Full Summary:Things weren't going as Kurt expected, Dalton wasn't Wonderland and Blaine was painfully oblivious. Then Harry swooped in, claimed the role of prince charming without auditioning, led him down the rabbit hole and easily made the world feel magical... while sounding completely sinful with that accent.

He could see it now. Boy meets boy, they fall in love, and leave the evil kingdom of Lima to live happily ever after, at least until Blaine fell into the mix and changed the story. It might not be the fairy tale he had been writing for himself, but he could honestly said: suck on that Cinderella, Kurt Hummel happily ever after was going to be epic.

Pairing: KurtxHarryxBlaine and cannon for the most part.

Warnings: Threesome as the main couple, slash, Rachel craziness, Weasley twins madness.

Disclaimer: Glee is not mine, Harry Potter is not mine, but this fic is so please don't steal or translate without consulting.

AU from Harry Potter, following Glee's cannon vaguely, but keep an open mind…

And just to be clear, no magic!

Many thanks to my awesome and super patient beta, Stephvamp25, she is superfast and efficient, so everybody thank her for that.


Champion's Lullaby

Chapter 1

Trouble Magnet and Flammable Blazers

Kurt smiled tightly as he listened to Wes going on and on about proper song selections for the Warblers performing style. Blaine smiled encouragingly next to him and David reviewed his literature paper, completely oblivious to anything surrounding him. Kurt's eyes drifted across the cafeteria. All the boys were subdued. There was laughing and several conversations were going around, but everything seemed stiff, forced.

And Blaine, he was the worst of all. He smiled a brilliant, fake, smile and walked around like a living puppet. The only moments his eyes lightened and Kurt got a glance of the real Blaine inside the school, was when he was performing, singing his all. It was the only time when any of the Warblers seemed human. Someone opened a window despite the cold and Kurt's eyes strayed outside, suddenly attracted to the noise of loud inhibited laughter.

There was a snow war going on. Four boys ran like they had no care in the world. Finally, about time he saw some normal carefree teenagers. Two dived behind a massive pile of snow. The others ran around covering from the attack. One stayed behind a bench, while the other swiftly moved across the bin, trees and the fountain, finally disappearing from sight.

"Who are they?" he asked when Wes was taking a sip of his drink. Blaine turned to see outside the window and grimaced.

"Trouble, that's what they are" said Wes after a quick glance. "Stay away from them Kurt, they spend more time in detention than we do in rehearsal" he turned to David who was finally done and they engaged in a heated discussion about next week's math quiz.

At Kurt's bewildered look, Blaine was quick to explain "They are good guys; they just break a lot of rules. See those two redheads, behind the snow? Those are Fred and George Weasley, the guy behind the bench is Ronald, their younger brother. Their family has been coming to Dalton for generations, part of the reason they are here."

"Fred and George have scholarships with the tennis team. They are good singles, but they play mostly doubles" said David.

"Impossible to beat them" added Wes grudgingly, David seemed equally bummed by the statement.

"Then Ronald is on the swimming team" continued Blaine with a knowing smile towards the pouting duo. "He can spend almost 5 minutes under water without breathing, it's amazing."

"He broke the school record for the 200 meters not that long ago; he's a fish, I swear" agreed David with a serious demeanor.

"Two years ago one of their brothers, Percival I think, had a scholarship purely on academic merit. Dalton rarely gives academic scholarships. His GP was ridiculous, got a free ride for a top league university before even sitting the exams" contributed Wes; there was definitely some jealousy there.

"Those are some impressive genes" whistled Kurt.

"There's three more. Two graduated a while ago, Charles was in the football team and what was William's thing?" asked Blaine.

"He was on the Warblers, but had to drop it in favor of dedicating full time to violin. He was good" explained David. "The youngest, and only girl, goes to Crawford's Academy, our sister school. She's a dancer, ballet if I am not mistaken, also with a scholarship. I hear some scouts had been to their practice just to see her already."

"It's kind of remarkable how you know so much about them." Kurt commented, still looking outside the window. "Remarkable and stalker-ish..."

"It's impossible not to. They are practically a fixture to the school" explained Blaine, now that David and Wes were back to arguing, apparently about their upcoming tennis match with the twins. "They keep really good grades and never miss practice. They just don't know how to tone themselves down."

