"No, Doctor, please—"

"Shh, shh," he whispered, lifting a hoof to touch the trembling Pegasus' cheek. Her honey eyes filled with tears as he touched his nose to the base of her muzzle.

"Please, please," she murmured, looking at the screwdriver he had in his hoof.

He silenced her with a soft kiss on her forehead. "I promise that I will find you, just hold on, and I will be there," he gently assured her, pulling her close to him, letting her listen to his pounding heart. Her shoulders trembled as she sobbed into his chestnut coat and he nuzzled her desperately. "Derpy… I will find you."

"B-but I'm right here, Doctor! I'm right here!" The stallion's blue eyes shut slowly and he sighed sadly through his nose. He felt the smart of tears as his companion pressed her lips to his lightly. "S-see? I'm right here!" she assured him, kissing him again.

He pulled away reluctantly and looked into her swimming, honey gaze. "I'll find you, I promise."

"Y-you don't hafta find me, I'm here!" she protested, stomping her hoof. "Please don't do this! I-I love you!"

The Doctor paused and gave her a tender look. He took in the tears rolling down her smoky cheeks, her trembling lip, and her broken hearted gaze. "I know, my dear," he whispered, pointing the sonic at her forehead. "… and that's why I must do this. I love you, Derpy Hooves—but I can only have the real you." Quickly, he activated the screwdriver, and he watched as the Dopple dissolved before his eyes, leaving him in tears as he stared at the puddle that had once served as the fake of his beloved companion. Angrily, he sniffed and wiped the tears from his face before he galloped to the center of the TARDIS and began punching buttons.

"NO, DOCTOR, DON'T—" she gasped as she shot awake, immediately hitting her head on the side of her cell. Derpy blinked and then whimpered as she stared out the glass case into the staring eyes of an un-pony-like form. It smiled and it shot shivers up her bruised spine before it walked away to examine the creature in the cell next to her.

Weakly, the Pegasus curled up and rested her head on her trembling hooves as tears rolled down her face. As a pink tinted gas began to fill her glass chamber, her mind began to grow hazy and she weakly whispered, "… please find me, Doctor…"