By AuhoraAtra

Robbie had to admit, sometimes he was just grateful to be in Tori Vegas presence.

Most girls as pretty as Tori usually shewed him away from them, or if he tried to come up with conversion with one of them they quickly rebuffed him and barked for him to go away.

Being with Tori was a refreshing change.

Of course Tori would make a bewildered expression in his direction or would roll her eyes at his absolute dorkiness, but never turned him away, never denied that they were friends. And she didn't seem at all ashamed at that fact at all.

Robbie noticed Tori even got along with Rex, was before she attended Hollywood Arts, the idea was unheard of. And Rex got along with Tori, whereas Rex had no positive opinions on anyone, girl or not.

Whenever Tori arrived at his locker to say hi, Robbie couldn't help but let a large, albeit goofy smile appear.

She was by far the nicest person the Shapiro boy had ever met.

Only the times where Robbie disappointed Tori did the ventriliquest truly feel worthless.

"I mean seriously, is being popular that important to you?" Robbie remembers Tori yelling at him for the entire Robarazzi fiasco.

It is important. I want to be good enough for you one day.


This is so terribly short, I'm sorry. I'm just getting into the idea of Tori and Robbie together, I actually really love it.