The missing figure appeared from behind the twins and with a war cry tackled them. The twins meet their 'fort' face first. He stood up, precociously balanced on the back of the two red heads and raised his arms in victory. Ronald jumped, fist bumping the air.

"Speech! Speech my Lord!" screamed Ronald, voice breathless from laughing at his brothers attempts of getting rid of the weight. The black haired guy smirked. Kurt was expecting the guy to ramble about his greatness or some silly thing like that, so it was understandable when he was taken aback by what he really did.

"I've paid my dues, time after time" he placed a hand over his heart. "I've done my sentence, but committed no crime. And bad mistakes... I've made a few" Ronald laughed and pretended to raise a glass in toast, the singer corresponded.

"I've had my share of sand kicked in my face, but I've come through..."

The guy sang whole heartedly, hitting all the notes perfectly and without effort. Even if not the most challenging song of their repertoire, Queen was still Queen.

He jumped dramatically onto the snow, falling to his knees and playing a very intense air guitar solo. The twins stood up and along with their brother played the short chorus. Kurt's relationship with the band, which was icy at best after the whole St. James fiasco, was back to grudging respect and admiration, bordering on enjoyment.

There were people like him here. People who spontaneously burst into song without a care of who heard them, he stared transfixed as the guy ran towards Ronald and they shared a one armed hug, laughing victoriously. They swayed to the sides, one arm in the air.

"We are the champions my friends and we'll keep on fighting till the end" sang the guy at the top of his lungs. The boys joined on the chorus, complementing nicely the unknown guy's voice. "We are the champions! We are the champions! No time for losers 'cause we are the champions of the wooooo..." he held the note comfortably, jumping on the bench as he did and not wavering for a second. Kurt could tell that the guy was barely scratching the start of his lung capacity, but cut himself abruptly.

Kurt had never hated a phone more in his life, and what kind of singer cut himself at the middle of a killer note anyways?

"Oi Harry, don't be rude!"

"Yeah, mate. Don't start Queen if you aren't going to deliver!"

"Sod off" said Harry, while answering his phone.

"Harry, victory song takes precedence over girls!" nudged Ronald. He showed him the finger in response and got off the bench. Starting the walk towards the entrance with a grin on his face, the three read head booed him and threw snow at him all the way.

"Wow" said Kurt. The cafeteria was deadly silent. The Warblers present had rushed to the window to see who had been belting a perfect rendition of Queen in a cappella style. "Who was that?"

"Harry Potter" said Blaine watching surprised as the four guys walked inside, still occasionally shoving each other into the snow.

"Why isn't he a Warbler?"

"That's what we intend to find out" said Wes decisively. "David, this merits an emergency meeting, we need to get Thad."

"I am already here" said the last remaining member of the council. "And I agree" the three of them disappeared from the cafeteria soon after.


"Harry, please"

"Pretty please"

"With a cherry on top"

"Pretty please"

"With sugar on it"

"Pretty please"

"With tea"

"What? Where the hell did that came from?"

"I was running out of things!"

They quickly returned their attention to Harry.

"Super please"

"Mega Please"

"Maxi Please"

"Ultra Please"

"Not going to work" said the guy as he walked the hallways of Dalton, finishing his math homework at the same time. "And what are you? Building a league of superheros?"

Ron laughed next to him. "Dude, just say yes so we can get rid of them" Kurt watched the exchange curiously.

"Harry for all that is holly..."

"For all that is unholy..."

"For the good..."

"...the bad"

"And the ugly we've been through!"

"We ask... nay!" said the twin lifting his index finger in a decisive way.

"We beg!"

Harry paused and stared at them with a raised eyebrow. "Let's try this one more time. No. N followed by O, no as in I won't do it. No as in I sooner be hanged and walloped."

Kurt's brain short circuited then. Harry Potter was British. He hadn't picked up an accent when he sang, but oh sweet Marc Jacobs, that accent was to die for.

The twins stared at each other and with equal cries of "Harryyyyyyy" they latched each onto one leg. For a second it seemed like Potter was going to fall, however he managed to balance himself.

"Lads" said Harry staring at the ceiling in frustration. "I have class, let go."

"My Lord, forgive us for such impertinence" started one of the twins with a poor imitation of British accent.

"We are not worthy" half screamed the other and fake-sobbed against the pant leg.

