Chapter 27

Down the rabbit hole

It was a problem they hadn't discussed or even considered. They didn't have the chance to see Harry at breakfast or during class, but they were looking forwards to having lunch with him. It's what they had always done, however the moment they entered the cafeteria, they noticed more than a few hostile looks. They grabbed their food a little puzzled and sat down at their table.

They could tell the moment Harry entered; he was surrounded by a few of his teammates and the Weasley twins. They were all distracting him and practically carrying him to the table on the other side.

"Man, you guys are not well liked today" said Jeff taking a seat.

"Wait, why?" asked Wes.

"People love us!" protested David.

"Not you" said Jeff and gestured to Blaine and Kurt.

"What are you talking about?" asked Blaine frowning.

"People noticed where Harry spent the night. There's a rumor that he's moving back to your dorm and it came from pretty reliable sources" explained Jeff and lowered his voice. "Certain people are not happy about it."

"Who's not happy about it?" asked Kurt outraged, this was nobody's business.

"Well, the fencing team and the football team have been the loudest so far, the swimming team, the tennis team, the chess club, science, drama and language clubs, then the rugby team, the lacrosse team, the math club, the VA club, the… well, pretty much everybody but the Warblers are talking about it in a less than positive light" resumed Jeff.

Blaine, Kurt, Wes and David stared at him in shock.

"I don't get it" said David. "Sure, Kurt and Blaine messed up, but…"

"Look, you guys don't get how liked Harry is this school or how connected for that matter" said Jeff patiently. "He's very good at pretending to be an underdog and keeping low key about his influence."

"Are you questioning the social standing of the Warblers?" asked Wes pre-emptively offended.

"I'm not going to get into that" said Jeff. "My point is that this is the second time something like this happens. Everybody's opinions of Harry are suddenly on the table and we all saw how rough the break up was on him" he raised his hand. "Not that it wasn't on you guys, but honestly? From a black and white perspective, he was the victim in this scenario. It's hard for people not to feel… apprehensive of whatever is happening with you guys and last time Ginny was at least spared because she doesn't go to Dalton."

"So what are you saying?" asked Kurt carefully.

"You are going to have a tough time finding alone time with Harry in the school for starters" said Jeff, he hesitated before leaning forwards. "There's a plan going around to keep you apart."

"Who the hell is organizing that?" asked Kurt now angry. "Who gives anybody the right to…"

"I'd like to think we earned the right" said a voice, making Kurt turn in surprise.

"I am definitely inclined to agree" said another voice, looking at the other and nodding.

"We've known Harry longer"

"We've been friends for longer"

"We have his back"

"He has ours"

"We carried his drunken ass home"

"And he carried ours"

"He's our liege"

"Our commander"

"The leader destined to lead us to greatness"

"The knight in shiny armor taking us to adventures"

The twins smiled coldly.

"The point is Hummel"


"That we don't think"

"You should be with Harry"

"So, we are going to make sure"

"It doesn't happen"

"We'll get the girls on our side"

"And this little plan of ours"

"Is nothing compared to what the"

"Girls will have in store for you"

They smiled at them.

"They can be quite ruthless"

"Have a good day" mocked one of them tipping an imaginary hat.

"A splendid one" carried the other one and they turned.

"Harry asked us to let you know that the team has scheduled"

"Extra practice, so he'll be a little late tonight" they gave them smirks that made clear it was far from being coincidence.

"Oh, before we forget" said Fred and their eyes moved to Jeff.

"Warning them of the plan…" started George shaking his head.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk Jeff Warbler" said Fred disappointed.

"It was a big mistake" carried on George.

"And you're going to pay for it" finished Fred and they exited the cafeteria.

"I am dead meat" declared Jeff pushing his food to the side, so his head could bang against the table.

Kurt and Blaine stayed sort of frozen, staring at where the twins had been standing completely flabbergasted. Wes and David shared a worried look.

"So, what are you planning to do?" asked Wes delicately.

"I'm not sure" said Blaine. "This honestly came out of nowhere."

"You'll be fine" said Jeff sighing. "Harry won't care at all what anybody says or does, just stay on Hermione and Ron's good side. Out of all his friends, they are the only ones that could honestly change his mind about something this big" Kurt and Blaine nodded slowly, taking the advice gratefully. "Also, if I were you, I would tell Harry what's going on."

"I don't know" said Kurt frowning. "I really don't want to pull him into the drama. I know how much he hates it."

"In all honestly, you guys don't want to keep this a secret" said Jeff, picking up his tray. "Harry will find out, if he doesn't know already, and he might wait to see if you approach him or not. The whole keeping things unsaid fucked you all over once already. If you had talked, then you guys could have spent all this time screwing like rabbits instead of mopping like… I don't know, kicked puppies? Whatever, if you excuse me, I am going to go sort the details of my transfer."

He walked away, giving them time to digest the words.

"Could you text Nick so he can go convince Jeff he is overreacting?" asked Wes while David nodded and did as he was told.


"Today has been very weird" commented Harry taking a seat with them in the library. He had a small frown, contemplating something. Kurt and Blaine stared at him in surprise. "I could swear I had to sneak into the library with how much people interrupted me."

Blaine and Kurt exchanged a look before biting the bullet. Harry's face was priceless, his eyes were wide and his mouth was partially open.

"We were going to tell you tonight" mumbled Kurt.

Neither of them moved, said anything or breathed too loudly. Blaine worried this would make Harry give up on them permanently or start to reconsider, Kurt seemed resigned and Harry was still in too much shock to respond properly.

"Thank you for telling me" said Harry finally, calmly. "I'll see you at our dorm, after I murder my friends" he said in the same tone and stood up.

The moment he exited the library, he let all the anger explode inside his chest and walked to the dorms. The closer he got, the more impossible to control himself seemed. He slammed the door open and three surprised eyes met him.

"Did you know?" asked Harry to Ron.

"Know what?" asked Ron turning to his brothers who shifted guiltily. It was all he needed.

"YOU BLOODY TWATS!" yelled Harry at the two of them. He threw his bag without looking and a crash followed, but he could care less. "What the fuck where you nincompoops thinking!? The fuck gives you tossers the right to mess with my bloody life!?"

His tone of voice had gone down slightly, but he was still yelling and the anger rolling out of him in waves was more than scary. Ron, who had no idea what had brought all the anger in his friend, wisely stayed put and decided to observe. The rant continued for quite a while, until Harry snarled, his palm hitting the table.

"I ought to smack some sense into you! It's pure dumbtardery! For God's sake, it'd be nice if you gave your brains a chance every once in a while! This is the most inconsiderate thing you have ever done in your lives. But not to worry, because your life spans have been progressively going down since the moment I entered this room! What do you have to say for yourselves?"

