Author's Notes: Alright. If anybody reading this has already peeked at/read "Feudel Dream", then some of the details in this story might make a bit of sense. This story, and the next one that I'll upload, are prequels to that one. These stories spawned from a dream my friend had about us being able to physically transform into our favorite video game characters, and I took it from there! So, please, enjoy the story. I don't own any of the video game characters presented, but the "combo-platter" characters that my friends and I transform into are mine.

Dream Quest: Mortal Quest

About three months have past since the Masters triumphed over the evil Timesplitters. During this time, everyone was back to living like normal people, with normal jobs, and normal families. Matt, on the other hand, is back in other world. He took some personal time off of work to visit the areas of Other World that he hasn't seen yet. Ironically, the landscape and surroundings seemed to get smoother and more beautiful the more advanced the programming of games became. Eventually, with the aid of the Super Truck, Matt wound up in the equivalent of Asia. Matt was enjoying the sites of northern "Tibet" when he suddenly got an odd feeling. Goku's Power Sensing Ability had become even more powerful within Matt over this three month period. Matt began to sense an evil presence in what he guessed was "China".

So, he got back into the Truck and drove to Other World's China. Eventually, he found himself at a holy Buddhist shrine. He got out of his truck and began to look around. As he did, the evil "energy" which he had sensed in Other World Tibet grew exponentionaly stronger. Matt finally stopped and hid himself when he reached what appeared to be a central area of the shrine. Soon, he saw five figures appear on the scene, they were surrounded by several hundred ninjas!

Matt:"(Inner) Wait a minute! Haven't I seen this somewhere before?" The ninjas spread out to cover the entire area, some came dangerously close to finding Matt, but none of them did. Matt:"(Inner) Those five can't be what I've been sensing. Their spirits are pure." The five beings talked amongst each other for a little while, then they all looked up when they heard a tremendously load scream! Matt looked up as well. When he did, he saw several more figures on the roof of the Shrine. There were six of them, one of which had a human skull as a mask!

Matt:"(Inner) Now I know that Other World China is Mortal Kombat! What's next!" One of the five pure figures was the Kombat god of Thunder in Other World, Rayden. With a tremendous leap, he flew onto the central stage of the Shrine. Shao Kahn, the evil man with the skull mask, did the same. The two landed very close to each other. Rayden:"As long as I live, you'll never control this world, Shao Kahn." Shao Kahn:"As long as the portal to Outworld remains open, this world which you protect becomes mine!"

The two men squared off. Matt:"This oughta be good. These two are immortal, so this fight is gonna last a LONG time!" After starring each other down for a little while, Kahn suddenly charged Rayden, smacking him with incredible force into a stone pillar! The pillar instantly shattered into several pieces. Shao Kahn:"[Laughs evilly] You will never win!" Rayden gets back to his feet just in time to dodge a green fireball, which Shao Kahn fired from his hands. Rayden:"Abdabada!" After chanting this magic phrase, Rayden flies into Shao Kahn. His open palms are charged with lightning magic, so the blow sends Kahn hurdling backwards several feet! When Kahn gets to his feet, Rayden roundhouses him right across the face, forcing him to his knees once again. Rayden slams Shao Kahn with a mini uppercut, which sends him rolling away in a daze.

Rayden begins to walk over to Shao Kahn, a ninja suddenly cries, "Master!" This ninja throws Kahn a whip, which he uses to quickly capture Sonja, one of the two women on Rayden's side. Matt:"(Inner) How did I know that was gonna happen?" Shao Kahn:"This ends now, unless you want to see her die!" Rayden:"You hide behind a human?" Shao Kahn:"Silence, Rayden! You've been hiding behind them for you're entire, pathetic life!" Out of nowhere, Sonja's boyfriend, Johnny Cage, tries to surprise Kahn with a flying kick! But, Kahn sees him coming, and with a monstrous punch, sends Cage to the ground. Shao Kahn releases Sonja from underneath of his huge foot and gets the dazed Johnny Cage in a nasty headlock!

In response, Rayden uses his thunder magic to trap Shao Kahn's generals, the six figures on the roof of the shrine, in an impenetrable barrier. Rayden:"You may take Cage, but I'll take your generals, because this world does not bend to the will of tyrants!" Shao Kahn scornfully scruffs at Rayden. Kahn:"You...who would never let one of your precious humans die!" Rayden's bluff had been called. Matt:"(Inner) I know where this is going! Rayden, whatever you do, don't release his generals!" Rayden:"Trade me for Johnny Cage." At this, Matt began to concentrate and transform into Bowseroku. The noise of his aura would probably give him away, but at this point, Matt's only thought was to save the helpless Johnny Cage.

Shao Kahn:"Come me feet!" Matt:"(Inner) I've seen the movie! So far, this is going exactly like the movie, but in the video game world! If I didn't know better, as soon as Rayden drops his barrier, Shao Kahn will go against his word and kill Johnny Cage!" As Matt predicted, Rayden dropped his barrier. Shao Kahn:"You FOOL!" Matt:"Aaaahhhh!" Before Kahn could begin to snap Cage's neck, he was hit by a Mini Dragon's Fury, which sent him flying almost fifty feet away!