"This is ridiculous" muttered the guy and started walking again, actually dragging the twins. "Ron, don't bloody stand there, give me a hand."

"Oh no, I am staying away from this one" Harry glared at his friend for a moment, before sighing.

"Alright, that's how you want to play it, let's play" Harry grabbed his Blackberry and a moment later he smirked. "Angela? Hey, I was calling..." one of the twins let go of the leg and stood up, hands raised in a peaceful gesture, his face pale "...to ask for Katie's number, I erased it accidentally. Oh, she's there with you, marvelous!" he stared at the twin still attached to his legs, who was looking back at Harry challengingly.

"I am good thanks Kat, hey, do you remember that hamster..."

"NOOOOOO" screamed the twin in the floor, trying to get the phone. Harry kept him at bay with one hand and a leg in the air, keeping perfect balance with just his left leg on the floor.

"Yes, precisely that one" the twin retreated and kneeled in front of Harry, hands together in form of a prayer "...I was just thinking of getting one for Luna, oh the scream? That was George mourning the loss of a bet" Harry gave the two of them an easy going salute and turned. "Hey I am getting to class, I only intended to get your number not actually having the conversation now. Yes that's great! You are simply the best..."

"I thought you were a good guy!" yelled one of them.

"No" said Harry at the entrance of his class, he pretended to tip a hat to them. "I am British. There's a difference."

"I am so disappointed in you two" said Ron while shaking his head. "You are whipped, and not even by a person you are dating" he followed Harry into the room.

The twins straightened and crossed his arms. "Harry used to be so much fun."

"To think that just yesterday he helped us... you know"

"I miss Harry" declared George, or was it Fred?

"Intervention?" asked Fred/George.


Kurt entered the classroom then. He took his usual seat in the middle, realizing that he actually shared a class with Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley. The names had sounded familiar, but he hadn't been able to place them before. He discretely watched how they acted in the classroom. They smirked and scribbled in each other's books. They shoved and teased and pretended to be behaving. They didn't seem to care about fitting in.

What was most impressive was the way people reacted to them. It was a mixture between amusement, resignation, and respect. They did not exactly exclude or include them, and yet they all seemed to keep an eye on them. As soon as the class finished, Harry jumped off his seat and rushed outside.

Ron laughed and shouted. "This is a bad idea Harry and you are not going to make it back alive!"

Potter's laugh resounded over the sound of the polite chat going around. Despite the warnings he got from Wes and Blaine, Kurt was very interested in getting to know them.


"We decided to recruit Potter. The Weasley too if necessary, but we rather not bring that many new members at the same time" announced Wes to Kurt and Blaine, who looked up from their books confused.

"You mean you rather not have that much chaos contained to one room, for two hours a day" clarified Blaine.

David nodded "Potter is going to be enough of a handful by himself; we don't need to bring his sidekicks too."

"We wanted to give you heads up Blaine, if Potter is as good as he seems..."

"He will be getting some solos. I understand" said Blaine, no signs of jealousy. "It would be nice not having to arrive an hour early for every practice."

"You do?" asked Kurt surprised.

"Yeah, the council makes me sing in the background while they discuss things. They have me there to test songs selections" explained Blaine, he muttered under his breath. "I feel like an unappreciated iPod sometimes" they shared an amused glance to the confusion of the two others.

"Alright, good luck" said Kurt and resumed his reading, only to be interrupted by the combined stares of David and Wes.

"We were actually hoping you two would help..."


"This is a bad idea" muttered Kurt as he followed the clearly delusional council, plus Blaine. "Why do you need five people anyway?"

Blaine smiled brilliantly, a little too brilliantly for his taste.

"The council decided to let Wes speak, but felt that they should be there anyways. Then I am going to assure him that I have no problem sharing the lead, if he is good enough of course. Also, they seem to think I have a charming personality..."

"Yes, I know all that, what I don't know is why I am coming along" hissed Kurt with a roll of his eyes.

"To tell them how welcoming the Warblers are, and give him your views as the newest member" said Blaine patiently. "Just tell him how much fun we have."

"Of course" said Kurt with a tight smile. In other words, lie, lie and lie some more. "Where are we going? This is our wing. Do they room here too?"

"You have yet to discover all the wonders of Dalton" replied Wes with an amused smile. "Potter shares a room with the Weasley. We are hoping to find him there."