"Look, we are sorry we kept you out of the loop in regards to the plan" said Fred.

"But we knew you'd be against it and somebody had to do something" finished George.

"As my friends you are entitled to an opinion about my life" said Harry almost growling. "But that is it. An opinion and it ends there, because this meddling is not welcomed. You will pull the plug on this operation now."

"I'm sorry Harry but we can't do that" said Fred standing straighter.

Ron gulped, because that had been a mistake. He could see the moment Harry's anger passed from blazing to cold. The cold anger was more dangerous, Harry was scary when he entered that state of mind. Instead of lashing out wildly, he went for the jugular.

"This is not like Ginny" said Harry in an even, low voice. "This won't make up for the fact that you turned against me, this won't make up for that."

"Harry" said Ron trying to stop him from going too far, his friend raised a hand without looking at him to show he wasn't willing to let him interrupt.

"I know it was an impossible choice, that it was your friend or your sister. You chose to side with your sister, even when you had no idea what was going on" he continued. "I can respect and understand that, but it also means that I can't trust you completely. I thought we were past that, but clearly I am mistaken. This? This just proves that your understanding of how I feel is completely wrong."

He gave them a cold look. "I have been feeling miserable for a long time now. You know I moved here because I was barely able to cope" his eyes refused to meet any of theirs. "I met your sister and I got burned, badly. So I did what I always do and moved on, then I met Kurt…" Harry's eyes shined for a brief second. "Since we broke up you have been treating it like a joke. Like I enjoy going out, getting drunk and sleeping around and I used to like it, I won't deny it" said Harry passing a hand over his hair.

"But this time it felt suffocating and I reached a point where something is going to have to give or break" He finally looked at them. "I am exhausted of fighting against myself. I am fixing things with Kurt and Blaine, because I need them. They anchor me and there's been enough shit in my life to let something good like this go. So leave the three of us alone until you understand what they mean to me."

When he stormed out of the room, he ignored all the people that had poked their heads out of their dorms or loitered around the hallways. His throat was feeling a little sore for all the yelling and he really wasn't done yet.


"Potter is pissed" said Trent to Kurt and Blaine when he entered the choir room. "He spent 15 minutes yelling at the Weasley twins, and I have to admit I'm impressed. He knows how to insult people. Some words I didn't know and some things are too scarring to repeat out loud."

"Like what?" asked Nick interested and ignoring Trent's slight awkwardness with the topic.

"For starters he called them nincompoops" said Trent coming up with one of the more tame words he could allow himself to repeat. Nick settled down trying to pry something more useful out of him.

Kurt and Blaine had already tuned them out, both more worried about the situation than the specifics.


"Harry?" asked Kurt while carefully opening the door. The British boy was immersed in a book, but made a noise of acknowledgement.

"Are you ok?" asked Blaine.

"Yeah" he muttered darkly. He sighed when he caught their worried expressions. "I'm not mad at you, so you can stop lurking in the doorway."

"We heard about the yelling" said Kurt starting to unpack his bag.

"I think all Dalton heard the yelling" Harry said tiredly.

"We appreciate that you defended us, but you didn't need to get into a fight with them" said Kurt, knowing how close they were and wondering how this would affect Harry.

"It's not all about you" said Harry struggling against his need to close up. "When the thing with Ginny ended I didn't, couldn't, tell them why or how it ended. I mean, how do you tell your best friends that their sister, your girlfriend, slept with somebody else?" asked Harry staring at the ceiling. "Hermione found out and called me, made me unable to deny it to myself because I saw it. I'm grateful she knows that's how I would have wanted to find out. Luna remained carefully neutral, but supportive until she got all the details. Ron stayed more on my side, which surprised me, but I think he suspected that if Hermione was defending me so firmly, it couldn't be without reason… but the twins, they took it badly."

"How bad?" asked Blaine sitting on his chair.

Harry sighed and shrugged. "It doesn't matter, but by the time things where at the boiling point, it was Christmas and Ron dragged me to spend it with his family, because he refused to let me spend it alone in the dorm" Harry laughed darkly. "I didn't even make it 2 hours into the house, before there was yelling from the twins, accusing me of cheating. That caused Bill and Charlie, to punch me each and I honestly was going to let them think it was me, but then Ginny, who had been practically mute since we broke up, yelled back saying she was the one who cheated when the twins seemed to be about to jump me and well… I just grabbed my stuff, bailed and spent the rest of the holidays doing a road trip on my bike."

"That sounds awful" said Kurt horrified.

"It was pretty cool actually" said Harry. "I spent all night driving to New York, which wasn't my best idea considering I was on my bike and it had been snowing, but I liked it all the same. I stayed there for a few days, started to go up to Massachusetts, went to Boston… I was planning to go all the way to Quebec, but ended up staying in Vermont learning to ski."

With a really hot brunette that looked nothing like Ginny, kissed, felt or acted like her and was in fact not a she.

Harry was all for honesty, but some things didn't need to be said.

"I think we underestimate how independent you can be" said Blaine finally.

"Always been" shrugged Harry and returned to his book, feeling his own walls close up on that topic. He was trying, he really was, but he needed more time.

"Are you going to try to fix things with them?" asked Kurt taking his homework out, Blaine following his example. They needed to be careful about how they approached the subject.

"I am angry at them" said Harry. "I kind of get what they are trying to do, but I am mostly angry that they couldn't let me have a few days of peace. I am so tired of being angry" said Harry abandoning his book completely and just staring at the ceiling. "I am not angry at you, but now I am angry at almost everybody else in the school. I could have really used some anger free days."

"Tomorrow is Friday" said Kurt. "I got into the habit of handing the forms to leave every Wednesday just in case, and Blaine has as well. I don't know, maybe would you two like to come? Can you for that matter?"

Harry made an amused noise. "Have you ever wondered how I can get away with spending the night away from Dalton?"

"Several times" said Blaine more aware of the rules than Kurt and less used to just chalking things up to Harry being Harry.

"I am an emancipated minor" said Harry. "I can basically do whatever I want, since there is technically nobody to consult about it. As far as this school and legal matters goes I am an adult."

"But… how?" asked Kurt surprised. He knew Harry's parents had passed away, but he hadn't imagined he was completely alone. He knew he had an uncle he was close with.

Harry's demeanor remained the same. "My parents died when I was one, my godfather died two… more like a year and a half ago actually. That's why I moved. I couldn't stand to be around so many memories. I was emancipated when I turned 16 and Remus, a friend of my dad's from school and my sort of uncle, lives in London."

"Why didn't you stay with him?" asked Kurt carefully, almost expecting Harry to lash out.

"He has cancer" said Harry shrugging. "I didn't want him having to worry about me when he has so much on his plate already. He has a 5 year old who is my godson by the way."

