Road to damnation

Chapter 1: The paved path

There is a tail that as be told from the darkest depths of the pit of hell. There is a being that has come to the mortal world from the inferno, fulfilling a deal he has made with the devil himself to seek out the souls of those that have done wrong and need to be punished, to avenge for those that cry out to him for they have lost. It is either a servant of heaven or hell; it is neutral to both realms, this being exists for only one purpose and one purpose alone, to seek vengeance. It does not care who it hunts, man, women or child, if you have done something terribly wrong, it will find you. It kills whoever it hunts without regret or remorse, just does the job that is needed to be done and no more. It is said to be a spirit manifested from only hatred, revenge and madness. To this day it continues to wander the earth, seeking and hunting whoever as it coming to them.

It is the spirit of vengeance.

The sun shined high in the sky over a vast chasm of many cliffs and spares that seemed to stretch for hundreds of miles and craved deep into the earth, so deep it seems to go into the core of the earth itself, sculpted my thousands of years of water eating away at the stone and rock, it was a vast open scar on the earth's surface, one so great it could from the heavens above. It is one of the great mysteries of the natural world, the Grand Canyon.

Amongst the massive landscape of rock and stone, stand two figures stood on a high cliff, from far way they are nothing more than insignificant specks in the grand vastness of the chasm, but upon looking closer upon them, one would notice they are not from this world. One of the two figures stands upright on top legs, even though its legs are more animal like then human. Its torso and arms are more human like, however it bears the head shape of a wolf. The being is dressed in silver armor from shoulder to toe that is embossed with golden markings all over it, so shiny it could blind a person from the sunlight reflecting off it just right. The most disguising feature the being had was it had two massive bird like wings spouting from its back that were the color of pure white. The other being was an avian creature, a rather large eagle whose feathers were also the color of pure white, and also wearing the same kind of silver and gold armor on its head like a helmet and pieces of it around its feet and talons. The two angelic figures just seem to stand at the edge of the cliff in silence admiring the spectacular view in front of them.

Finally, the white eagle breaks the silence and speaks out "Daniel, what is the meaning of this? Why are we meeting here, among these stupid little mortals?"

"Because sometimes, elder brother, I like to admire our lord's work here in the mortal world." the anthro wolf being said back as he continued to look out on the horizon.

"But were not here just to admire the scenery, are we?" said the white eagle back.

"Unfortunately no, they are things I need to discuss with you. Malachi, how could you let things get this far?" the anthro wolf said turning towards the eagle with an angry scowl on his face

"Not now, Daniel." said the white eagle.

"Legion is now lose here on earth, do you understand what this means? Can you even begin to imagine the trouble this could cause, not to mention the havoc he'll wreak on this mortal world?" the anthro wolf continued to speak.

"I'm well aware of that, all the more reason to get started…" the white eagle started to speak.

"There are hunters out after him already, they sent Bloodwar, and so our side sent Ruth. God help this desert valley once those two get going." The white eagle continued to speak turning his head to look out on the horizon.

"But I'm afraid even they are not enough to stop of what is to come." said the anthro wolf.

"What do you suggest then?" said the white eagle as he turned to face the anthro wolf again.

"Have you heard of a fellow named Rattlesnake Jake?" the anthro wolf said.

"Who?" the white eagle said in puzzlement.

The anthro wolf let out a long sigh and said "pin your ears back, it's a long story."

"Several years ago, a young rattlesnake by the name of Jacob saw his whole family murdered in front of his very eyes by bounty hunters; he was the only one to escape the massacre. From that day forward he swore revenge on those that had taken his family lives away. Eventually he joined a gang that promised him he would get his revenge and over the years he and the gang paved a bloody path in search for those that Jacob wanted to kill. But it was not to be, Jacob soon meet his own death by unfortunate circumstances. Naturally, he was sent to hell because of the deeds he had done, but the devil made him an offer, to send him back to the mortal world to fulfill the revenge he desired, but in return he would have to seek out people and sent their souls to hell for him. Of course, the rattlesnake accepted the offer and immediately sold his soul to the devil." the anthro wolf explained.

