Back at Hogwarts; an Alternative Epilogue

19 years later...

"Excuse me, Professor Potter,"

Harry Potter, Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts, looked up from the book he had been reading, and into the nervous face of Linda Lee, a Hufflepuff sixth year.

"Yes?" he asked setting aside Practical Defensive Magic and Its Use Against the Dark Arts.

Linda Lee gulped. "I was in the Common Room when Emily said she didn't think I could do a Patronus Charm," She babbled. "And then I said I could, but I can only do wisps, and she said 'Prove it' and..." Linda looked desperately at Harry. "Can you help me?"

"Of course," He said

After 57.43 minutes, an extremely pleased Linda Lee left the Staff Room able to produce a corporeal Patronus (which happened to be a Mountain Beaver[which isn't a beaver and doesn't live in the mountains]) and Harry was just about to dive back into his book, when with a faint pop a tea tray Apparated five feet away, supported by a rather old but perfectly healthy and energetic house elf with a locket bouncing on his chest. Another faint pop, and a plate of buns appeared next to the tea tray, carried by a younger house elf wearing a blue blouse and skirt with a matching hat and great brown eyes.

Harry grinned. "Hello Kreacher, Winky,"

Kreacher nodded happily saying "Kreacher and Winky have brought tea for master!"

"Thanks,"Harry said, as the house elves placed the trays on the table and left with two identical cracks. Winky seemed to be doing well, he thought. She admired Kreacher, and treated him almost like her father...




His attention was drawn to a soft grey owl outside the window with a letter tied to her legs. He got up and let Ziz in. She flew to the table and started attacking a bun. Harry laughed as he came over and untied the letter. It was from Ginny. His heart beat slightly faster as he opened the letter from his wife which read:

Dear Harry,

I hope things are nice and calm at Hogwarts, because it's absolute mayhem

here! Albus is so exited about going to school in September that he keeps his

trunk packed with all James books and robes from last year, and Lily keeps

steeling my wand and turning things into flowers. It's easy to undo, but it

definitely adds up.

Hermione contacted me yesterday to say that she got a

job as an auror. She must be thrilled! I wonder what Ron will think of stay-

ing home and watching Rose and Hugo...

Remember, it's flu season, so don't

catch it. Also, be sure to tell James he's coming home for Xmas.

Love, Ginny

The bell rang, and Harry left to teach as Kreacher appeared to take away the tea tray. Harry arrived in his classroom to find the Griffendors already there. "Good morning," he said cheerfully, winking at James in the third row. "Today we'll begin disarming..."