"Four boys into one small room?" asked Kurt horrified.

"It's better than it sounds" said David cheerfully. "They have their own bathroom and the room is pretty decent in terms of space. It has two entrances. The main one, at the East wing and a smaller one in the North, which as you know is ours."

"Nobody wants the dorm because, not only do you share it with more people than usual, they also don't get warm water and the sun hit's them straight when it comes out" explained Thad.

They arrived to the end of the hallway. There was nothing there besides the window and to the right an awful painting of a fat lady with a cord hanging next to her. Thad pulled the cord and Kurt could hear the faint sound of bells. A few moments later, the painting moved towards them as if it was a normal door.

"Ah, gentleman, how can I help?" asked one of the twins with a pleasant smile.

"We would like to have a word with Potter" explained Wes, falling into his role of council head.

"I'm afraid Harry is not here yet, one moment" he turned towards the inside. "Oi Ron! When is your better half back?"

"What do I look like? His secretary!"

"Just answer the damn question! We have company!"

"I don't know! Unlike you two we are not the same person!"

"George, hit him!"

"Ow! Jeez... give me a second and I'll text him."

Kurt hid his amused smile, as he watched the four boys shift uncomfortably. They were clearly unused to such a relaxed attitude and the yelling... or the dynamics of a normal love-hate relationship between brothers. Something that Kurt himself was only starting to understand.

"Harry says he'll be here in five minutes top!"

Fred turned to them, his manners back in place. "Would you like to wait for him inside?"

"Yes thank you" Wes said amicably. Kurt was suitably impressed by his ability to pretend to be unfazed by the situation.

"Alright you two wastes of space whom I am not sure I am related to, we got company, act human" said Fred as he entered the room.

"You know, I think mom dropped him when he was little" said Ron to George with ease.

"Yeah, explains how I've got the looks and brains while he was relegated to sidekick" agreed George arrogantly.

Kurt stared in awe at the room. It had a certain cheap-chic appeal. The ceiling was higher than the normal dorms, and a big part of it was a glass window. The room itself was almost as big as his basement. There were two bunk beds in an L shape in one of the corners, a foldable table and chairs opened in the center, a door that probably led to their private bathroom and a ratty couch that Kurt would never touch.

There was also a high bookshelf, three closets against each other in the longest wall, in the corner, a plasma TV, a stereo, two different gaming consoles and Kurt spotted a mini-fridge in the last corner. It had a definitive air of 'Friends'/ Rent about it. One of the walls was covered by photographs of different sizes. Another one held a big shield in red and gold with a lion in the middle. Remembering his own, little, lifeless room, Kurt couldn't help but being envious of how these boys had injected some spark into Dalton.

"Do you have the permission for all of this?" asked Thad with a raised eyebrow. The brothers stopped their escalating squabble to stare at him with equals expressions of annoyance.

"Some of this furniture is not even from the school" concurred Wes.

"Actually, none of this is a violation of the rule book" said George crossing his arms "It clearly states that student are allowed to modify their quarters to their convenience as long as all the habitants of the aforementioned room are satisfied and in complete agreement."

"Furthermore it states that any electric appliances or energy consuming devices are allowed as long as they are listed at the beginning of the year and a monthly fee is paid to cover the extra costs" said Fred taking over.

"It also allows for those boarding, the use of Dalton's storage container in case students decide to use their own furniture. The only condition is that the room must be returned to its original state a week before the end of the year" finished Ron smugly.

"We checked" said the twins at the same time.

"Well, sorry if we don't believe you" said Wes upset that they knew rules he didn't. "With your track record, you must understand our skepticism."

"Talk to Mister O'Connor if you must or to the East prefects" offered Ron with a shrug.

"We filled all the forms and permissions at the same time we filled our re-enrolment papers, as per requirement" defended Fred, not that willing to let the matter drop.

"It is not our fault if you guys were ignorant or unwilling to do the paperwork" agreed George. "Comfort requires effort."

"We, we, we... mmm... it doesn't sound quite right... I wonder why?" said Harry as he entered the room, one hand holding his blazer over his shoulder. "It might be because, if I remember correctly, Ifilled the forms and did all the paper pushing and you all just tagged along."

"How did it go?" asked Ron eagerly.