The air in the room might as well have been sucked out. There were too many statements and confessions in the open now.

Harry's parents died when he was one.

His godfather died a year and half ago.

He was emancipated when he turned 16.

His uncle had cancer.

He had a godson.

Harry could hear all that on a loop, and this opening up idea? It sucked. Because instead of bringing them closer, it made Harry want to bolt out of the room and never come back. Before he realized his hand was already on the handle.

"Don't you dare" surprisingly ordered Blaine and attached himself to the British boy's back. "You opened up, you told us things. Things that probably make you sad and hurt inside, so now you stay and we comfort you. That's how things work now in this not relationship, but soon to be one state we have."

"Blaine…" started to protest Harry.

"No, you can't talk your way out of this" said Blaine holding him more firmly. "You were always there Harry and that's what made me fall for you. You took care of us and comforted us no matter what, and that was fine then, but this is now. Now that you are finally letting us in, you are going to have to let us comfort and take care of you too and if you don't like it, well sorry, but you'll just have to suck it up and take it."

Once again there was silence, until Kurt chuckled. "I couldn't have said it better myself, so Mr. Potter, suck it up, put your pajamas and let us cuddle you for a while."

Harry smiled. He turned around and embraced Blaine, resisting the urge to kiss his nose. "You're adorable when you are being pushy."

Blaine sputtered offended, making Kurt laugh. Blaine's eyes hardened.

"You won't like it as much when we start having sex and I decide not to put out for comments like that" he informed Harry puffing his chest.

Harry found him to be even more adorable like that. "Hey, for all you know maybe I will be the one refusing to put out" he received two unimpressed faces in response. "I feel so unappreciated" he said faking offense.

He squeezed Blaine once before letting got and grabbing some clothes, entering the bathroom for a quick shower. By a silent agreement they allowed Harry some time to collect himself. They both changed, deciding homework could wait until tomorrow and an early night wouldn't be unwelcomed.

"Do you want to order something?" asked Harry towel drying his hair.

"Pizza?" asked Blaine immediately, making Kurt frown.

"Sushi" he contra proposed.

Blaine made a face. "Indian?"

"For dinner?" asked Kurt sarcastically.


"It will make the room smell" declared Kurt.

"How about pizza for us and sushi for Kurt?" asked Harry already dialing, Blaine and Kurt's fight spark extinguished, both appeased by the compromise. "Try to decide on a movie while I order" they turned to each other with narrowed eyes immediately. "If by the time I order you are still arguing, I reserve the right to pick."



"So a classic musical?" mockingly asked Kurt. Their banter kept going on for a while, until Harry ended his call.

"Verdict?" asked Harry and they both pouted. "My pick it is" declared Harry and moved to the bunk beds.

"Is that the TV from your old room?" asked Blaine.

Harry blushed slightly, which they knew was a very rare occurrence. "I can be quite petty occasionally, I let Ron have my laptop" he informed them. Kurt and Blaine laughed. "Can you make some space in your vanity?"

"Sure" said Kurt and moved a few things away. Soon enough the TV and PlayStation 3 were connected. He checked the memory of the game and picked a movie. They all settled in the bed, half-sitting against the headboard.

"Across the Universe?" asked Blaine curiously.

Harry smirked.

"Is there anybody going to listen to my story?" sang the character on the screen and Kurt and Blaine were gone. The movie already had their full attention.

Kurt's hand snapped to latch onto Harry's a while later, when the slow rendition of 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand' was sung by the lesbian cheerleader. His eyes watered slightly and he was glad Blaine was as much of a sap as he was, because he could tell the other boy was tearing up a little as well.

"You want me to change it?" asked Harry pressing a kiss to both of their temples.

"Don't you dare" said Blaine outraged.

"It's the third song in the movie and you guys are already…"

"You put the movie, now you deal with us getting emotionally attached to the characters" said Kurt composing himself.

"I can feel this was a mistake already" Harry said and was shushed from both sides.


"Harry?" asked Blaine much later, when the movie was done, the food eaten, spontaneous renditions between him and Kurt exchanged from the music in the movie, with Harry playing his guitar for them and they were tucked inside the bed.


"It's been driving us crazy, what exactly does nincompoop mean?" asked Kurt from his other side. "I've got an idea but I've never looked it up in a dictionary."

"It derives from the Latin phrase non compos mentis, which is mostly used in court" said Harry after snorting. "Just a way to call somebody a moron; more precisely mentally incompetent or insane."

"Fancy" laughed Blaine.

"I kind of wish I was at McKinley just so I could use it against one of those Neanderthals" said Kurt. The arm around him tightened.

"I like you better here" said Harry closing his eyes.

"Is your uncle going to be ok?" asked Blaine hyperaware of the way Harry stiffen for a second before relaxing again.

"Maybe" replied Harry softly. "He is been battling it for most of his life, my dad and Sirius used to go with him to appointments back when they were at school. He was still recovering when my parents died, so he wasn't fit to take me. He thought it was all over but after… when my godfather died he started feeling sick again. They found a mass on his lung recently. The doctors are optimistic, saying they caught it on time, but…" Harry trailed off.

"How recently?" asked Kurt with dread sitting up. Harry didn't reply. "That trip to England, right after… that's why you didn't come back."

"Oh God" said Blaine closing his eyes.

"I am so sorry" said Kurt and launched himself onto Harry and hugging him fiercely. "I am so sorry Harry. I am so sorry I wasn't there for you, that things happened at the worst possible moment and that you had to deal with all that at the same time."

"It's ok, I am used to dealing with stuff on my own" said Harry, he got two puppy eye looks and relented a little. "Things will be ok, maybe not with my uncle or the rest of the world, but with us."

It was the best he could do at the moment.


"What is the meaning of this?" asked Oliver slamming the letter against the locker next to Harry's.

"Why, hello Oliver, top of the morning to you" said Harry with a polite smile, cleaning out his locker unfazed. "Isn't it a lovely weather we are having today?"

"What the fuck Potter?"

"I decided that since I dealt with the twins the American way, which is yelling and swearing, I am going to deal with the rest of the school the British way" said Harry keeping his strange demeanor. "That is to slowly cut any ties with you, while still being polite and keeping our conversations to two topics, the weather and cricket results."

"Harry" said Oliver massaging his temples. "You can't quit, we have the final game coming up next week."

Harry's eyes turned cold. "I do not appreciate you going along with Fred and George's stupid plan. You belittled me as your co-captain and team member. We never got involved with anybody's personal life like this before, so I can only assume you stepped forwards because I am an inept and cannot make my own decisions. I am quitting the team, because none of you had the decency to tell me what was going on. So, have a nice day Wood, the weather report says the day will be sunny, so great for your team's practice."

"Harry!" said Oliver shocked grabbing his arm.