"I'm sorry, this is who you found to help us?" said the white eagle sarcastically.

"Bear with me." The anthro wolf said back.

"Not only did the devil give him his life back, but give him god like powers to make his job a lot easier. His job was not just to seek out any mortal souls, but ones that had committed a sin and need to be punished. Also for those that wanted vengeance on another for what they had done, he would answer. Over the years, his lust for vengeance grew and eventually turned him into some kind of super-powerful hellspawn. From then on, Jacob became the spirit of vengeance. Every so often he turns into the monster he has become and let me tell you, life is no bed of roses when your body is on fire half the time, yet he endures" The anthro wolf continued to say

"What kind of powers are we talking about here?" said the white eagle.

"4th grade hellfire and able to tare souls away from their bodies, get in the way of this guy and you would be in great peril, brother." said the anthro wolf firmly.

"And why makes so sure he will help us?" the white eagle said.

"Because we can give him the one thing he wants more than anything….his freedom." said the anthro wolf.

The white eagle's eyes widened a bit in puzzlement, he was about to say something, but the anthro wolf continued on speaking.

"You see, he is bond to the deal he made for all eternity, he can't die, so he can't pass on to the other side."

"Not the sharpest tool in the shed is he?" said the white eagle.

"No, but he is very powerful and very gullible. If we can get the rattlesnake to work for us, we will have a better chance of winning this." said the anthro wolf.

"So what now?" said the white eagle.

"I want you to go and find this Rattlesnake Jake and tell him our offer, I am certain he will not refuse. He currently resides in the heart of the Mojave desert, near a town called Hell's pit." said the anthro wolf.

"Hmph, how ironic." said the white eagle.

"Go now." said the anthro wolf.

A little disappointed he got stuck with the job to find the rattlesnake; the white eagle took off in the air and flew further west, deeper into the desert valley. A few minutes later, the second angelic figure disappeared in a cloud of white mist.

Somewhere deep in the Mojave desert, a serpent like figure races though the dunes of the sand, much bigger than a rattlesnake, its scales bearing the color of black and white in a zebra like pattern from his head to the end of his tail. On its head he wears a sleek flat reamed red hat, along with several ammo belts strapped along its body that match the color of his hat and its tail ending with a Gatling gun attracted to it, very much like the famous Rattlesnake Jake processes and its eyes bear not the color of a bight hellfire, but of a deep blood red.

The kingsnake continues to race quickly through the sand when soon he notices he is being followed by several cowboys on roadrunners, but the kingsnake pays little attention to them and keeps on going.

As the cowboys get closer to the snake, one of them shouts out "we got ourselves a big one this time boys, round him up!"

Then the rest of the cowboys start to run on both sides of the snake, starting to surround it.

"Stupid mortals, they never learn." The kingsnake mumbles to himself.

As the cowboys get closer, they start to shoot at the kingsnake with the pistols, but the bullets seem to bounce right off him without any effect at all. Shock and surprise spreads on all the cowboys faces, not fully understanding what just happened, yet they continue on with their pursuit.

Next the cowboys try to rope the snake, but all their efforts end in failure. Then as one of the cowboys gets really close alongside the snake, the kingsnake quickly turns his head towards the cowboy, his eyes glow bright red, and instantly the cowboy burst into flames, in a few seconds the cowboy and his roadrunner are nothing more than ashes, not even getting the chance to scream in pain.

The other cowboys took on in complete shock and horror at what they just seen.

"Jeezus christ! What the hell wus that?" one the cowboys shouts.

Finally, the kingsnake decides to stop running and face the pursuing cowboys. The cowboys surround the snake and try to rope him once more, despite the horrors they just saw. One the cowboys manages to get a rope around the snake, but then the rope instantly bursts into flames, burning the hands of the cowboy holding on to it, the cowboy lets out a bloodchilling scream of pain.

"Fuck this shit! I'm outta here!" yells one of the cowboys and start to run away.