"Let me give you this piece of random knowledge as a response, our blazers? Highly flammable; as soon as I take a nap, I am writing administration a strongly worded letter" he threw the blazer to one of the twins who held it by the shoulders.

"Oh my... guys! Look at this" he turned the piece of clothing to show that the back was missing a considerable amount of fabric. The edges indeed seemed to have been scorched by fire. Harry made a stomach dive into on one of the lower bunk beds and hid his head under a pillow, kicking his shoes off carelessly.

"Harry" said Ron with a laugh. "Sorry to burst your mattress date, but you got visitors."

"Whaaa..." he painstakingly turned to see the Warblers and groaned. He sat on the edge of the bed, rubbing his face tiredly. "Have any of you destroyed school property recently?"

The twins and Ron exchanged a few pondering looks. "Not recently" decided Fred.

"Stole anything?"

"Not this week" answered George.

"Insulted, bribed, offended, vandalized, pranked, lied to or committed any other act that goes against the rule book?" Harry made a wave of his hand in the general direction of the visitors, when they all started to count with their fingers and mutter lowly to each other. "Concerning them..."

"Not really" said Ron with a shrug. "How about you?"

Harry hummed. "Not that I can remember" he stood up. "Well, now I am positively intrigued" Kurt's knees did not shake as the accent got ticker. Without giving Wes time to speak he continued. "Let's see if we can work it out. The two North prefects, a member of the student council, a member of the debate team and..." he stared at Kurt curiously for a second. "I am guessing new student."

Kurt tried to discretely check him out. He was tall, taller than Puck and Sam definitely, but not as much as Finn thankfully. He didn't seem so out of the window, mostly because the Weasley brothers were all tall themselves. The younger one was probably around the same height, but his built was bigger. Potter looked… if Kurt was honest, perfect. He was muscled, but in a refined way and he moved with a grace that made him irresistible to admire and he was incredibly comfortable in his own skin for somebody his age.

His hair was messy, and it made Kurt want to both do something to fix it or make it messier… he had an appealing smile, and his eyes were to die for. All in all, Harry was one of the most attractive men he had ever met in real life.

"Seems like the start of a bad joke if you ask me" muttered Ron, only to receive a slap at the back of his head from his brothers.

"Besides the obvious, what do they have in common?"

"Maybe this would go a lot faster if you let us speak," intervened Blaine with a friendly smile. The four crazy boys in the room, or at least the craziest, stared at Blaine as if he had grown another head.

"Where would be the fun in that?" asked one twin to the other in utter astonishment. Kurt had already lost track of who was who.

"I don't know oh brother of mine... maybe he can tell us" they stared at Blaine intensely.

"Well?" they asked in unison.

"I'll just..." said Blaine uncomfortably retreating.

"Aren't they all in the singing thing?" asked Harry, who had been staring at them as Kurt sometimes stared at Britney, with condescending amusement. He made a point of looking past Wes at Kurt. "I'll take a wild guess and say that the new kid is also in the club..." he nodded once and crossed his arms behind his back.

"You can speak now" said Ron, with his hand on a box of cereal. He was entertaining himself by throwing them in the air and catching them. "He came to a conclusion; he's just waiting to see if he's right."

"Thank you Ron, now I sound like a ponce" the twins were still staring at Blaine unblinkingly, managing to make his eyebrow twitch. Kurt bit his lips in an effort not to laugh. "Guys why don't you go ahead and put New Zealand into motion?" the twins' heads snapped towards Harry with incredible speed.

"Are you serious?" asked twin A, as Kurt had decided to refer to him.

"Cause if you aren't it's cruel to play with us like that" said twin B.

"I am serious, go" the twins pounded on Harry and hugged him as tight as they could.

With a stream of "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" and a "You are the bestest person in the world!" they ran out of the room. Harry looked at Ron.

"Don't you have a date with Hermione?"

Ron stared at him and in a mildly panicked voice he denied it. "No I don't..."

Harry frowned. "If you say so..."

"...Oh my God! I think I do! Fuck, fuck, fuck" Ron jumped, grabbed his keys and rushed outside.

Harry pulled out his phone and hit speed dial.

"'Mione? When Ron arrives, pretend you had plans for today and be slightly mad… yes he did" he paused and smiled at whatever was said on the other side. "Thank you!" with a satisfied nod he let himself drop on the ratty couch. "Alright gentleman, I am all ears."

