After a short climb they were up in the attic of the mansion. Inside, they saw the Warden standing next to a pinkish-red and purple wormhole. The Hunters took a couple of steps toward when from behind them, they saw Arkady leap at the Warden! Unfortunately for him, the Warden was quick and caught Arkady by throat and began to strangle him! The Hunters watched as red flames started to emanate from Arkady's body and flow into the Hole. In a matter of moment, the repentant werewolf was dead and soulless! The dead body went back into its human state. After holding the dead body by the throat for a few moments, the Warden tossed the lifeless carcass across the room with minuscule effort. The Warden then turned and glared evilly at the Hunters.

Warden:"All I wanted was my life back. But, you could not give me one chance at happiness, could you? I could've had them recreated just as they were, but you destroyed the vessels Hadrian made for them. Now, I have to put their souls into these...people instead!" The Warden motion towards three humans in cages behind him, then continued. Warden:"But, that doesn't matter to you, does it? DOES IT? All you care about is your DAMNED HUNT! The Warden was suddenly calm again, and turned away from the Hunters. The Hunters kept their weapons at the ready. After a short paused, the Warden continued once more. Warden:"The real tragedy is that you actually think you can make a difference! [Turns to face the Hunters] Your throwing pepples at giants! Is this really how you want to spend the last moments of your lives? No matter what your gifts, you're still only human. I...AM...ETERNAL!" Suddenly, an aura of blackness surrounded the Warden. He fell forward and a gigantic black tail extended from his body. After just a moment, the Warden stood back up, transformed into a larger than life vampiric monster! The creature had pale, white skin and was at least 15 feet tall! The monster roared loudly and stared down at the puny sized Hunters.

Martyr looked over at the side of the room and saw a window covered up with boards, allowing only tiny amounts of sunlight through! Martyr:"That's it! We have get those boards off of the window. If we get the Warden into direct sunlight he'll be done for!" Judge:"Alright, everyone, attack the boards of the window, we must break it! Matt! You distract the Warden; your size and strength will enable you to go toe-to-toe with him." Matt:"Gotcha!"

Martyr activated Demand and Retribution and charged past the evil Warden. She started to cut at the window boards before the Warden could even turn to face her. The slashed at her with his nine inch long hand claws, but the only one being hurt was him! The other Hunters, however, couldn't reach the window with the Warden in the way. The Hunters turned towards Matt and watched him disappear! They saw the illusionary copies trailing behind Matt as he Iron Spectre-ed towards the Warden. Just when Martyr's Retribution was going to wear off, Matt grabbed the Warden and tossed him away from her. From there, the other Hunters charged towards the window!

It turns out that Martyr wasn't doing any damage to the window at all; the Warden's Life Force was connected to the boards, so as long as he wasn't being injured, the Hunters would never be able to break the boards! Not even Matt's Adamantium Mace would be able to do any damage as long as the Warden was in perfect health! Matt, however, sought to correct that detail. He leaped across the room and landed next to the Warden. When the Warden got back to his feet, Matt started to hit him in the face repeatedly. The more that Matt hit the Warden, the easier it was for the others to break through the boards!

After only a couple of hits, however, the Warden slashed Matt across the face, which made him stop attacking. The Warden pressed his attack, slashing Matt across the face with his claws in ceaseless succession. But, the Warden wasn't the only one who could recover quickly. Matt stopped the Warden's next blow and stabbed him through the chest with his Mace, saying, "Two can play at that game, scumbag!" Meanwhile across the room, Avenger activated Cleave, enabling him to do a great deal more harm to the boards than the others. After a few more attacks, one of the six boards flew off of the window, allowing a small amount more of sunlight to enter the room!

The Warden and Matt were evenly matched; the Warden has larger and had the strength of 700,000 men; Matt had the strength of one million, but was only about half of the Warden's height. The Warden proceeded to backhand Matt across the face, sending him flying directly next to the Hole! Matt stood back up, just in time for the Warden to grab Matt in his massive hand and slam him directly against the Hole! The Warden wasn't taking any damage at all, but Matt's flesh was being dissolved little by little! Fortunately for Matt, however, his vastly improved Healing Factor was repairing him faster than the Hole could harm him!

Matt was still in pain, so he fired a wave of Fire-Fortress Blades straight into the Warden's face, which forced him to drop Matt. Matt continued his assault with a Slash 'n' Slam, lifting the Warden into the air, then smashing down onto his chest! Matt then proceeded to punch the Warden straight in the face! However, the Warden's immortality made him invincible to "real" harm. The Warden cupped his hands, much like Matt's when he used Celestial Wraith, except sideways. The Warden fired a straight red beam that sent Matt flying across the room, with a huge hole in his chest. Matt landed directly behind the other Hunters, who were doing an excellent job at destroying the boards that blocked the sunlight; they were already through two of them, and were working on the third!

The Warden crept along the floor silently, until he was close to the Hunters. Warden:"If my beam could kill your healing friend...just imagine what it will do to you!" The Warden prepped his attack and fired it! However, Matt was up and atom and stood in the beams path! Just before it hit him, Matt activated his Reflector, sending the deadly beam back at the Warden. The force send the Warden sailing backwards, all the way across the attic!