"I thought you had my back" growled Harry pulling himself free. "You were out of line, you abused your position over me, you betrayed my trust and for what? Because you don't agree with my dating life? We are not close enough for you to pull this shit on me Wood. I will not be manipulated by you or anybody else and I will not go out there to play with a team that has disrespected me like that."

"Harry, please, you are taking this way too personal" said Oliver calmly.

"You made it personal when you pulled rack" said Harry pushing Oliver away from him. "You brought my personal life into the field. That's not how I play. Have a nice day."

"Harry!" called Oliver but he was completely ignored this time.


"Are you sure about this?" asked Tom watching the rest of the team congregate on the gym.

"I am" nodded Harry firmly. Moody muttered angrily. "And careful Tom, before people start thinking you care."

"We wouldn't want that" said Tom.

"Ok, listen up you lazy bunch!" he called out and they all turned their attention to him. "I hope you enjoyed the mandatory break as much as you could, because now I am whipping you all back into shape. Dalton now can boast two consecutive national titles and I want the next one to be ours too" he said pointing to their trophies, which were standing side by side next to him. "Singles season is coming up and everybody can sign up, but if you get disqualified in the first match you respond to me!" he barked. "None of that sissy nonsense that giving your best is all that matter!" he finished and they all nodded. "Now Potter has something to say…"

Harry stepped up. "I'll make this brief and to the point" he said crossing his arms. "I am stepping down as captain and passing the title to Tom…" loud protest started immediately and he silenced them with a look. "I will still compete in the singles tournament, but I won't be practicing here. My reasons for quitting are many, but the only one I will mention is this one" he said carefully making eye contact with all of them. "I shouldn't have been named captain this year. That privilege belongs to a senior student and Tom deserves the title."

Tom remained carefully neutral, studying how everybody was reacting and while there was a sense of reluctance in the team, they couldn't deny Harry was right.

"This should have been a temporary position for me, but by the time Tom recovered from his injury it was too close to the tournament to upset the team's dynamics. I expect you all to give him the respect he deserves. I hope you understand this decision was planned since Tom's return to the team. He might not be able to lead you into a tournament, but the position is rightfully his and I gave my word I would always do what's best for the team. This is what's best for everybody."

Harry gave them a nod of his head and walked out of the gym.


"He what!?" yelled Jeff into the phone, mouth hanging open. "You got to be shitting me!"

"Warbler Jeff" said Wes reprovingly, sure the practice hadn't started yet, but it was no excuse for that behavior.

Jeff ignored him and moved to Blaine and Kurt. "Did you know?"

"Know what?" asked Blaine.

"Harry just quit the soccer and fencing team" said Jeff pocketing his phone. "Apparently it was cold blooded and ruthless."

Kurt and Blaine stared at him and then at each other, not knowing how to react.


Harry yawned and stretched. He was laying on top of the bed with his earphones in, just enjoying the pleasure of doing nothing. Free time, what a lovely addition to his life. He spotted his book on Kurt's dresser. He really wanted to read his book, it was there staring at him. Harry turned around and hugged a pillow, there, problem solved.

"So this is where you are hiding" said Blaine sitting next to him and passing a hand in Harry's messy hair. "Kurt and I have been trying to find you for a while" said Blaine awkwardly. Now that he was petting Harry's hair he wondered if he had crossed a line.

"Don't stop" said Harry moving his head against Blaine's hand.

"You're like an oversized cat sometimes" laughed Blaine but carried on.

"You know what I did today?" asked Harry with a sleepy grin.

"What?" asked Blaine wondering if he was about to explain why he quit football and fencing.

"Nothing" said Harry and melted against the bed. "Absolutely nothing, I loved it."

"What? No practice?" asked Blaine carefully.

"I'm sure you already heard" said Harry dismissively. "Rumor mill on this place is fast."

"Care to comment on that?" asked Kurt from the door.

"Fencing had been coming for a while, Tom got his wrist injured at the end of last year and couldn't take over the captain position" explained Harry. "But it was meant to be his and just because the team tournament is over doesn't mean I should keep the title."

He turned around and sat on the bed, his back against the wall, while Kurt sat on Blaine's chair.

"And football?" asked Blaine.

Harry grinned at him for using the term before answering. "I'm mad at them; they were the first ones to agree to the plan. Oliver has always worked all of us hard, but he was pushing for me to have extra practice and all this crazy ideas. I would have probably agreed if I hadn't known about the plan. I am furious he was using his power as captain to try to keep me away from you. It's abusing his position and my trust in him."

"You know you don't have to do this for us, right?" asked Kurt.

"Of course I know that Kurt" said Harry rolling his eyes. "Haven't you met me?"

"It just feels you are giving your back on a lot of people for us" said Blaine hesitant. "It's a lot of pressure and the worst part is that I can see where they are coming from."

"Hey now" said Harry softly. "There is no pressure in you two, we have talked enough already about how this thing we are doing will work, so let's stick to the plan. What happened between me and the twins, and the rest of the school is not about you. It's about them choosing to go behind my back and trying to manipulate me. I don't take that well."

"Unless you're the one doing it" said Kurt with a laugh.

"So you do know me" smiled Harry. "Besides, now that I have free time the three of us could go out tomorrow. You are free right?"

"It's a date" said Kurt glowing. Harry decided not to point out how they had agreed to just hang out, not date. After all, it wouldn't be the worst thing to go out on a date with them. Test the waters a little, if things felt too fast he would slow them down.

They stayed in comfortable silence before Blaine spoke. "We should go to dinner."

Kurt groaned. "I really don't want to go be stared at while I eat."

"Come with me then" said Harry with a smirk.

"Go where?" asked Blaine interested. "Do we need our jackets?"

"Nope" said Harry putting his shoes on. He didn't bother to pick up his blazer or tie, where they had been carelessly thrown on the bunk bed.

Blaine and Kurt stared at his disheveled appearance with appreciation. The out of bed look was Harry's bitch. His shirt wasn't tucked in and his hair was messier than usual thanks to Blaine, he looked frigging hot standing there, with his hands in his pants pockets and looking far too comfortable in his own skin for a teenager.

"Is there a dress code?" asked Kurt.

"Nope" repeated Harry, grabbing the keys for the dorm and holding the door open for them.

"Are we leaving the school?" asked Blaine with an excited air. As strange as it might have seem not that long ago, being part of Harry's life was pretty exciting. He loved how unpredictable but reliable he was.

"Just follow me" said Harry refusing to answer more question.

"Down the rabbit hole?" asked Kurt sarcastically.

"I don't know… which one of us is Alice and will that make Harry the White Rabbit?" asked Blaine tilting his head.

"I'd say you are the Rabbit" said Harry. "You brought Kurt to Dalton, that's the rabbit hole."