Wes stepped forward, after a second of processing all the weird things that had happened in the span of ten minutes.

"We would like to offer you the opportunity to audition for the Warblers" he announced straight to the point. "I hope you realize what a rare opportunity it is that we are opening auditions for a single member, but we heard your version of 'We are the Champions' and we believe you could be a valuable addition to the group."

"Correct me if I am wrong, but Jeff had to drop fencing because it clashed with the Warblers" said Harry with a frown.

"That is correct."

"You do realize that I am the captain of the fencing team?" Kurt was certain that this meeting was going to go downhill if Wes didn't watch the tone.

"I fail to see a problem" replied Wes "I am sure somebody else would be able to pick up after you leave. You're not even a senior after all."

"I love fencing and I am committed to the club, I am not going to drop it just because you ask. So thanks for the offer, but no thanks."

Kurt wanted nothing more than to take a picture of Wes' face. It was unconceivable to him that somebody could reject the Warblers. Blaine seemed unsure what to do, but decided to step in.

"Being part of the Warblers would look great on your college application; all the guys are really friendly and..."

Harry snorted. "Ok, first of all, no offense, but I've never seen a Warbler hanging out with anybody but another Warbler. This is the first time any of you speak to me outside class. I have a responsibility to the fencing team and I have good friends there, so again, thanks, but no thanks."

His phone started ringing. "Now if that's all, I would ask you to leave. Hello?" he started to frown at whatever was being said on the other side. "Don't call me that… how did Luna get her hand stuck inside a... actually, why would she get her hand inside one in the first place?" he made a resigned noise and started walking towards the door. "Tell her not to flex her fingers or she might lose one..."

"That went well" said Blaine unsurely. Kurt snorted and walked towards the exit, at least he hadn't had to lie.


"Come on" urged Blaine and pulled Kurt along almost at the end of rehearsal.

"Where are we going?" asked Kurt, not completely ungrateful. Running background chorus got boring after a while.

"We have to convince Potter to join in, so we're trying again" replied Wes appearing out of nowhere.

"Where are Thad and David?" asked Blaine curiously.

"They are going to conduct the Warblers meeting today..."

They walked across the campus, getting out of the main building and crossing one of the gardens, until they reached a big, simple building. A lot of guys were exiting as they entered, but nobody paid attention to them. Kurt looked around the gymnasium curiously. It didn't have a basketball court painted, but instead it had several blue padded mattresses on the floor.

"It's the fencing team's gym" explained Wes and they moved to where Harry was picking up a few random pieces of equipment. "Potter..."

"Warblers" Harry acknowledged with a roll of his eyes.

"Since you had to leave yesterday so suddenly, we came again to..."

"Answer is still no" replied Harry and bent over to pick a sword.

Unconsciously, Blaine and Kurt tilted their head to the right at the same time, following the movement and trying to get a better view. Potter had a great ass decided Kurt, a really, really great ass, and the uniform was very helpful in showing how great his ass was.

Harry turned around to address whatever Wes was saying and bit his lips to avoid from laughing. He stared at both of them clearly amused and raised an eyebrow, they blushed and stared at the ceiling instead. Wes looked over his shoulder, and back to Potter who had taken his brief distraction as an opportunity to escape.

"Where did he go?" he looked around.

"There" muttered Kurt, still blushing. In his whole life, he had never so blatantly checked out somebody before. At least Blaine had been doing it too and Potter seemed to take it in stride instead of getting offended.

In McKinley there were very few guys worthy of being ogled, and the ones that usually were tended to be the most dangerous to stare at. Kurt was a master of the once over, a quick look from the corner of his eyes and that was it. With Blaine, he was careful not to screw things over, he could already identify the start of a crush and he wanted to be sure to do things right this time.

Potter was locking the equipment and pulled the key back on his pocket. He moved to another door, with them following, Wes still talking about all the merits of being a Warbler, with Blaine occasionally adding his own comments. Kurt sighed and joined them in a less than energetic attempt of painting their glee club as fun.

"...and they've been very welcoming since I transferred..." continued Kurt monotonously. Whatever followed after that sentence was cut short when he realized that Potter was taking his shirt off. He blushed and panicking asked. "What do you think you are doing?"

