Dragon ball

Chapter 1 the journey begins

(Narrator deep in the mountains a powerful kid name Goku is getting lunch)

(goku) now what to eat? That a huge fish (Goku take off his clothes an go's after them) (dragon radar) beep (Bulma) your mine you little jewel (my oc kai) c'mon bulma lets go (Bulma) fine (Goku) now this is a big fish ha huh? Aaaaa (the car hits goku) (bulma) is he dead? (Kai) OH MAN YOU KILL A KID QUICK HIDE THE BOODY WE GOIN TO JAILL (bulma hits kai) ow way hit me? (bulma) drama king

(Goku) monster I am going to kill (bulma) wait were human (goku) oh sorry so who are you (goku lifts up the back bottom of bulmas shirt ) bulma blushes) DON'T YOU HAVE ANY MANERS? (kai) PFFFHAHAHAHAHA good one kid (bulma hit kai again) why? (Goku) ha do u guys want to come over (kai bulma) shore (at goku place) (bulma) so this is your place huh you live here alone? (Goku) yap an no I have my grandpa (kai) where is he (goku show them the 4 star ball) (bulma kai) wow you have it (goku took it away) no one touches my grandpa (bulma blushes and said) ill make you a deal you let us have your dragon ball an ill let you have a peek (goku) what this feeling in my stomach (kai ) how bout this you come with us? (goku) well if I can be with the pretty girl than ok (bulma blushes) great lets get going (narrator what well the team find as the search for the dragon balls begins) tune in to 2 to find out