A/N: Becasue that ending scene alone was enough to give me fluff bunnies about those two for a year. I might turn this into a series of one shots if people want.

Karen lazily stretched as she felt kisses being pressed to her back. "Mm, you're late," she teased, not opening her eyes.

A voice coated in a warm British accent rolled over her. "I'm the director, darling. They won't start without me."

Karen opened her eyes to see Derek leaning over her with a smile. "Eileen will be upset," she pointed out with a smile over her own.

"Eileen will survive." Derek's eyes were glued to Karen's lean body as she rolled onto her back. He let his gaze wander down to where the sheet was slipping to the side, revealing her toned belly. "I'll tell her I was looking after my wife."

"But what will Ivy say?" Karen snickered. She caught Derek's gaze wandering and ran a hand over her torso.

"What makes you think I give a damn what Ivy will say?"

"Mm, the fact that she's your star. And Derek Wills known for giving his stars all the…attention they need."

"I could make you the star. Then no one will question this."

Karen laughed softly. "You could," she agreed. "Then when the shows ready to open, you'll have to cast Ivy anyway because none of my costumes will fit and I will be a blimp." She gave him a teasing thoughtful look. "Somehow that doesn't sound like a good idea."

Derek trailed his hand down to Karen's still flat stomach where their daughter was currently growing. "I guess it wouldn't do to get our girl on stage quite yet. So…I suppose I'll go put up with Ivy and her gloating for now." He grinned at Karen. "But it will be worth it to have two stars in my life."

"How do you know she's going to be a star?" Karen asked, only half curious.

"I'll make her into one. Just like I did her mother."

"And what if she wants to be a director like her daddy?"

Derek wrinkled his nose. "Then I'll warn her away. No need for her to do with temperamental stars and egotistical writers."

"True. She'll get enough ego and temper right here at home," Karen snickered. "Her daddy is full of both."

"You little brat," Derek chuckled. Karen crooked her finger with a smile. Derek leaned over to kiss her deeply.

It was slowly turning into a make out session when the phone began to ring. Karen twisted away to answer it. Derek growled lightly, decided he wasn't done yet and began to kiss her neck. "Good morning, Eileen," Karen chirped. Derek tried to hold in his laughter as he heard a tinge of Marilyn creep into her tone. That was his teasing little woman. "Yes, I'm doing fine…The pregnancy is right on schedule…Derek is thrilled…yes, he is all dressed and ready…oh, he's picking up cab fare right now."

Derek bolted up with an expression so comical that Karen had to stifle a laugh. 'Cab fare?' he mouthed. He furiously gestured at the car keys.

Karen shook her head several times. 'Doctor,' she mouthed back, putting a hand over her stomach.

Derek rolled his eyes but he couldn't' argue. "I hate married life," he grumbled as he slid off the bed to find the elusive cab fare.

"Yes, Eileen, yes…I'm sending him out right now…I promise Derek will be there just as soon as he can…Thank you…tell everyone I say hi…alright…bye." Karen pulled the sheet over her breasts and grinned brightly at her husband.

"You are a brat," Derek declared, winding his scarf around his neck. "Now I'll chalk it up to hormones for the moment but hat excuse won't work forever." He leaned down to kiss her deeply. "Call me after the appointment?"

"I could stop by…if you want."

Derek shrugged. "Your decision. Just be prepared for the insanity that is Broadway in the making."

Karen laughed. "Oh, because I've never seen that sight before."

"I love you," Derek smiled, kissing her again.

"I love you more," Karen told him.

"Not possible, darling."

"Oh, very possible darling. Now get going before Eileen calls again." Karen swatted at him as he headed out and Derek gave her a sly grin. "And no sleeping with the star of the show," she called after him.

"You're the only star in my life now," Derek promised as he shut the door.

Karen laughed as she fell back onto the bed. Theirs might have been an unconventional love story but she wouldn't trade a second of it for anything else in the world.