Please note, this is my first ever Glee story so sorry if it's really bad. Disclaimer: I do not own Glee

"Brittany?" I ask her, while waiting for an answer I watch her scrunch up her face in concentration, outlining every cute freckle across her forehead. "Yes Santana?" She finally replies, her eyes suddenly stare at me, it's like she's peaking into my soul.

"I don't want this to end." I reply letting out my thoughts close to a whisper, I'm scared; I'm scared to lose her. "It's ok, Lord Tubbington says everyone will always stay with us." Brittany replies, her blue eyes scorching right into my own dark brown eyes.

"After graduation, do you want to; want to come stay where I'll be staying?" I ask her gently, I don't think she wants her whole summer to be stuck in the sewers again and beside that; I don't think I'll last without her. "Ok. As long as Lord Tubbington comes to, I think he's started smoking again." She whispers into my ear, I giggle at her response. Sometimes Brittany can be just so cute.

"Come on Santana, Do you want to get our Lady kisses on?" she whispers again, I gently grab her pinky with mine and we walk towards the glee club room, She's totally forgot about our last practice before nationals.

"Where are we going?" Brittany asks, her eyes look like they are lost in concentration; which causes myself to be able to stare into her beautiful blue eyes without being noticed. I'm still walking, I just can't feel my legs move or hear my surroundings.

I can't break loose now; I can't even notice where I am. I quickly grab her hand in the softest touch possible. She doesn't scream, or even gasp in surprise; in fact, she heads in first for a kiss. Once our lips connect, I can taste her cherry lip gloss, her eyes are closed and I feel mine quickly close after. It's like fireworks exploding everywhere; I gently disconnect the kiss and take one more look in her eyes. She felt it to; the fireworks.

We both suddenly hear clapping causing me to twist around in less than minute. I find myself looking into the faces of the whole Glee club; Kurt and Blaine are clapping the loudest, and Mr. Schue just has this look of shock as if he's passed out. I gulp realizing what I just had done; my live is never going to be the same again.

Thank you for reading, no flames please. Also, I'm personally 100% straight I just wanted to write something different for a change. I love glee, especially Blaine/Kurt and Santana/Brittany. Thank you for reading.

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