"Well, since I just finished practice, I had all the intentions of taking a nice long shower" responded Harry with a patronizing tone and throwing his shirt at his gym bag. "I was going to wait until you all left, but since you don't seem to get the hint that I have no intentions of leaving my team, I will simply shower while you talk."

"I... but... I... Wes!" said Kurt and jumped behind the council member when Harry started to get his pants off. He glanced at Blaine who was staring at his shoes with a slight blush.

Wes turned with a frown at their weird behavior. Potter already had a towel around his waist and was walking towards one of the stalls.

Kurt made a weird noise. He had seen Potter in a towel. His body was perfect, not in an overly worked out way as he thought Sam was, but in a natural way. He had something most high school kids lacked, presence. When he was in a room people noticed him. He had been taken aback by the perfect V shape and the dark path of hair that got lost inside the towel, and his back. Dear, sweet Gaga, his back was so yummy. The shower started and he and Blaine looked at each other awkwardly, reaching an unspoken agreement.

"We can come back other day!" decided Blaine and started to pull Wes along.

"Yeah... thank you for your time!" Kurt added, almost running to the door.

"What was that?" asked Wes with arms crossed. "You were supposed to be helping, not hindering the process."

"Wes, we're gay" stated Blaine in a self-explanatory way.

"And what's that supposed to mean?" asked Wes annoyed.

"It means there was a hot guy getting naked in front of us" replied Kurt with a roll of his eyes. "How would you feel if you were trying to have a conversation with a hot girl taking her clothes off?"

"Oh..." Wes blushed and shifted awkwardly. "I think it would be better if I ask David to help next time."

"That'd be probably for the best" replied Blaine slipping back into his dapper boy persona.

Shame thought Kurt. He had been hoping they could gush about this later.


The next day Wes and David left almost at the beginning of rehearsal. Kurt was sure that Wes now felt awkward entering the locker room with Harry. He and Blaine exchanged a look that made it clear the lead singer was thinking along the same lines. They smiled at each other in a secretive, understanding way. Kurt felt much better suddenly, his friendship with Blaine was slowly growing and who knew, and maybe it could become something else with time. He just wished the butterflies in his stomach were less distracting.

"As per discussed in the previous meeting, we are in the process of recruiting a possible second soloist…"

Kurt drowned the sound of Wes' monotonous voice. Blaine, as did the other Warblers, nodded attentively, hanging to his every word. The last two meeting had followed the same pattern, discussing their last meeting, discussing their lack of success in recruiting Potter, but giving it a positive spin, take suggestions, Kurt stopped giving them after his first meeting, practice their set list, while Wes and somebody else slipped away to talk to Potter…

The doors suddenly slammed open, making all of them jump in surprise.

Kurt stared at the hostile faces on the other side. He absolutely did not check out the angry guys. Ok, he did, but in his defense, they were wearing sweat pants that were tight in all the right places, and form fitting shirts with the Dalton shield. Transferring to Dalton had made him become very aware of the fact that he was a hormonal teenager. It probably had something to do with the fact he was surrounded by guys all the time.

"Can we help you?" asked Wes in a fake-polite tone of voice.

"Yes, we would like to know why the Warblers are trying to get our captain to quit the team" started a tall brunette.

On second thought, they were all sort of tall and muscular… and sexy. As he quickly ranked the members, and discovered they were all higher than a 7, Kurt decided he was officially a fan of the fencing team. He wondered if they needed cheerleaders and when was their next match. Match… was match the correct term for a fencing thing? Uh… uniforms, they would have those white, fitting uniforms, like the one Potter had been wearing…

"Gentlemen, I am sure this is a misunderstanding" said Thad with a calm expression.

"Are you, or are you not trying to get Harry to quit the fencing team and join the Warblers?" asked the same guy leaning over the council table.

"Despite the fact that he already refused" added another guy, with his arms crossed and a scowl.

"Repeatedly" agreed another one.

"That's a matter that only concerns the council and Potter" replied Wes acidly.

Was it so wrong that Kurt was enjoying this?

While Dalton policy was the reason he transferred, Blaine hadn't hurt either, he was fast to discover that the school did not meet all of his expectations. Everybody he had met was polite, to a painful degree. He was restricted to the uniform, which came with the boring and safe color scheme. He missed his girls and New Directions. He missed the drama and gossip. He missed Coach Sylvester; something he didn't think was possibly.