The other cowboys started to panic and run away too, the cowboy with the burned hands is unable to hold on to the reins of his panicked roadrunner and soon was thrown off. His roadrunner runs away, the cowboy ends up being left behind by his fleeing comrades.

The kingsnakes looks on to the fleeing cowboys and starts to speak "oh no, escape will not be that easy."

The kingsnake's eyes glow bright red again, and all the cowboys instantly burst into flames, soon reduced to nothing but ashes.

Then the kingsnake turns his attention to the last remaining cowboy on the ground, the cowboy too frightened to try to get up and run.

The kingsnake looms over the frightened cowboy and speaking in deep dark tone as if he was the devil himself "you will regret the day you tried to mess with Bloodwar."

Then suddenly the kingsnake quickly wrapped his coils around the cowboy, squeezes and twists the cowboy's body every which away, the cowboy hollering in pain as he does so. As the kingsnake twisted the body more, he managed to stick the cowboy's head up his own ass, quite literally. Finally satisfied, the kingsnake uncoils himself from the cowboy and left the mangled body in the sandy ground and continuing on his way.

In another part of the Mojave desert, in a shabby saloon in the small town, a young female coyote sits at the bar, drinking down a tall glass of cactus juice. The saloon is not busy very at the moment, with only one other person at the bar and a few other folks in the back playing a game of cards at a small table. At one table sits a mother ground squirrel and her son by themselves, the mother is peacefully reading a book, while her son is drawing with a pencil on a small piece of paper. The little boy then looks towards the female coyote at the bar and his eyes grow really wide.

"Ma, that lady over there as huge wings!" says the boy to her mother.

"Mmm-mmm…that's nice dear." says his mother not really paying attention to what he is saying and continues to read here book.

"No lying, ma! She really as them, she looks like an angel!" the little boy says again.

"Son, don't stare at people, it isn't polite." The mother said still not looking up from her book.

Now if someone else were to look at the coyote, they wouldn't find anything out of the ordinary about her at all.

The female coyote looks over to the little boy and narrows her eyes. Then she makes an invisible ancient symbol with her finger in the air in front of her, going unnoticed by everyone else around her. The little boy however, as if possessed by some unseen force unable to control is own body, picks up the pencil he was holding and starts to point it towards one of his eyes.

"Ma, that lady says I'm a sinner." The little boy says in an eerie voice as the pencil he is holding inches ever closer to his eyes.

Finally, the mother looks up from her book and sees what her son is about to do.

"Oh my god!" the mother screams in panic.

The mother quickly tries to take away the pencil from her son, but it's too late, the terrible deed has been done.

The little boy starts to scream in pain while the mother panics hysterically trying to get the pencil out of his eye. The bartender and other people in the saloon soon take notice of this and rush over to try to help them out.

Meanwhile, the female coyote takes the opportunity, gets up from the bar and leaves the saloon. Then she saddles her roadrunner placed near the saloon and rides out of the town.

Elsewhere in the Mojave desert, another dark serpent figure slithers across the ground in the hot afternoon sun, his scales bear the color of dark browns and greys, a sleek flat rimmed black hat resting on his head, several ammo belts wrapped crisscrossed along his body, he tail ending in a six barrel Gatling gun and his eyes bright and fiery like the deepest pits of hell. It was none other than the famous grim reaper outlaw of the west, Rattlesnake Jake.

Jake was on his way to the next town to restock on his ammo for his tail gun and get a day's rest from his traveling. Lately Jake I been feeling partially uneasy, he felt like someone or something was always watching him even though he knew there was no one there.

As he continued the slithered along, making his way towards the town, the uneasy feeling got increasing worse, soon it felt like someone was right behind him, quietly whispering his name.


Jake quickly turned around and aimed his tail gun even though it had very little ammo left in it. Once he turned around, there was no one there; he looked out into the horizon and into the sky above, nothing there. Jake let out a snarl in irritation and turned back in the direction he was going. Now Jake was starting to wonder if there really was someone following him or he was finally slowly losing his mind to this desert heat. Either way, if someone was out to get him, he wished they would stop being cowards and show themselves, he had enough of mind games.