Inuyasha quickly got Kagome home and opened the sliding door to see her upset and worried family staring at him in shock.

"You found her!" Kagome's grandfather exclaimed, almost in disbelief.

"I knew Inuyasha would get her back!" Sota said confidently, rushing up to the two of them.

Inuyasha gently set Kagome down as she hugged Sota, then her mother and grandfather who were all very worried. "I was so scared! They never intended to keep their promise to you. If it weren't for Inuyasha, I wouldn't be alive!"

"We're so glad you're okay, Kagome." Her mother said, pools of tears forming in her eyes. "Thank you, Inuyasha."

"Yeah. Don't mention it. Kagome's life is important to me too." Inuyasha admitted, a slight blush on his face.

Kagome smiled upon hearing his kind words, but her mood changed upon remembering the artifact.

"Grandpa." Kagome said sternly. "That statuette is dangerous. It has demon souls inside of it."

Kagome's grandfather's eyes widened. "Unbelievable! So that's why the man who entrusted it to me told me it would bring forth turmoil. It makes sense now."

"I think you should destroy the thing." Inuyasha suggested.

Kagome nodded in agreement. "Inuyasha's right. We shouldn't have something like that in our shrine. What if someone else finds out it's here? Imagine what could happen."

Kagome's grandfather shook his head in disagreement. "The man also told me it's impenetrable. He's tried to destroy it many times in different ways, but it won't even crack."

Inuyasha confidently drew his sword. "Keh! Let me take a whack at it. I'll blow it to bits with the wind scar."

"Follow me." Kagome's grandfather lead Inuyasha to the storehouse.

He unlocked a trunk which had a box inside, which had yet another box inside. "For precautionary reasons!" Her grandfather informed.

The last box had a small golden red eyed dragon statue inside coiled around a black orb.

Inuyasha studied the statuette before taking it outside. He placed it on the ground and held his sword up.

To his surprise, along with Kagome's and her grandfather's, the orb started to crack and he hadn't even touched it yet.

"It's falling apart! How can that be?" Her grandfather questioned.

"It's responding to the demonic aura in my sword. These demons want to be saved."

Inuyasha swung his sword and performed his Wind Scar technique, breaking the statuette to bits and releasing the souls.

The three of them watched on as the souls faded into the sky.

Kagome let out an exhausted sigh and grabbed Inuyasha's hand, leading him back to the house.

"Hey where are we going?" He questioned, cheeks flushed pink.

"To take a nap. That was exhausting."


welp. that's it! Just a little story I wanted to do for a while

hope you enjoyed!