"Alright I can see your point, so Kurt is Alice, I am the Rabbit, what does that make you?" continued Blaine.

"Why am I always the girl?" pouted Kurt. "And Harry is obviously the Mad Hatter."

"Oh yeah?" asked Harry laughing. "How did you come to that conclusion?"

"It's always tea time for you" said Kurt rolling his eyes.

"Tea is delicious and that doesn't make me the Mad Hatter, it makes me British" said Harry snottily.

"In this scenario, it kind of makes you the Mad Hatter" argued Blaine.

"So, do you have the answer?" asked Kurt laughing. "Why is a raven like a writing desk?"

"Because the notes for which they are noted are not noted for being musical notes" replied Harry over his shoulder.

"Huh" said Blaine. "That's one mystery solved… seriously, where are we?" they had been going up the stairs and were now in a corridor Blaine had never been at.

"This is the storage floor, all the broken furniture and other useless things are put here temporarily" explained Harry while opening a door and beckoning them in.

"Are students allowed in here?" asked Blaine frowning.

"Maybe, maybe not" shrugged Harry. "There is no mention in the school rules book and I've never been caught here."

Kurt eyed the room they had entered distastefully. It looked like an attic, with furniture covered in blankets and random objects all over the place. "It's dusty up here" he settled for saying.

"Relax blue eyes" Harry said moving things out of his way. He stopped next to an old portrait and moved it to the left. He started feeling the wall until his hand found the right spot and he pushed. Kurt and Blaine leaned forwards interested, expecting a secret door to be revealed on the wall, but screamed in surprise when the floor opened under Harry and he disappeared.

"Harry!" yelled Kurt as they both rushed towards him.

"Oh my God, stay there, I'm going to go get help!" said Blaine.

"I'm fine, I knew that was going to happen" said Harry from below them. "Now jump in here one at a time."

"Are you crazy?" asked Blaine trying to use his phone to shed some light, but it wasn't strong enough to reach the bottom or make out Harry's form.

"We were joking with the whole go down the rabbit hole thing; we do not actually want to jump down a freaking hole!" snapped Kurt trying to do the same.

They could hear some movement and soon Harry's head popped up; his arms coming to grab the floor and holding himself out, just below his shoulders. "Come on, where's your sense of adventure?" he asked with a pout.

"You spooked it out of us when we thought you fell to your death!" said Kurt staring at him and making sure he was fine and in one piece.

Harry sighed. "Alright, that was my bad, but I've never brought somebody up here, it didn't occur to me how it would look to you."

"How about the Weasleys? Don't they know?" asked Blaine curious.

Harry snorted. "As much as I love Ron he is incapable of subtlety, if Hermione ever found out she would rat me out to the faculty and they would close this passage. Luna would be upset if I told her, she would much rather find it on her own. The twins have a hard time already staying inside the rules they don't need to know about this."

"What is this?" asked Blaine, while Kurt's anger faded at the admission. Harry was making an effort to open up to them and he knew how hard it was for him.

"Come down here and I'll tell you" said Harry his eyes sparkling. "Just sit on the edge and let yourself go" he said and the darkness swallowed him, making Blaine and Kurt nervous. "Come on trust me" said the voice bellow.

Kurt felt his heart being squeezed almost painfully. He and Blaine were the ones that needed to beg for trust, not Harry.

"Alright" said Kurt resigned and reading a similar resolution on Blaine's face. "But I swear if I die Potter, I will come to haunt you."

Harry laughed. He could see them perfectly from his position, so catching them wouldn't be a problem. "Fair enough, on the count of three?"

"One, two, three" said Kurt and pushed himself over the edge. His stomach flipped, and just when he was sure the ground would impact against him, strong arms caught him, pulling him to safety.

"There, was that so bad?" asked Harry holding him close and kissing his temple. Kurt blushed and smiled.

"Besides the fear of crashing against the floor and breaking something, it wasn't that bad" he admitted, especially the end.

"Kurt?" asked Blaine nervously.

"It's alright" said Kurt, stepping behind Harry, not trusting himself to be able to catch somebody. "It's not that far down, just do what I did."

"I knew Harry would be a terrible influence" muttered Blaine but sat on the edge. "On three right?"

"One, two, three!" called Kurt for him.

Blaine didn't have time to register the fall, more concerned about the darkness and how oppressing it felt. He did notice the sudden warmth around him and recognized Harry's smell. He melted against the embrace and smiled widely when a pair of lips touched the top of his head.

"You good?" whispered Harry.

"Perfect" said Blaine separating reluctantly. A hand immediately latched onto his and he squeezed, looking at Kurt with a wide grin.

"So, now what?" asked Kurt.

"I'm going to close the door" replied Harry pulling something at the wall and cutting the only light around them. Before they could get scared, light filled the place, showing them a narrow hallway. "Dalton was built by a Hogwarts graduate" said Harry grinning at them with excitement.

"That's your old school right?" asked Blaine as they followed Harry.

"Yes, Hogwarts is a big castle with secret entrances and shortcuts everywhere" explained Harry while grabbing a flashlight conveniently located. "When I came here, I figured that any Hogwarts student worth its salt, especially a former Gryffindor, would build something like this" he explained gesturing to their surroundings.

"That sounds perfectly normal" said Kurt sarcastically.

"Do you know where the zero tolerance to bullying policy comes from?" asked Harry to them. He could feel Blaine and Kurt's curiosity growing. "I did some research on John Dalton before moving here, I found a lot of old letters he wrote to his family" sensing the question they wanted to ask he continued. "Dalton was the third son of a prominent Lord, so after graduating Hogwarts he was sent here to supervise their growing business. John Dalton never married or had any legitimate heirs, but his older brothers did and I know somebody directly related to him."

"Wow, this is starting to get convoluted" said Blaine, trying to remember the many turns they had taken.

"It takes a while to get used to it" said Harry after shooting him a reassuring smile. "In the letters, Dalton mentioned several times how despite the legislations and efforts to grant equals right to African-Americans they were being killed, denied their rights and prosecuted without reason. He never said it outright, but he alluded he was offering shelter and safe passage to those in need. It wasn't hard to figure out that he had done something like this so he could smuggle people out."

Harry made another turn.

"He was so horrified by everything that he decided his school needed to be a safe haven, and put the no bullying policy in place" finished Harry and stopped at a dead end, using his flashlight to show them a portrait.

"Is that him?" asked Kurt softly.

"Yes" said Harry smiling.

"Who is she?" asked Blaine staring at the beautiful woman next to him. He had an arm around her, while she leaned on him. The portrait had obviously suffered with time, but it was still in a decent condition.

"According to history, his maid and housekeeper" said Harry. "According to the letter that had his father disown him, his wife."

"The plot thickens" said Kurt with a gush. "They married in secret, defying social conventions" Kurt sighed dreamily, turning to Harry for confirmation.