Everyone searched for the source of golden ray of light! Liu Kang, the greatest fighter in Other World China, discovered Matt as he leaped through the air and landed on the central platform. Katana, who was princess of the Outworld, got into a fighting stance. Everyone was startled by this monstrous creature and didn't know what his motives were. Shao Kahn struggled to his feet and leaped back onto the platform. The creature which he came face to face with was easily two feet taller than he was!

Shao Kahn:"Pitiful monstrosity! You may have caught me off guard with that attack, by you'll never defeat me!" He sends a fist out, which is easily caught by Matt. Matt:"Humph! You're not even worth my time!" With that, Matt counters Kahn's attack by slamming him in the stomach with an iron fist. Kahn instantly falls to his knees from the blow. Matt ends his assault against Shao Kahn with an uppercut, which sends him flying about fifty feet away.

Shao Kahn gets up as though nothing even happened! Shao Kahn:"[Laughs evilly] You may have been able to defeat me, but it has begun! Soldiers! Annihilate 'em!" As he said this, Kahn creates a portal to Outworld and disappears through it. Rayden:"Whomever you are, we must get out of here! There are too many soldiers to fight and we can come up with a plan in a safer place! Follow me!" So, Matt along side Liu Kang, Sonja, Katana, and Johnny Cage followed Rayden to an underground passageway, with hundreds of Shao Kahn's soldiers breathing down their necks! Rayden:"Keep going!" He summons some lightning magic to blast the ceiling. Matt had the same idea with a mini Dragon's Fury. Both of the men blasted the ceiling and covered their escape.

The underground path was very dark, being only dimly illuminated by Matt's glowing orange aura. Suddenly, with a flick of his wrists, Rayden makes hundreds of torches light up. Rayden:"Now then, who are you?" Matt changes back to normal. Matt:"My name is Matt. I happened to be in the neighborhood when I saw Johnny Cage in trouble. So I transformed into that hulking creature, Bowseroku, so that I'd be strong enough to fight against Shao Kahn." Cage:"How do you know my name?" Matt:"I know who each and every one of you are, including all of Shao Kahn's generals." Liu Kang:"But, how?" Matt:"Because all of you are video game characters that I know of." The five of them each gave Matt a very puzzled look. Matt:"Think of it this way. I'm from the planet Earth. You guys are also from planet Earth, but you are in another dimension of my Earth, which me and my friends call Other World. Other World is Earth, except in this dimension it is populated solely by video game characters."

Sonja:"Ok, this is making a little sense." Rayden:"If what you say is true, then Outworld must also be part of your Earth." Matt:"What do you mean?" Rayden:"Outworld, which as you know is where Shao Kahn comes from, is an alternate dimension of our world." Matt:"Which means that Outworld is a third dimension of Earth." Rayden:"Exactly. Shao Kahn has opened a portal from Outworld into our world and intends to create Annihilation. Earth was created in seven days and Shao Kahn intends to destroy our world in the same amount of time. Which means that both of our worlds are in danger!" Matt:"I guess that means I'll have to call in the calvary." Liu Kang:"The calvary?" Matt:"I have five friends that have powers as well. If they join in, our groups combined will be able to easily stop Annihilation!"

Katana:"Are these friends as powerful as you are?" Matt:"In terms of brute strength, not even close. Bowseroku has the strength of 800,000 men! The other two that have super strength possess only the strength of 200,000." Rayden:"You are correct that we'll be able to out muscle Shao Kahn. He and I are equals; we each possess the strength of 100,000 men." With this information in mind, Matt used a small communication device on his arm to contact the rest of the Masters. D.C., Shane, Aaron, Steve, and Tom all answered the call. Matt:"Guys, meet me in Other World's China. We've got a problem that's bigger than all of us down here." So, the other five Masters received Warp Boxes from God and teleported to Other World. They all appeared in the courtyard of the shrine. In the tunnel, Matt and Rayden blast their way through the rocks and met the five other Masters at the shrine.

Shane:"So, what's this huge problem, Matt?" Matt:"In a nutshell, Shao Kahn wants to destroy Other World. Since he is from another dimension of Other World called Outworld, he is going to be able to do this in seven days. The problem is that if Other World dies, Earth dies as well because Outworld is a third dimension of Earth!" Tom:"That's...not good." Rayden:"We may be able to out muscle Shao Kahn, but he has us exponentially outnumbered! We'll have to get more fighters!"

With this in mind, the heroes went back down into the underground passage and wondered through the tunnels. Eventually, they came to a room with a ramp and a giant ball! Rayden:"This can be used to travel to anywhere on the planet in mere minutes." Katana:"You'll be moving so fast it will seem as if you're not moving at all." Rayden:"Sonja, I'll take you find your friend, Jax. He will give us the extra support we need." Johnny Cage, Matt, Steve, and Tom volunteered to go with her; they figured that Shao Kahn would have something up his sleeve. There was another ball in the room, which Katana and Liu Kang were going to take to an underground world called the Neitherverse. D.C., Shane, and Aaron would accompany them. Rayden said that the Neitherverse could be a rather dangerous place.