The Rise of the Shinigami Village

Disclaimer: I own none of these ideas this is a pure work of fiction. I have added my own characters into the story the most characters are owned by Bleach and Naruto and a few references to dragon ball, z and gt. This fan fiction is a Bleach, Naruto and small bit of dragon ball crossover. There is also a couple Mortal Kombat reference as well as Street fighter, god of war III a quote or two from Monty Python and the Holy Grail and some quotes from Team Four Star's Dragon Ball Z abridged. I also got a lot of ideas from Naruto: rise of the lord of foxes and one character idea from the fan fiction Toshuriou's little Rangiku but for the most part this is my own work. THIS WILL NOT BE A LEMON!

Bolded words = Shikage's voice/ demon voice
italic = thoughts
("conversation between Sasuke and his sword")

(Author's note: this story is told all from Sasuke Uchiha's perspective. Timeline wise with the Bleach part it is after the Full bringing ark. As for Naruto part it is about 2-3 weeks after Sasuke kills Itachi.)

Chapter one: The Warrior

A battlefield with corpses everywhere and alone stands a single warrior sword in one hand and body surrounded by fire and lightning he has a brown belt wrapped around his waist and ten black dragon tails and dragon wings that come out of his coat. You don't know who he is but you can feel the power that he radiates it is so intense that you can barely breathe. You have seen this man before but you can't put your finger on it. He turns and you are frozen in fear and he starts to walk towards you. You hold your breath in order to avoid detection he looks in all directions. You have just seen this man, no not a man this monster slay an army of shinobi single handily, dried blood covers his blade. When you finally get a good look at him you see an eye patch over his right eye but the rest of his face is in shadow. His sword looks as though it was forged with nothing less than pure gold. You see him walk past where you are hiding the power he radiates is nothing less than terrifying. You think that he hasn't seen you and think to yourself "Thank god he didn't find me." he starts to move off and you see him walk towards a woman and child and you think "Oh my god he is going to kill them. Wait haven't I seen that woman before." but just as this thought forms in your head and you are about to try and stop him, he speaks and it is with a voice filled with nothing but kindness.

"You are unharmed I assume." he says the woman nods and the child just stares at this man and his brutality.

Then you hear the woman's voice and it sounds sweet and full of love for this man "We are thank you for your concern."

The warrior says "We should return we need to get back before another team tries and ambushes us."

The woman nods and the boy walks up to the warrior, and in an act that shocks you almost out of your skin, the man picks the boy up and places him on his shoulder and the boy speaks. "Dad where are we going, do we have to go back to the village now?" the boy's father only nods.

"Well are you two coming or not?" says the woman in an exasperated tone.

The warrior laughs as he says "Of course we are honey."

"Yea mom we are on our way" says the boy. You see them run off and then you sigh in relief they did not see you and you finally get out of your hiding spot and then you see a shadow on the ground ahead of you and you know it isn't yours and you feel that power you felt early. The warrior has returned, and you see him draw his blade and you feel a pain in a small section on the back of your head and everything goes black.