"Yes, they married" agreed Harry. "In secret and probably only religiously to avoid unnecessary attention..."

"How come none of this is common knowledge?" asked Blaine. "It's a lovely story."

"Because there's no way to prove it" said Harry shrugging.

"How about the letters?"

"They will never see the public eye" replied Harry to Blaine's follow up question. "I only got to see them because I had access through the family, but things like this? Scandals long buried and forgotten are not things old families are keen to resurrect. Besides, I promised my friend not to say anything."

"You're not even going to tell us the name?" joked Kurt.

"I gave my word I wouldn't reveal his relation to Dalton. Dalton is not his real name by the way; he changed after his family cut him off. That's why it's hard to track him down and there's almost no information about him" finished Harry and turned around, motioning with his head to go back and take a different turn.

"So this is how you sneak in and out" smirked Blaine.

"Sometimes" shrugged Harry. "I have a free pass since I am emancipated, so it kind of renders this a little useless as far as sneaking out goes. Now be quiet" whispered Harry and pressed his ear against a trap door. Once he was satisfied he pushed it, got his head out and then opened it fully.

The passage was cleverly hidden in the design of the wall, far too tall to be reachable without a stair and only accessible from the inside. There was another passage on the floor that lead back into the secret hallways, but it had been covered by a pantry.

"This whole place is a maze" said Blaine jumping and letting Harry catch him, the whole process being a lot less daunting with light.

"I think Harry can be the Rabbit" said Kurt doing the same.

"I like being the Rabbit" protested Blaine.

"Fine you can be the Rabbit" said Kurt rolling his eyes.

"Thank you Alice… why are we in the kitchen?" asked Blaine ignoring Kurt's glare.

"For dinner" said Harry pulling out stuff from the pantries like it was his own kitchen. He had rolled up his sleeves and had water boiling already. "I hope you don't mind if I cook…"

Blaine and Kurt stared at him, before smiling widely.

"Need some help?" asked Kurt taking off his blazer and rolling his sleeves too.

"Sure, you two can slice" said Harry gesturing to the vegetables. "How does mushroom risotto sounds?"

"Sounds perfect" said Blaine grinning. Even if it wasn't, this felt a lot like a date. Harry pulled out a radio from somewhere and soon enough Blaine and Kurt were singing and humming along. Their interactions were effortless and it was nice to do something coupley together.

"Potter" said a stern voice from the door. "How do you keep getting inside my kitchen? I just changed the locks!"

"Olga dear, you know you can't keep me away" said Harry batting his eyes at her.

"Are you going to move my cupboards again?" she asked ignoring the frozen Kurt and Blaine, who had gotten used to not make eye contact and just move along.

"I never!" said Harry pretending to be offended. "But would online vouchers for a fancy kitchen appliance store make us invisible?"

Olga laughed. "They might… as long as there are no dishes here tomorrow morning."

"Deal" agreed Harry easily.

"But no moving any of my furniture!" she said and exited. Once Harry was sure she was far away, he gestured to a corner, where a big cupboard was placed.

"I was looking for the entrance" explained Harry. "She arrived before I could put things back in place. She was so mad she banned me for two weeks from the cafeteria. I just go through the passage in the main kitchen to go out since that one isn't blocked."

"The main kitchen?" asked Blaine looking around. The kitchen did look small for a place where food for the entire student body was cooked.

"This kitchen is for staff mostly" explained Harry while pulling out plates and serving them.

Kurt moaned after tasting the first bite. "This is divine!" he exclaimed.

"No need to sound so surprised" laughed Harry. "I'm actually pretty good in the kitchen."

"Oh God, my mouth died and went to heaven" moaned Blaine closing his eyes.

"I didn't know you knew how to cook" said Kurt happily.

"I was saving it for a special occasion" shrugged Harry, looking away. Kurt and Blaine stared at their plates feeling guilty. "I forgave you ok?" said Harry when he noticed their mood. "I'm getting over what happened and that's why we are here, but you need to start letting go too" he stared at both of them until he was sure his message had stuck and started to tell them about Hogwarts kitchens, how the staff had always been happy to teach him things.

"You never told me if you would like to come home with me for the weekend" said Kurt tentatively.

"You haven't told your dad about what happened, have you?" asked Harry, while washing the dishes.

"No" admitted Kurt.

"I don't know Kurt" said Harry turning so they could see each other. "I feel it will be a lie if I go as your boyfriend, when at the moment, we are not there yet."

Kurt nodded sadly, hating the reminder that while they were working on things, their relationship had officially died. They were basically starting from zero, clean slate, everything gone. Harry wasn't his boyfriend. Sure, he was looking forwards to being with both Blaine and Harry, but it suddenly hit him that things had ended… and he hasn't told his dad. He had never outright lied to his dad like this before. Suddenly Kurt felt a little sick and ridden with guilt of a different kind.

"Come here" said Harry, drying his hands and pulling him into his arms. One hand moved to hold his head, while the other held his waist. "Things will be fine Kurt and what you tell your family is up to you."

"I understand why you don't want to go and to be honest, I don't want to be like Ginny" said Kurt after a sigh. "You shouldn't have taken the blame for her and I don't want to force you into lying to my dad or shouldering a responsibility that is mine."

"Ours" corrected Blaine awkwardly.

"No, not this one" said Kurt making sure Blaine got the message. "Telling the truth to my dad falls on me. I lied to him and I have to make it right."

"Why are you over there?" frowned Harry momentarily distracted. Blaine moved towards them immediately, grateful he was welcomed and hugged Kurt from behind. Harry's arms moving to hold him too. "It really is up to you Kurt. But for the record, you are nothing like Ginny. She slept with somebody else, she cheated on me for almost a month before I realized and she let her family think I cheated on her. You didn't tell your dad we broke up… different situations. You two kissed, but I like to think you would have come clean about it."

"We would have" confirmed both at the same time.

"Good to know" said Harry. "Now come on, we have to get back to the dorm. I'll think about this weekend, but I don't promise anything."

"So where's the entrance?" asked Blaine looking at the empty kitchen, trying to figure it out. Kurt imitated him, both started to touch the walls and look closely at the door, while Harry leaned against the door frame.

"Here" said Harry moving towards the pantry. He used his hand to feel the tiles and pushed one. He entered fully and pushed the wall like a door, careful not to jolt the food and jars.

"How did you even find all these entrances?" asked Kurt amazed.

"After Hogwarts, this is child's play" said Harry simply. "All the entrances and exits are connected. "It was only a matter of testing them one by one when I knew people weren't going to be around."

Kurt and Blaine laughed, amazed at how normal he made it sound.


The next day they kicked Harry out of the room as soon as they returned from rehearsal. While Blaine pushed him out, Kurt quickly picked some clothes for him and threw them at his face.

