and we started on our first lesson. The teacher talked about numbers, which unfortunately I'm no good at.

She got interrupted when a girl came in into the room. My eyes widen. She was the girl from the beach.

She was wearing plain blue shirt and skinny jeans, which by the way fitted her perfectly, and sneakers. Her hair was in a ponytail which made her eyes—her stormy grey eyes—stand out.

I never noticed her eyes before. It's really intimidating but still it looks beautiful. Woah. Back up there now.

"Okay, Ms. Chase, please take your seat next to Ms. Grace." She pointed the empty chair next to Thalia.

She nodded and took her seat and got her things out. Wow. Is it a coincidence or not? I just met her yesterday and now in the same school together. Hmm.

"Ow!" I rubbed my nose. "What'd you do that for?" I whispered to Thalia. She was obviously holding out a laugh.

She leaned in and said,

"Stop looking at the new girl or she'll melt."

I felt my face turn hot. I leaned back, my eyes widen as I look at her and she had this amusing smile across her face.

"I was not!" The whole class turned to me. Dang! That was too loud.

"Any problem, Mr. Jackson?" I looked at the teacher who was looking right at me. Her brown eyes seem to be very intense as she stares me down; getting humiliated from your first day at school. Great.

"No, ma'am. I'm sorry."

I sank down in my chair and looked at Thalia who was laughing her head off; beside her, the new girl looked at me. Her grey eyes where focused on me—as if she was trying to remember where she'd seen me before—and then gave me a small smile.

I quickly turned away. I know, rude but I felt my face got hotter. Well, at least I think she remembered me. (I mean come on! We saw each other yesterday and had a little conversation. Unless she has short-term memory, she would remember at least my face.)

The school bell rang and class was over. As I packed up my things I glanced up to the new girl's place and noticed that she'd already left. Bummer! I didn't even get the chance to say hi to her.

We went to our next class, Greek Mythology. Now this is the subject that I love, and to my surprise the new girl was there too.

She looked up and saw me. She gave me a smile and that encouraged me to come and seat beside her.

"Hey," I said as I sat to my seat, "nice to see you again!"

"Yeah, it feels only like we met yesterday." She giggled. I smiled at her.

"I'm Percy, by the way. Percy Jackson" I offered my hand and she took it.

"Annabeth Chase."

It took me a little while to regain my consciousness because I was still holding her hand.

The teacher came in we both let go. I suddenly missed the warmth of her hand in mine. Woah there! What now? Scratch that last thought.

After two periods, it was lunch time. Annabeth and I had almost the same classes together except for one which was Science.

We ate lunch with Thalia and Nico. As usual, the two were having their own little world where they talked about skulls, darkness and some other creepy stuff.

"So Annie-"

"Please don't call me that." She said as she took a bite of her salad.

"Oh, sorry. Annabeth, have you selected any extra-curricular activity already?" Thalia asked.

"Hmm. Not yet. I haven't decided whether or not to join one."

"Don't even bother, Chase. Trust me." Nico said as he was playing around with his skull ring.

"Wow. I love your school spirit, Nico. Very nice." Thalia shot back.

"Just telling the truth."

I looked at Annabeth and saw her smiling at the two of them. Wow. She's really pretty, even prettier than yesterday at the beach.

I think she felt me staring at her and she faced me, "Is there something on my face?" she asked innocently.

"Uh, no. I just…" I felt my cheeks heat up again, before I can even continue someone tackled me from the back by giving me a hug.

"I missed you!" I saw a red strand of hair from my rear view. Then I knew who the person was.

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