Matt started to walk back over to the Warden. Matt:"I've got to admit, that hurt! It obviously wasn't fire-based, or it wouldn't hurt me at all. What was it made of?" The Warden got back to his feet and answered, "Well, since you won't live much longer, I may as well tell you. That was condensed nuclear radiation!" Matt cupped his hands and said, "Well, you don't say...Celestial Wraith!" The white dragon exploded out of Matt's hands and smacked into the Warden! If the Warden wasn't immortal, he probably would've bitten the dust! The Warden was thrown backwards and pinned against the wall by the blast force. Matt:"[Smugly] That was about 30 atomic bombs worth of force you just ate!"

The Warden roared with fury and slid across the floor towards Matt with incredible speed. Matt gave a roar of his own and charged the Warden with Iron Spectre. The Warden was indeed fast, but with Iron Spectre Matt easily out ran him. Matt grabbed the Warden around his neck and tossed him backwards into the wall. During the Warden and Matt's brawl, the other Hunters progressed down to the fifth board and a great deal amount more sunlight continued to pour into the room.

Matt and the Warden continued to deck each other left and right, until the Warden got an extra-hard slash in on Matt's face. Matt flew backwards and landed behind the Hunters once more. The Hunters turned and saw Matt's slash wound heal up before their eyes. Matt:"You guys want to switch for a little bit?" The Hunters agreed and cocked their ranged weapons. Matt:"Just shoot him enough to weaken his protective spell. I'll take care of the rest!" There was very little left for him to take care of. The other Hunters had been able to punch through the first five layers of boards and the sixth was already greatly damaged!

The Hunters took over Matt's position as the "weakener" and started filling the Warden full of silver bullets. Although the bullets were doing very little harm to the Warden, they were doing just enough; Matt extended his Adamantium Mace and started to slash at the boards. The cuts were very clean and fine. Once Matt saw that he'd punched through, he started to rip the boards off of the window, revealing the full extent of the sunlight's illumination. Matt:"Guys! Lure him over here! I've gotten through!"

The other Hunters started to run in Matt's direction, towards the deadly sunlight. Matt gave a Scar Dragon to the window boards, blasting them to smithereens as a precautionary venture. The sunlight shown into the room completely; should the Warden step into the sunlight, his vampiric skin would burn and he would die! There was one unexpected snag, however. The others were able to out run the Warden, but the huge, lumbering Avenger wasn't! The Warden grasped him in his massive hand and carried him over to the Hole! The Warden was going to do to Avenger what he did to Matt, but Avenger couldn't heal like Matt could!

Matt came to his friend's aid and leaped into the Warden's path. Matt:"It's time for you to rise and shine, scumbag!" With that, Matt gave one, final, devastating punch to the Warden. Matt aimed his punch just right, because he sent the Warden flying into the three cages! On impact, the people inside were released and teleported to the train station.

The Warden, however, wasn't so lucky. With the window boards broken, sunlight poured into the room! The Warden roared loudly as steam and black smoke erupted off of his skin! The Warden slumped to his knees and morphed back into his human form. The Warden was defeated; he lifted his head and stared into oblivion! Meanwhile, all the remaining rot in the city began to shake and crumble; the Hunters were able to see hundreds of blue orbs being sucked into the Hole. Things were lively at the train station as well; the last remaining survivors were boarding the fixed up monorail. The Engineer shouted, "Come on! Let's go!", as he waved everyone forward. A couple of moments later, he put the monorail into top gear and left the city with amazing speed.

Back in the mansion, the Hunters were unprotected from the Hole's fury and tiny wounds began to appear on their bodies! Judge said a prayer and it was answered by the Messengers; a barrier of White Magic surrounded the Hunters and Matt, protecting their bodies and souls from all of the Hole's fury! The Warden on the other hand, wasn't so fortunate; though he fought hard, he was unable to fight against the powerful pull of the Hole. He even tried to grip the floorboards, but that proved completely futile in only a few moments! Finally, the Warden couldn't fight against it any longer and was pulled into the Hole! Warden:"Noooooooooooo!" He trailed off as the Hole closed behind him.

The threat to Ashcroft was eliminated and all the zombies were destroyed! Armed with this knowledge, the Hunters walked triumphantly towards the window, beaming with the morning sunlight. As they stood in front of the window and gazed out into the glorious morning, Matt suddenly said, "It's heart-warming." Judge:"What?" Matt:"The fact that we put an end to 134 years of hate and revenge in one night!" The other Hunters nodded in agreement. Defender:"Ah, but some hates don't die easily. There will always be rot infecting the world. Who knows, maybe the Hole will open again in Ashcroft." Outside the mansion, a Warp Box suddenly appeared. Avenger:"What the hell is that?" Matt:"[Seeing the box] My ride back to my world." Martyr:"Will we ever see you again?" Matt:"Probably. But, let's just say that if God thinks Ashcroft is going to need a `Hero' again, I'll be here."

With that, the Hunters left the mansion and went into the sunlit courtyard. Matt went back to his human state and entered the Warp Box. With a final farewell, Matt stepped into the Warp Box and was warped back to Earth, leaving the Hunters to continue their work. Matt slept in the Warp Box and was taken back to his camp site. After a couple of hours, he reached his campsite at 9:00 AM, only a single day after he'd left! All his friends woke up at just about the same time to see their battle-scared friend arrive. Matt was welcomed back readily and was asked questions regarding his adventure in rapid succession. Matt shook off the questions temporarily; his hunger was intense. Matt:"Let's get breakfast started and I'll tell you all about it. But for now, let's just say that it was quite a ghoulish quest..."

Mission Accomplished!