Oh Gaga, how he missed New Directions… even Rachel.

This was by far the most interesting thing that has happen in Dalton since he moved. Well, getting a look of Potter in nothing but a towel had been pretty epic too.

"That's the thing; it became our problem when your recruitment started to interfere with our practice. It's our problem, because he is the captain of the team. I get you want to win and whatever, but so do we, and let's run this statement again, because I don't think you get it" said the same tall brunette as if he was explaining physics to a two year old. "He's the captain of the team… ourteam!"

"Funny that, but now that you mention it…" a voice said from behind all the guys.

Kurt saw the fencing team react in a familiar way. They paled, tensed and slowly looked over their shoulders in terror. Harry stood at the top of the stairs, arms crossed.

"I do happen to be the captain, and yet, nobody cared to inform me about this… outing."

"Uh… Harry…" they shifted awkwardly, staring at their shoes.

"Practice started 7 minutes ago" he said calmly, the team flinched as if he had been yelling at their faces. "But for some strange reason I have no team in my practice" he added with a tone that sent shivers down Kurt's spine. "I want all of you to go to the entrance of the school and wait for me."

"Harry, we…" started the tall brunette. Harry raised an eyebrow in his direction and he mumbled something and stared at his shoes.

"Those without running shoes better go get them before I arrive" he made a dismissive gesture and they all scrambled to get out of the room faster than Cheerios cleared the auditorium. Cheerios! That was where he had seen those expressions before; it came with the uniform and the signing of your soul to Coach Sylvester.

"I apologize in behalf of my team" said Harry once they had all filter out of the room. "However they do have a point, you interrupted our practice yesterday for the sole reason of recruiting me, when I have been very clear about my refusal. Maybe with more witness it would be clearer. I don't want to join the Warblers, thanks for the offer, but really, no thanks."

He gave a hard look to the council. "I can assure you my team won't bother you anymore, but should the Warblers interrupt our practice again, or continue to press the issue, I will be handing matters to the faculty. Have a good day."

He turned on his heels and left, banging the doors closed on his way out. Kurt absently thought that Rachel would approve of his dramatic exit.


Harry walked towards his team with a pissed off air. Moody, their coach, was calmly resting against the wall. This was an issue that the captain of the team should handle. Tom, the co-captain, was standing slightly in front of the team, staring at them with disapproval and with his arms crossed. He and Harry had been in a meeting with Moody when they decided to bail practice to intimidate the Warblers.

He had them all sitting down, and refused to say a word.

"I would like to know what the hell where you all thinking?" asked Harry starting to pace in front of them. Tom remained in the background, with a stoic air. "Well? I am waiting for an answer."

"We just thought… we wanted to get them off your back" mumbled someone.

"While I appreciate the sentiment, I hope you all realize this was a stupid idea" hissed Harry looking down on them. "This is not the way we deal with problems in this school, and more importantly, this is not the way my team is going to solve problems. You have an issue pertinent to the club; you come to me, Tom or our coach. Even a teacher! You don't go off to intimidate someone. It is not right, and I won't have anybody in this team thinking this is appropriate behavior" he huffed trying to calm himself down.

"I will not lead a team that doesn't respect and trust their captain" he continued making them all start to protest. "No, I don't want to hear it" he said silencing them. "What you did was not only a blatant disrespect to the rules of the school, but it was a slap in the face to Tom, the coach, and me… especially me" he made eye contact with all of them.

"I have been committed to this team since I started in Dalton; I have been at every practice and at every match… as a member and as a captain, it is nothing but insulting that you all think my dedication and hard work would be easily swayed because another team asked me to join them. I was there when we won nationals last year, and I plan for all of us to be there again this year…" he gave them a disappointed look. "At least that was the plan."

He turned his back and started to walk away.

"Harry!" called someone. "Harry! We are sorry ok? It was stupid!"

"Why bother?" asked Harry extending his arms. "Clearly you don't respect me as a captain; you don't trust my loyalty, dedication and commitment, and well, now I don't trust you and a team that doesn't trust each other is bound to fail."

"We trust you Harry, it's like Pete said; it was stupid. Can we run laps and just get over it?"

"You wanna run this out?" he asked and they all nodded, dreading what they knew was coming to them. "Fine, we run then…" said Harry with an evil glint in his eyes.