"You can pick us up in two hours!" said Kurt cheerfully.

Blaine waved and closed the door. Harry stood there looking at the door, unsure what had just happened.

"Need somewhere to change?" asked Jeff having witnessed the whole thing.

"Yes" Harry said snapping out of his puzzled state.

"You got your work cut out for you with those two" said Jeff patting his back.


Kurt and Blaine laughed as they helped each other decide what to wear. It was an unusual process, and it sort of combined the friends and prospective beaus' sides of their relationship. They had a light flirting going on, complimenting what worked and throwing little smiles and looks at each other.

"I can see this working you know" said Kurt while looking through Blaine's wardrobe.

"The shirt or the three of us?" asked Blaine.

"Both" laughed Kurt. "This feels right, you and me getting ready together for a date, flirting with each other and trying to figure out where Harry is taking us, it feels right and I can see it from other angles as well."

"It'd be nice to surprise you two sometime" said Blaine excitedly. "I've never planned a date before; I would probably suck, but…"

"You wouldn't" said Kurt taking his hand and squeezing it. "Not as long as you are there."

"I kind of wish I could kiss your right now" replied Blaine shyly. "But I guess that'll have to wait a little while longer."

"Yeah" agreed Kurt smiling at him.

"But I totally agree" said Blaine wishfully. "It does feel right and I am looking forwards to things being, you know, real."

"Me too" laughed Kurt and bumped against him. "That felt awfully formal."

They laughed again and while Kurt went to have a shower and change, Blaine pictured a month or so from now, getting ready with Kurt or Harry, kisses being exchanged, whispered promises and the whole ritual having a more intimate air. He would wait; make sure things were played right this time, because there was no way in hell he was screwing up his second chance.


By the time Harry knocked on the door Blaine and Kurt were ready to jump out of their skin. For Kurt it was their first official date since the breakup and for Blaine it was his first date with either of them. Kurt had already given him a detailed description of his first date and the most memorable ones. While it had been a sort of last minute thing which wouldn't leave much time for planning, Kurt was pretty sure Harry would manage to pull something out of his sleeve.

The only clue they had was Harry's order for them to dress casually, which he had managed to shout through the closed door. He smiled at them as soon as he saw them. He was leaning against the frame and unsurprisingly pulled the casual look with ease.

"That's unfair, you both look too good for me to concentrate on anything" pouted Harry and made them blush lightly at the same time.

"So, where are we going?" asked Blaine trying to remain calm.

"You'll see" said Harry with a wink, while Kurt rolled his eyes affectionately.

"Shot gun!" said Kurt when they were in the parking lot.

"Dibs on the radio!" said Blaine in response.

"Hey, that's not fair, everybody knows shotgun gets the radio" said Kurt while walking around the car.

"It usually is, but we have especial circumstances" said Blaine smugly.

While Kurt and Blaine argued over the radio, Harry drove, trying not to feel restless about today. He really wanted things to work out between them. He was trying not to overthink, but forced himself to keep a cool head and be realistic. He didn't think he had it in him to have his heart broken again. It would be too much, if he was hurt by them again.

"No way!" said Blaine staring up ahead. "Are we going there?"

"Indeed we are" said Harry laughing at his enthusiasm.

"How do you even find things like this?" asked Kurt once they picked up the tickets and got in line to buy snacks.

"I always have an eye out for what's happening around town that might be interesting to do" shrugged Harry. "I knew this theatre was going to be putting some old films, old school style and hey, who doesn't love Chaplin?"

Old school was the exact word for it; they actually had the film and a projector older than they were with a pianist on the side doing the sound effects. Blaine was transfixed by the whole thing, Kurt appreciated Harry's originality and he was right, Chaplin was amazing. They had a good time, laughing at the right moments and just enjoying themselves. Kurt had to admit to himself Harry had chosen perfectly, they all felt a lot more relaxed and light hearted after the film.

Dinner was a simple thing; at a small restaurant that had great food and was from walking distance. Blaine noticed right away that all the tables were circular and felt thankful that it put them all on equal distance from each other. He wondered if Harry had planned it that way. He decided not to dwell too much on it and simply enjoy his date. He was pretty sure that trying to keep up with all the things Harry planned in advance would drive him crazy.

Conversation between them was fluid and it touched all kinds of topics. From political to gossip about the people they knew, new music they had listened to and classes at Dalton. At some point Harry tried to explain to them the stock market, but gave up half way in when they both looked more confused than when he started.

"At least you look hot when you are being all grown up" said Kurt with a shrug.

Harry laughed. "Fine, but don't come to me for advice when you have money and want to invest."

"When I have money, I will invest in clothes" said Kurt giving him a condescending look. "Fashion is the best investment there is."

"Gold is a better investment" said Harry leaning back on his chair, toying with his drink. "Although silver has been doing better than gold recently. In general precious metals are a safe haven for investment. They tend to give the highest return compared to properties, bonds, cash… and you have no idea what I am saying" he laughed.

"Not a clue" said Blaine smiling.

"Enough to assume you have a metaphorical pile of gold" shrugged Kurt. "How do you even know this stuff?"

"My old school had several classes that covered this type of things" said Harry, not bothering to mention why he had needed to take those classes or about Sirius' private and very intense tutoring. "I have a trust fund which I can't really touch for a few years, but I do have a generous allowance every month. I learned how to handle money and invest to double, or in a good month triple it. Plus my financial advisors are ruthless and can smell good investments miles away."

"In this case the investment being you" said Blaine amused, Harry shrugged modestly.

"You really do sound like a grown up sometimes" laughed Kurt.

"I still can't get over the fact you read the Wall Street Journal every morning" said Blaine while stirring his cup of coffee.

"I also read the Financial Times, but I save that for tea time" said Harry, who had opted out from ordering a tea, knowing by experience they didn't have any of his approved brands. "I prefer it actually, since most of my assets are in Europe and while it's more dry and technical, their facts are rarely wrong and they don't do as much conjecture."

"Only you would make that sound hot instead of boring" mumbled Kurt. Blaine chuckled.

"Oh, sod it" said Harry raising his hands in defeat. "Be ignorant about the way the economy works" he made a check motion for the waitress and pulled his wallet out, ignoring Kurt and Blaine's protests. "Nope, you have no idea what the value of the dollar is, so I revoke your privileges to spend them in my presence tonight. It's plain hurtful" he added dramatically.

Kurt and Blaine laughed, throwing their napkins at him in retaliation, but they were both secretly gushing about the gesture. There was something about him, that made things feel more serious, more grown up and they loved it. It made them feel more comfortable and secure, like things with Harry could be stable and not just a high school romance.

"Thank you for today Harry" said Blaine, while they stood up.

