Here's another fic...pretty short one but just an idea I had. Enjoy ^_*

It was a gorgeous Friday afternoon. School had just let out for the day and Kagome, along with her friends, Yuka, Eri and Ayumi were at WacDnalds chatting about the usual things.

"So how are things going with you and your boyfriend?" Eri asked, smirking.

"Uh…" Kagome laughed nervously. She didn't know what was so fascinating about Inuyasha, but they always brought him up. "I guess things are fine right now. He's supposed to be coming to my house today."

"Aww, how sweet!" Ayumi cooed.

"So what do you two do together?" Yuka asked, leaning close to Kagome in interest.

"Uh, nothing really. He usually just bugs me when I'm trying to study." Kagome sighed frustratingly, taking a sip of her drink.

"That's not good. It must be hard, especially when you're sick all the time." Eri concluded, shaking her head.

"Right." Kagome laughed nervously again. There were just so many holes in her story. That's why she hated to talk about Inuyasha so much. "Well I just try the best I can."

"Well it's the weekend so you two can just be happy to see each other." Ayumi said with a bright smile.

Not really. Kagome was going to be dragged right back to the Feudal Era as soon as she got in the house. She was sitting there thinking about all the demon slaying and jewel shard detecting she'd have to do. How exhausting!

"What's the matter, Kagome? You look upset." Eri asked worriedly.

"Oh, it's nothing!" She lied. "I should really get going, though."

Kagome and her friends left WacDnalds.

"See you later, Kagome!" They all waved.

"Bye!" She waved back and went the opposite way.

Kagome briskly walked home, not wanting to make Inuyasha wait. She wasn't looking forward to hearing him complain. It wasn't long before she was just around the corner from the shrine.

As she continued, she noticed a heavyset bald-headed man leaning against a lamppost, eyeballing her. He made her feel a bit uneasy but she refused to stare back and kept walking.

"Are you Kagome Higurashi?" The man asked as she walked by.

She stopped, turned around and nodded slowly. The man started to walk towards her and cracked his knuckles.

"Listen, little lady. I don't wanna hurt cha so you're gonna have to come with me." He spoke in a harsh, raspy voice, flashing a gun in his jacket.

Fear shot through Kagome's entire body upon seeing the weapon. She knew this man would kill her if she didn't go with him so she didn't try to run.

He roughly grabbed her arm and pushed her into a nearby van with two other men inside holding large guns.

"Drive, Ichiro." The man ordered.

Kagome sat in the seat staring at the other men in the car. "Where are we going? Why did you take me?"

"We're holding you for ransom." The man responded. "Your family has something very valuable to us in your shrine and we want it back."

Kagome was confused. Her family wasn't known to steal artifacts, let alone have any that weren't passed down or given to them for purification. "What are you talking about? And who are you?"

"Damn, you sure ask a lot of questions!" Another man spoke up. He was a thinner man with a long ponytail and sunglasses. In his hand he had what looked like a shotgun. "We're the Yakuza. Ever heard of us, girl?"

What luck. A ruthless gang kidnapped Kagome for some artifact she's not even sure is in her shrine. And who knows what they'll do to her if they don't get it?

The van had no windows except the ones for the driver behind her and she didn't dare to turn around out of fear of getting shot. So she didn't know where she was being taken.

"I see you're quiet now! Hahaha! You scared? Don't worry, little girl we ain't gonna kill ya! We just need this artifact back." The man claimed.

"Don't tell her that! What if we gotta kill her?" The third man said. This man, unlike the others, was scrawny and had spiky hair. He looked like he was only a little older than Kagome.

The heavyset man punched the third man in his head. "Shut up!"

Kagome started to cry. She hadn't the slightest idea what was going to happen to her. The sound of a cocked gun sent an eerie chill through her bones and stopped her tears just as they were falling.

"Don't you cry in here, girl." The heavyset man commanded, holding the gun to her neck. "The sound of your high-pitched whiny ass cries irritates the hell out of me." He spoke angrily through his clenched teeth. After a moment, he put the gun back in his jacket.

Kagome forced all her emotions back, hoping she would get out of this mess in one piece.