"Don't thank me yet" said Harry. "It's barely 8; we still have one more stop before going back."

Despite their attempts at finding out, Harry just directed them to his car and drove them to their new destination. They looked around when Harry entered a parking lot, trying to spot where they could be going and came up blank.

Curiously, they walked besides Harry as he went towards what looked like a bar. Kurt frowned and he and Blaine exchanged a look. They decided not to comment, but see how things played out. One thing was for sure; Kurt would pull his bitch diva on if Harry had brought them here to drink. They stopped in front of the bouncer who smiled at Harry.

"How are you Harry?"

"Great! You? How's Susie?"

"Good as always" he said and looked at the two of them. "Are they also minors?"

"Yes" said Harry and extended an arm. Dylan nodded and used a black marker to make an X on Harry's right hand, pulling a wrist band from a box next to him and adjusting it expertly. "They do it so that the bartenders know not to serve us drinks" explained Harry over his shoulder.

Kurt and Blaine relaxed and allowed Dylan to repeat the process with them. Feeling slightly guilty for what they had assumed on Harry's intentions. Harry smirked at them knowingly and directed them towards a table.

"Karaoke night" he explained, just as a woman walked towards the stage and started her slightly tipsy performance of 'Girl Just Wanna Have Fun'.

"Oh my God!" said Kurt clapping his hands excitedly.

"Awesome!" said Blaine at the same time and they both started looking over the book of options in the table. Harry ordered them cokes in the meantime, internally laughing at how easy to please Kurt and Blaine could be.

"So, what did you chose?" asked Harry.

"Duet" they said at the same time.

"We don't get enough chances to duet" said Kurt.

"And don't think you are getting away with not singing" said Blaine trusting the book in his direction.

Harry stared at their stern expressions before giving in. He flipped through the pages and picked the first thing he recognized and felt was appropriate before closing it. Not giving a chance for Kurt and Blaine to peek. He wrote the code of the song and held onto it until the waitress came around to collect the new round.

He laughed when Blaine and Kurt took up to the stage and sang 'Don't You Want Me' the crowd clapping in appreciation afterwards. They had been the best singers so far, which made people more lenient about them being two boys. They were also the only ones stone sober, most people needing a few drinks before getting the courage to go up there.

Harry's name was finally called and with a wink to Blaine and Kurt he marched confidently to the stage. He put his best cocky air, and when the music started he was fully into the mind-set of the song.

"My intentions are good, my hearts in the right place now. You see I wanna be good to you baby, but sometimes I just don't know how and the hand of fate, reaches out once more, and pulls me though that gate, like one hundred times before…"

He looked at the audience and belted it out.

"Ooh, there are the nights, when things just work out right. No one could be as close as you and me, then it all breaks down, and we can't find that common ground. That's not the way, the way it oughta be baby…"

Like Kurt and Blaine, he didn't bother looking at the screen, instead focusing in pulling all his energy into the song. When he finished the last verse, he got the strongest applause and more than a few cat calls. He laughed and gave a short bow, before returning to his table.

The two boys waiting for him looked completely smitten, which he couldn't help but feel smug about. He knew he was a good singer, even if he liked to play music more than singing. Back at Hogwarts he had been more serious about cultivating and diversifying his musical talent, but since he moved to Ohio, his heart wasn't into it. He had only been interested in his guitars and bass which were the only instrument he hadn't worked with back then. The rest were just painful to play, they brought too many memories.

"You really should consider joining the Warblers" said Blaine with a begging quality to his request.

"Not happening" said Harry firmly. They stayed long enough for Kurt and Blaine to each have a solo and left after that; Harry refusing to do a second performance.


"I'd really like you to sign Broadway someday" said Kurt hopefully.

"I'd like to see pop" said Blaine. Harry had stopped arguing in his own behalf a while ago, happily listening to them arguing about his voice and wondering what was the extent of his talent.

A phone started to ring and Harry's face turned neutral.

"Blaine, pass me the phone in the globe compartment" requested Harry in a tense manner.

Blaine complied, frowning at the old mobile. It didn't even have a camera. It looked more like a disposable mobile more than anything else. Harry grabbed it and answered it quickly. Not saying anything, just holding it to his ear.

"Alicia" he finally said with a strong voice. "Alicia, calm down and tell me where you are."

His expression darkened and he made a few non-committal noises. "I'll be there as soon as I can."

"Harry?" asked Kurt moving to the edge of his seat.

"I'm dropping you off at Dalton" said Harry accelerating until he was just below the speed limit.

"Like hell you are until you explain what's going on!" Harry glanced at Kurt's face through the review mirror and then at Blaine's, before making a decision.

"Alicia is in trouble, she's Angelina's cousin and… and I can't bring you with me where I am going" resumed Harry.

"Why not?" asked Blaine trying to read Harry.

"That's not important" said Harry evading the question.

"We are going with you" said Kurt.

"No, you aren't" said Harry firmly.

"Harry, this is not a yes, no kindergarten argument, this is final, we aren't leaving you alone" said Kurt and gave him a look.

Harry parked the car abruptly and turned to both of them. "Fine" he said in a snappy tone, the urgency of getting to Alicia bigger than his need to argue with them. "But swear to me, both of you that you are going to do exactly what I tell you. I need to trust you won't do anything stupid."

They nodded and he started to drive once he was satisfied.

When he stopped again, he could tell by Kurt and Blaine's faces they were terrified and completely out of their depth.

"Stay in the car" said Harry staring at the rundown house he had stopped in front of. "At all times, you don't move from here, you don't open the window or the doors. Stay in the car" there was a car alarm going off in the distance, some shouting and loud music from inside the house and a dog barking. "Kurt, once I am out take the driver's seat and lock the doors. If I am not out in 10 minutes, call the police and drive the fuck away."

Before they could protest Harry was walking towards the house with a decisive air. Kurt moved over to the front seat and got ready. Both of them anxiously looking at the radio clock and holding each other's hands. Harry kicked the door open and entered, making them wonder if he had done this before.

"I don't like this" said Blaine looking at the rundown neighborhood they were at.

"Me neither" agreed Kurt, but his eyes remained on the house, waiting.

Not even 5 minutes after, Harry was exiting, carrying a girl covered in a blanket in his arms. Kurt hurried to open the backdoor lock and Harry got inside immediately.

"Go" said Harry and Kurt didn't hesitate to speed away. "Alicia! Alicia, come on, stay with me" said Harry lightly slapping her face.

"Shhhh" said the girl before giggling hysterically.

"Alicia!" yelled Harry. "What did you take?" he made a frustrated noise when she just giggled some more. "Kurt, take us to the hospital!"


Sorry for the long wait. But loads of things happening in this chapter! To me I see this as the beginning of new plots and story lines, which is very exciting!

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